The Hawk

Created by George E. Brenner

T. James Harrington II

Feature Funnies #2 (Nov. 1937)


Quality’s first masked hero, the Hawk, from Feature Funnies #2 (1937); art by George Brenner.

“When the police fail, the Hawk doesn’t…” began the long-winded introduction to a short-lived hero. George Brenner’s obscure second creation appeared only once but holds the title as Quality’s first masked hero. Brenner’s Clock predated the Hawk at a different publisher, but at Quality, the Clock came one issue after the Hawk. At the end of the Hawk’s adventure, text heralds the Clock’s arrival in the next issue.

In his only adventure, the Hawk was revealed as T. James Harrington II, a former football star and wealthy heir. Deputy Inspector Pat Doyle had known Jimmy’s father, dismissing him as a no-account socialite, unlike the Hawk, whom Doyle both sought and admired. When Harrington overheard the police talking about some mysterious crimes, he donned a suit, and threw an oversized handkerchief over his head. He also wore one taloned glove. Numbered panels ensured that the reader would correctly navigate the fast-paced action. The Hawk took the perpetrator back to his lair, where his allies, Link and Rollo, delivered the crook into custody, while the Hawk taunted Doyle with a letter. (Feature Funnies #2)

+ Powers

The Hawk had no super-human powers.