TNT & Dyna-Mite

Created by Paul Norris


NAME + ALIASES: Thomas "Tex" N. Thomas


All-Star Squadron

Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942)


Daniel "Danny" Dunbar)

Charles and Mrs. Dunbar (parents)

All-Star Squadron, Old Justice

Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942)

Some text excerpted from Who's Who Update '87

Danny Dunbar was the star pupil of Thomas N. Thomas, a high school chemistry and physical education teacher.

One eveing while Thomas and Dunbar were working on an experiment, Thomas' hand accidentally touched Dunbar's and both teacher and student found themselves feeling much stronger. Thomas realized that each of them had somehow absorbed the chemicals with which they had been working. By touching, Thomas and Dunbar became charged with an unknown form of energy and briefly possessed superhuman powers.

They decided not to reveal their discovery publicly for fear that it wouldd be misused. Instead, they used their new super-powers to fight crime as costumed heroes. Thomas became known as T.N.T. and Dunbar as Dan the Dyna-Mite, and both joined the wartime All-Star Squadron. Thomas and Dunbar each wore a "dyna-ring." By pressing thge rings together, Thomas and Dunbar triggered a chemical reaction that emporarily charged the two heroes with energy.

In April 1942, T.N.T. and Dyna-Mite battled Nazi saboteurs who were attempting to blow up a dam in Colorado. When the saboteurs fled in a car, the pair gave chase in their own auto. One of the bullets hit the tire of the heroes' car and it crashed and burst into flames. The young hero Iron Munro pulled T.N.T. and Dyna-Mite from the wreckage but T.N.T. was dead, and his spirit was carried off by the Valkyrie called Gudra. Munro took Dyna-Mite to a hospital, where he soon recovered. (Young All-Stars #1)

Danny was grief-stricken but bucked up when President Franklin Roosevelt requested that he and other young members of the All-Star Squadron take a cross-country tour to encourage the buying of War Bonds. (#3) His depression was worsened by the realization that without T.N.T., he could no longer use his own super-powers. But soon Danny learned he could activate them by wearing both dyna-rings and pressing them together. (#6)

Old Justice

In his "golden years," Dan joined his childhood teammate Neptune Perkins and several other former child heroes to form "Old Justice." This group advocated abolishing teen super-teams and butted heads with Young Justice, eventually losing the battle and conceding that the youngsters were indeed worthy heroes. (Young Justice #16)


Another man appeared in modern times as Dyno-Mite Dan, a member of the Vigilante's new Seven Soldiers of Victory. Dan was a big hero fan who acquired T.N.T. and Dyna-Mite's power rings from an auction. He appeared only once and perished along with all the Soldiers after defeating the Miracle Mesa Monster; they were slaughtered by the Gods of the Miracle Mesa. (Seven Soldiers Special #0) After his death, Zatanna discovered that these rings were made by her friend, Cassandra Craft. Craft made the rings for sale in her magic store. (Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #2)

The Golden Age (Elseworlds)

The character of Dan Dunbar played a prominent role in The Golden Age, an out-of-continuity mini-series by James Robinson. In the story, the brain of Adolf Hitler was transplanted into Dunbar's body by the Ultra-Humanite (who had similarly taken the body of Mister America). This character was called Dynaman, and he was killed at the conclusion.


Originally, Dan and his partner T.N.T. produced explosive power by touching. Thomas and Dunbar each wore a "dyna-ring." By pressing thge rings together, Thomas and Dunbar triggered a chemical reaction that emporarily charged the two heroes with energy. After T.N.T.'s death, Danny learned he could activate the power by wearing both dyna-rings and pressing them together.

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