Wings Wendall

Created by Vernon Henkel

Captain " Wings" Wendall

Smash Comics
#1 (August 1939).

Smash Comics
#1–37 (August 1939–November 1942).
In costume:
Smash Comics #24-25 (July–Aug. 1941)


One of Wendall’s few costumed adventures, from Smash #25 (1941); art by Vernon Henkel.
From Smash #31 (1942). Art by Vernon Henkel.

Captain “Wings” Wendall was an aviator for the U.S. Army Intelligence. He wore a costume and mask only for three issues, and was created by Vernon Henkel, who put his other creation, Chic Carter, through a similar temporary transformation.

In one of his earliest adventures Wings battled a masked villain called the Hooded Terror (Smash #3) , and another in a golden mask. On this case, Wings also began using his signature plane, the Bullet-plane, designed by mechanic pal Spinner Benson. (#18)

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+ Powers

Wings Wendall was an exceptional pilot but he had no super-human powers.