Lyrissa Mallor Lydea Mallor

Created by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant and Barry Kitson

Lyrissa Mallor

Lydea Mallor (daughter), unnamed husband, Tasmia Mallor (descendant)


Invasion! #2 (1988)

Lydea Mallor, Darkstar

Lyrissa Mallor (mother, deceased), unnamed father, Tasmia Mallor (descendant)


L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 #8 (Sept. 1989)

The original Lydea Mallor meets Superman. From DC Challenge #10 (Aug. 1986); by Dan Mishkin with art by Curt Swan and Terry Austin.
Lyrissa Mallor, ancestor of the Legionnaire Shadow Lass. From L.E.G.I.O.N. #?? (); art by Barry Kitson.

Mother and daughter Lydea and Lyrissa Mallor are the ancestors of Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor), their more well-known descendant, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lydea, the younger, was the first to appear, but as a clone made by Darkseid to be a Servant of Darkness in the 30th century (Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #289, July 1982). During that time Shadow Lass spoke reverently of Lydea's legend. Lydea Mallor then made a brief 20th century appearaince in the non-canonical DC Challenge #10 (Aug. 1986). Neither appeared again until the post-Crisis L.E.G.I.O.N. series. 


Lyrissa Mallor was one in a long line of planetary champions of the planet Talok VIII. This world, on the edge of the galaxy was a primitive society that worshipped a native shadow power. Each generation, one person would master the power of the shadows and defend the Talokians from whatever threat. Lyrissa had begun her time as champion, and had even taken a husband and bore daughter when the Dominators approached the Talokians.

The Dominators sought alliance, or at least compliance, with all civilized worlds in their campaign to attack Earth. As an advanced race, the Dominators were imposing, and Lyrissa agreed to surrender to them. Like other worlds, this was Talok VIII's gesture of support for the Dominators' endeavor. (LEGION #8)

Lyrissa was taken to the Starlag prison, where she befriended other captives. The Starlag turned out to be the focal point for a rebellion against the Dominators, led by Adam Strange and the devious Vril Dox II. (Invasion! #1-3) Lyrissa joined Dox, along with the Durlan, Garryn Bek of Cairn, Stealth, and Strata of Dryad in helping to defeat the Dominators' plot in space.

After their victory, the band of exiles accompanied Dox to his home world of Colu. They were successful in shutting down the Computer Tyrants' mainframe, but without the Tyrants to guide it, Coluan society practically self-destructed. The Tyrants could not return to their mainframe on the planet, so they assumed a humanoid form and began plotting revenge. (L.E.G.I.O.N. #1-3) Dox then became a sort of "godfather" to his people, which gave him the idea to form a new police force to replace the former Green Lantern Corps. Lyrissa and the others were hesitant at first to join Dox, but ultimately decided that it might be a good idea to stick around, if for no better reason, to keep an eye on Dox. The new team traveled to Bek's homeworld of Cairn, known galaxy wide as the "drug world." They quickly deposed the chief drug lord and secured the allegiance of Cairn's police force. (#5)

Unknown to them, however, the Computer Tyrants had targeted Talok VIII for their next conquest. (#7) The primitive people were trusting of this android, which they dubbed Mr. Starr. To add to their devotion, Mr. Starr killed a band of Khunds who sought asylum on Talok VIII. The Talokians hailed him as Talok's new planetary champion. (#11) The Tyrants soon realized that they could use Lyrissa's daughter, Lydea, to get revenge on the heroes who'd ruined them. "Starr" posed as the planet's shadow god and convinced the people to sacrifice Lydea to him. The Tyrants proceeded to impersonate Lyrissa and torture the child. They also accelerated growth and dubbed her Darkstar. (#15)

Mother meets daughter.

Lyrissa agonized over staying on Cairn, wishing instead to return to Talok and her baby daughter. But the increased interplanetary interest in the new police force swayed her decision and she took over leadership of the new team, and was one of the first to wear its official uniform. (#8) Strata soon coined the team's official name: L.E.G.I.O.N. (Licensed Extra-Governmental Insterstellar Operatives Network). (#12) Once she was fully "programmed," Lydea Darkstar set out for Cairn. She approached with little warning; the L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Telepath sensed danger and the team rushed to find Lyrissa in critical condition — attack by Lydea. Telepath uncovered Mr. Starr's role in the tragedy and Dox dispatched a squad to Talok VIII. (#20)

Lyrissa soon died of extensive internal injuries. (#21) The team wasted no time finding Mr. Starr, and forced him to explode. (#22)

Lyrissa's death made a great impact on her teammates, who'd grown very close to her in a short time. One can imagine the outrage when they discovered that Dox was planning to brainwash Lydea Mallor himself, using his "enhanced charisma" program. (#25) After some contemplation, though, Dox aborted this plan. Instead, he began deprogramming her in the hopes of giving her a normal life. Lydea was soon released after her reconditioning was a complete success. (#27)

But Lydea's memory was spotty; she did not remember her actions while under Mr. Starr's influence. She stayed on with the L.E.G.I.O.N. and took part in a membership drive for the team. Lydea joined alongside several other new "R.E.C.R.U.I.T.S." and began making a life for herself on Cairn. (#30)

It wasn't long before Lydea learned the truth about her mother's death. One day while standing at her memorial, Lydea was approached by Stealth, who lashed out at Lydea for Lyrissa's fate. Lydea was distraught and confronted Dox, wondering why he'd never told her the truth. He and other team members consoled her, assuring her that the Computer Tyrants were responsible for Lyrissa's death, not Lydea. (#33)

Her fellow recruits convinced Lydea not to leave the team, and she agreed. In fact, Lydea was instrumental in keeping the L.E.G.I.O.N. together after Dox fell prey to a traitor and disbanded the team. (#34-35)

For a time, it was business as usual, as Lydea settled into life as a police officer. She met her father for the first time when he came to Cairn seeking her help. (#52) He told her that their people had begun sacrificing their infants to the planet's shadow god. Supposedly, it had grown angry in the absence of a hereditary champion. (#53) Lydea was reluctant to return to the world she barely knew, but the team accompanied her and she ventured into the cave of the shadow god. There she meets her very real, very angry ancestors. (#54) Among these spirits, thought was her mother. From beyond the grave, Lyrissa took this chance to talk with her daughter and to convince her of the importance of accepting the mantle of planetary champion. Lydea did this, and vowed that when next she returned to Talok VIII, it would be to inform her people that they were under L.E.G.I.O.N. protection, as well as her own. (#55)

When Dox and Stealth's infant son, Lyrl (who was named after Lyrissa) took over the L.E.G.I.O.N., Lydea fell under his thrall. She and other core members became slaves to Dox's abandoned "charisma" program and were used as soldiers in Lyrl's war against his parents. Lydea was able to momentarily break his mind control, but to no avail. (REBELS #13)

Dox eventually managed to disable Lyrl, and in the aftermath, Captain Comet assumed leadership of the L.E.G.I.O.N. Lydea returned to active duty. (#17) At some point after this, Dox reassumed his leadership of the L.E.G.I.O.N. and relocated their headquarters to the planet Malthus. Lydea has apparently continued to serve with the L.E.G.I.O.N. (Infinite Crisis #1)



The Mallor family symbol resembles an 'S.' This is seen on Shadow Lass and Umbra's costumes in the 30th century as well.

One other Talokian active in the universe at large. Mikaal Tomas, the first alien Starman, hails from a sister planet in the Talok system.


As planetary champions, these ladies are trained in numerous forms of personal combat. Additionally, they are given the power to project a shadow-like energy field that absorbs and blankets visible light frequencies (and to some extent other forms of radiation). The larger the area of blackness, the more concentration is required.

The field can also be pushed for use as a weapon. This super-energized field can cause disruptions in electronic and biological systems.

Appearances + References

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