Chameleon Girl

Created by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen

Yera Allon of Durla, Shrinking Violet II , Shift

Gim Allon (Colossal Boy, husband)

Legion of Super-Heroes

As "Shrinking Violet": Legion v.2 #287 (May 1982)
As Yera: Legion v.2 #304 (Nov. 1983)
As Chameleon Girl: Action Comics #861 (Mar. 2008)

Found out! (top), but reconciled. From Legion v.2 #305 (1983); art by Keith Giffen.
Violet returns to active duty. From Legion v.3 #9 (1985); art by Steve Lightle.

Yera is a member of the Durlan race of shape-changers, but she is almost unique in the fact that she was born on Earth, to where her parents had immigrated. From an early age, she was entranced by theater and holofilm, and she longed to become an actress. But Durlans were barred by law from taking acting jobs, as their natural shape-changing abilities was considered an unfair advantage over other actors. Hence, all she managed to score were small jobs with little exposure, and her considerable acting talents remained unnoticed.

Yera got her big break when she was approached by the Imskian rebel Micro Lad (a Legion foe), who told her that the Legionnaire Shrinking Violet would be working with them on a very secret mission. Yera believed that the Legionnaires could not know about Violet's absence. And so Yera was hired to impersonate Violet and take her place in the Legion. She believed that when the "assignment" was over, this would be the ultimate resume builder, and that no actor's guild would bar her.

The switch was made while the real Shrinking Violet was vacationing on the asteroid home of Legion financier R. J. Brande. Yera entered Legion headquarters and stayed hidden until Micro Lad could safely spirit Violet away. Yera's first Legion mission was nearly her last—an ill-advised invasion of Khundia ordered by Espionage Squad leader Chameleon Boy. (Legion v.2 #286-287) One of her rescuers was Colossal Boy, who had for a long time harbored a crush on the real Violet. While they were stranded on a cold asteroid, Yera responded to Colossal Boy's advances. Naturally, he thought his prayers had been answered at last, and accepted her affection at face value. (#289) But when Violet's long-time boyfriend, Duplicate Boy, got wind that Colossal Boy and "Violet" had married, he was furious. During a fight with Gim, Duplicate Boy recognized Yera's deception but chose to say nothing. He too believed that Violet's participation in the scheme was voluntary. (#298)

Duplicate Boy's reaction drew suspicion to Yera. Element Lad and officer Shvaughn Erin began quietly investigated her. (#302, 304, Annual #2) They trapped Yera and forced her to confess, then freed the real Violet—who much to everyone's horror, had been held captive. Colossal Boy was understandably shocked, but he could not deny that his feelings were indeed for Yera, despite her disguise. (#305) Yera worried that Gim's parents wouldn't accept their marriage, but found the Allons totally accepting. Marte Allon giving her new daughter-in-law a valuable life-cystal pendant that Yera wears often. (#308)

The real Shrinking Violet was not so forgiving. Vi was quite bitter over the incident, (Legion v.3 #9), but given enough time, even Violet came around. (Annual #3)

Since then, Yera has been tapped by Brainiac 5 to become a full Legion member. Taking the name Chameleon Girl, she worked undercover to infiltrate Earth Man's so-called "Justice League." (Action #861) Gim has thus far been protective of his wife and does not want her in harm's way.


Yera has the native Durlan ability to change her shape. This is generally limited to the same mass as her original form. She does not take the properties of the forms she assumes, but if it is a biological entity, she can at times reproduce the biological abilities of that thing.

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