The Sniper

Creator unknown



FIRST APPEARANCE: Military Comics #5 (December 1941)


Military Comics #5–34 (Dec. 1941–Nov. 1944)


The Sniper from Military Comics #7 (1942); artist uncertain.

Some sources list Vernon Henkel as the Sniper’s creator, and others Bernard Klein. Henkel did work on the feature later, but it is clearly not his style of drawing in Military #5. Likewise, Klein’s usual writing partner, Ted Udall, wrote some early installments, but Klein’s art is also different from that in this first appearance. This character has similarities to the Marksman, but the features do not share any common creators. Both operated out of Europe, hopped around at will, and ended their runs fighting the Japanese.

The Sniper was a European guerilla soldier—a Robin Hood with a gun—who operated across the continent to foil Nazi tyranny. His name and nation of origin were unknown, but his impact was great across Nazi-occupied Europe. He was first seen ambushing Gestapo officers in Austria in 1940. Aided by a local girl, Paula, he outwitted and killed his pursuers. (Police #5)

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+ Powers

The Sniper was foremost a crack marksman with a gun. He was also multilingual and adept at impersonating various European accents. He would often forewarn his targets of his attack by sending them a bullet bearing his name.