The Marksman

Created by Ed Cronin

Baron Povalski, alias Major Hurtz

Countess Stephanie Winowski (cousin), unnamed cousin (deceased)


Smash Comics #33 (May 1942)

Smash Comics #33–58 (May 1942– April 1945)


Top: The Marksman in his short-lived ‘M’ shirt. Below: An arch-foe, the Cross Bow. Both from Smash #40 (1943); art by Fred Guardineer.

The Marksman debuted only several issues after another Quality archer’s feature ended (the Spider, in Crack #30). It’s unclear whether “Baron” was the Marksman’s name or title. It was spoken as his name. Fred Guardineer added a dramatic but temporary “M” symbol to his shirt when he took over in Smash #40. The Marksman’s outfit changed slightly over time but he usually sported a dark reddish cloak, light brown pants and a yellow or white shirt.

It’s not known how Baron Povalski came to infiltrate the Nazi army. The Polish patriot disguised himself with a monocle and moustache to pass as a Nazi, Major Hurtz, but he always kept his red cape folded tightly in his uniform. As the Marksman, Baron terrorized the Nazis and left a symbolic red feather in his wake. He managed to work in secret from high in a tower in the Baron’s own castle—which was taken over by the German army. His manservant, Vorka, was an indispensable aide who also served the Nazis in the castle. (Smash #33)

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The Marksman was mentioned once in passing by the original Mr. Terrific, who said he knew of two mystery men who were operating undercover as S.S. Officers (the other being DC’s Americommando). This story took place in February 1945, at the time of the Allied firebombing of Dresden, Germany.


The Marksman was the inspiration for the character of the same name in John Arcudi’s 2002 Elseworlds series, JLA: Destiny.

+ Powers

The Marksman had no superhuman powers. He demonstrated exceptional skill with a bow and arrow. Sometimes he employed “trick” arrows such as an explosive arrow and he could shoot multiple arrows at once. He was also an above average athlete and combatant. As Major Hurtz, Baron Povalski was skilled in the art of disguise.