The Sword

Created by Vern Henkel

Chic Carter

As Carter:
Smash Comics #1 (August 1939)
As the Sword: Smash Comics #24 (July 1941)


  • Smash Comics #1–24 (Aug. 1939–July 1941)
  • Police Comics #1–18 (Aug. 1941–April 1943)
  • National Comics #33–47 (July 1943–April 1945)
  • As the Sword: Smash Comics #24
  • Police Comics #1, 2, 5 (July–Dec. 1941)


From Smash #24 (1941). Art by Vernon Henkel

Vernon Henkel created two non-costumed heroes who took very brief turns in costume. One of these was Chic Carter, a police reporter for the Daily Star (the same name as Superman’s original newspaper). Chic was often sent abroad on assignment, and so saw much of the world’s wartime strife.

For a civilian, Carter encountered more than his fair share of eccentric antagonists, like the almost-masked, goggled villain who could walk through walls! This “mystery man” was Professor Krauss, who had invented a way to use radium to pass through solids. (Smash #11) Other villains included Hugo, a freakish phantom of the opera, who was the tool of a greedy opera singer (#15), and the Black Death, who used blow darts. (#23)

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The Sword was the inspiration for a character (in name only) in John Arcudi’s 2002 Elseworlds series, JLA: Destiny. This character was a superhuman.

+ Powers

Chic Carter had no super-human powers.