Black Roger

Creators uncertain

Roger Randolph

Buccaneers #19 (Jan. 1950)

Buccaneers #19-27


Splash from Buccaneers #19 (1950. Artist uncertain.

Black Roger wasn’t a superhero, per se, but a masked historical hero in the vein of Zorro or the Black Pirate. His feature began when Kid Eternity was renamed Buccaneers in 1950. Roger Randolph was newly minted English lawyer during America’s colonial period. His enemies kidnapped him and put him aboard a ship for America. When it was attacked by Corsairs, he proved his mettle with a sword and became the new captain, Black Roger. (Buccaneers #19)

His victories against Barbary Coast pirates earned him the praise of English authorities. (#22) He and his young first mate, Barty, encountered the Firedrake, a monstrous suit of Arab armor, (#23) and the beautiful spy, Princess Shareen. (#25) They traveled as far as the Orient, (#26) but never to America. In his last adventure, he rescued the Lady in the Iron Mask, the Princess Jotphar. (#27)

Who's Whose? suggests that Reed Crandall drew Black Roger's first appearance, but while the art is very nice, it's nowhere near to Crandall's level. Check out the two panels below. The anatomy is wonky in the arms and legs. Crandall is renown for nailing anatomy, especially by 1950.

+ Powers

Black Roger had no metahuman powers but was a skilled swordsman.