The United Planets Superwatch

+ The Guardians of the Multiverse

Created by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe

» FIRST APPEARANCE: The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019)

Strongwoman and Superwoman find their Superwatch comrades (Marvel Maid, Logi, Quisto, Regor and others). From The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe.
The United Planets Superwatch monitor the crisis. Clockwise from the top: Solarwoman, Dyno-Man, Hal Kar, Maxima, Klypso, Hyperboy, Hyper-Man I, Aeroman and Windlass. From The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019).
Running for their lives! From the bottom left: Powerlord, Vidal, Vartox, Super-Male. From The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp.

The United Planets is a legendary part of the Legion of Super-Heroes universe, a 30th century concept introduced in Adventure Comics #340 (Jan. 1966). However, it only existed in the future until the "Rebirth" era. In this continuity, the United Planets was created in the present, inspired by an idea of the young Jonathan Kent (Superboy; Superman v.5 #14, Oct. 2019). Superboy and the U.P. became the inspiration for the Legion of Super-Heroes, a thousand years later.

The fledgling United Planets Superwatch had members — many as powerful as Superman — from worlds across the galaxy. Their home base was the planet Kranaltine, also known as Throneworld in Sector 2814 (home of the Starman, Prince Gavyn).

The Superwatch and the Green Lantern Corps were drawn to arms and alliance when Controller Mu (creator of the new Blackstars) instigated an anti-matter crisis on several fronts.

A Superwatch team including Marvel Maid, Logi & Quisto, Powerlord, Regor, Super-Male, Vartox and Vidal were dispatched to investigate a catastrophe at an illegal anti-matter mining colony on J1407. They were all taken down by the Anti-Matter Man, who was a sort of 'border patrolman.' Note: The Anti-Matter Man first appeared in Justice League of America #46 (Aug. 1966).

Other members of the Superwatch monitored events from Kranaltine: Solarwoman, Aeroman and Windlass, Hal Kar, Dyno-Man, Maxima, Hyper-Man I, Hyperboy and Klypso the Hyper-Hound. They sent Superwoman and Strongwoman to J1407 as backup, but Superwoman was also taken captive. Strongwoman retreated to seek a help from the Green Lanterns.

Elsewhere, on planet Altmoora, Green Lantern Hal Jordan was accosted by Abin Sur of Earth-20, who was possessed by a "Mindwriter." Hal freed Abin Sur of its influence and learned that his new friend was part of a multiversal band of Green Lanterns called the Guardians of the Multiverse. Sur had come to warn Hal of the Qwa-Man, a backward-speaking cyborg from the anti-matter universe. (The Green Lantern #9)

These Guardians made their headquarters on the sentient Lantern-planet called Uugo. They included:

  1. Green Lantern (Prof. Leonard Lewis) of Earth-6 (Just Imagine)
  2. The mystic Green Lantern of Earth-9 (Tangent)
  3. Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris) of Earth-11 (where female heroes are predominant)
  4. Kai-Ro of Earth-12 (Batman Beyond)
  5. Abin Sur of Earth-20 (The Multiversity: Society of Superheroes)
  6. John Stewart of Earth-23 (where Black heroes are predominant)
  7. Emerald Knight of Earth-32 (Bruce Wayne, Darkest Knight)
  8. Flashlight (Hank Hallmark) of Justice 9 of Earth-36
  9. Magic Lantern of the Love Syndicate of Earth-47 (Morrison creations from Animal Man #23, May 1990)
  10. Spectra (universe unrevealed)
  11. (plus at least five other Lanterns depicted as part of their group)
Hal Jordan meets the Guardians of the Multiverse, above planet Uugo. From The Green Lantern #10 (Oct. 2019); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe.
Among Kanjar-Ro's potential buyers are Ulala, Evil Stars, a Mikrid and Bowerd, the Overmaster, Mongal, Zerno, the H'san Natal, Kromm, Steppenwolf, a White Martian, Zuggernaut, Grayven, Agamemno and Zazzala. From The Green Lantern #3 (Oct. 2019); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe.
Hyperwoman brings her husband, Hyperman, to heel. From The Green Lantern: Season Two #4 (Sept. 2020); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe.

Three members of the Guardians came to the aid of Abin Sur and Hal. They hauled the Qwa-Man through the Bleed between universes, toward the Dark Multiverse. (#10)

Hal returned with them to Uugo, where he met more Guardians. There they were joined by Strongwoman, who brought word of the other anti-matter breach. Prior to this incursion, members of the Guardians of the Multiverse had going missing. They followed a distress signal from one of their members, the Star Sapphire of Earth-11; it came from the forbidden world of Earth-15.

Hal and the Guardians ventured by transmatter cube to Earth-15, where they discovered a lone soul keeping watch over that dead Earth — the alien Zundernell, the Golden Lantern. This unbalanced protector was the keeper of artifacts left by the Monitors. These allowed him to peer into, and travel to parallel universes. Zundernell's call for help attracted members of the Guardians, all of whom he judged inadequate, and imprisoned. (#11)

Back at J1407, Hal Kar of the Superwatch now met with Green Lanterns. The Qwa-Man had clawed his way back to Universe-0, and the Anti-Matter Man returned to 'collect' him. (#12)

Galactic Villains

In The Green Lantern #3 (Mar. 2010) Morrison and Sharpe played with a similar gathering of Silver Age and obscure space villains. These characters were gathered together by Kanjar Ro, who was auctioning off the Earth!

Ultrawar: The Green Lantern: Season Two

Something was amiss among members of the United Planets Superwatch. They organization called upon the Green Lantern Corps to collaborate and investigate how the "Eterniglass" was stolen from their headquarters on Throneworld. Teaming with Maxima and Hal Kar, the Lanterns went to Juno, home of both Powerlord and the Hyper-Family. Evidence from the theft seemed to implicate Powerlord, who tried to flee from the investigators. Their next step was to speak to the Hyper-Family.

Hyperman had gone to Earth, where he was romancing a reporter named Allie Astra. He and his family had been corrupted by the radiation that gave them powers, and Hyperman was about to kill Astra when his wife, Hyperwoman, intervened. She warned him that the Green Lanterns were on his trail, and protected him despite the fact that this wasn't his first dalliance.

Hal Jordan arrived just in time. On Earth, the Hyper-Family were as powerful as Superman, but they needed special technology to maintain their powers (because their sun was orange, while Earth's was yellow). When Hal figured this out, he was able to capture Hyperman by shredding his uniform, and to save Astra. (The Green Lantern: Season Two #4)

Known Members

Well over a dozen heroes have been depicted or mentioned as members. The first Rebirth appearance for most of them was The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019). » SEE ALSO: A full list of Silver Age alien "supers."

Name First appearance Notes
Aeorman & Windlass of Marr World's Finest #163 (Dec. 1966) Alien super-heroes
Dyno-Man of Sorrta Superman #206 (May 1968) Alien super-hero

Hal Kar (fka Halk Kar) of Thoron

Superman #80 (Jan./Feb. 1953) Analog of Superman
The Hyper-Family: Hyperboy (Kirk Quentin), Hyperman (Craig Quentin), Hyperwoman and Klypso of Trombus

Superboy #144 (Jan. 1968)

Analog of Superman
Hyper-Man I (Chester King) of Oceania Action Comics #265 (June 1960) Analog of Superman
Logi and Quisto of Durim World's Finest #124 (Mar. 1962) Alien super-hero and his bestial companion
[speculative] The Martian Anteater Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! #14 (April 1983) Alien counterpart to J'onn J'onzz from Earth-C-Minus
Marvel Maid (Lea Lindy) of Terra Action Comics #272 (Jan. 1961) Analog of Supergirl
Maxima of Almerac Action Comics #645 (Sept. 1989) Queen of Almerac

Powerlord (Zarl Vorne fka Power-Boy) of Juno

Superboy #52 (Oct. 1956) Analog of Superman

Regor (Winki Lamm) of Uuz

Superman #58 (May/June 1949) Analog of Superman
Solarwoman The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019) A female version of Solarman, from Superman #298 (Apr. 1976)
Strongwoman (Marta Zappix fka Strong Girl) of Thronn Green Lantern #32  (Oct. 1964) One of a group of super-heroes from her world, the Honor Team
[speculative] "Super-Ant" Action Comics #296 (Jan. 1963) Reference of a story where Superman gave himself the head of ant an to communicate with alien insects
Super-Male (Irn Brimba) of Soomar Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #41 (May 1963) Analog of Superman
Superwoman (Luma Lynai) of Staryl Action Comics #289  (June 1962) Analog of Supergirl
Vartox of Valeron Superman #281 (Nov. 1974) Analog of Superman
Vidal of the Intergalactic Patrol  Adventure Comics #260 (May 1959) Analog of Superman

Aeorman and Windlass of Marr

World's Finest Comics #163 (Dec. 1966)

Aeorman and the Captives of Jemphis

Jemphis gathered super-heroes from across the galaxy and hypnotized them into fighting each other. From World's Finest Comics #163 (Dec. 1966); by Jim Shooter, Curt Swan and George Klein.

Batman and Superman were transported to a "World of Wonders" by its 'host,' Jemphis. He purported to be running an annual super-hero convention and they were the first to arrive.

Jemphis was a collector, and he had recreated replicas of super-hero hideaways, including the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave. He also mentioned other galactic heroes: the Aeroman of Marr's Skyscraper; the floating Globe of Solarman; the Pit of Serpento of Orazak; and the Iceberg-Fortress of Mr. Chill from Klon Kado.

In reality, Jemphis had nefarious motives. He hypnotized all the heroes and manipulated Earth's world's finest into fighting one another. But when Batman was pushed to his limit, he could not defy his own conscience and kill Superman. This broke Jemphis' spell over him, and he reversed the effects of the villain's hypnosis over his guests.

Before departing, Batman and Superman met Mr. Chill, Aeroman and his fiancé Windlass, and Zardin the Boy Marvel of Nangar (who looked like Robin). (World's Finest Comics #163)

United Planets Superwatch

Aeroman and Windlass are known members of the United Planets Superwatch. (The Green Lantern #9)


The abilities of Aeroman and Windless are unknown. It's been mentioned that they use some kind of advanced jets.

Dyno-Man of Sorrta

Superman #206 (May 1968)


Superman's friend, Dyno-Man, reveals how he faked his death. From Superman #206 (May 1968); by Jim Shooter and Al Plastino.

Dyno-Man of the planet Sorrta was an "old buddy" of Superman's. The Man of Steel was invited to Sorrta to participate in a parade honoring Dyno-Man, and during the parade, the hero's vehicle exploded, apparently killing the him! (But actually, Dyno-Man had known about the plot, and substituted a lifelike android to appear in the parade.)

Dramon, the head of Sorrta's security police, accused Superman of murdering Dyno-Man and his men slapped a red-sun belt on him to neutralize his powers. Superman was assigned an attorney named Rilora Dorc, but the evidence was against him: witnesses testified that a heat ray from Superman's direction had destroyed Dyno-Man's vehicle. Worse, Superman was given a drug that induced him to "confess."

Before Dramon could install himself as dictator, Rilora found key evidence in Superman's favor, and Dyno-Man reappeared. He and Superman stopped Dramon, who fell into the path of his own "metalizer ray," transforming him into metal and fusing his body to a prison wall.

A new parade was arranged to honor three heroes: Dyno-Man, Superman and Rilora. (Superman v.1 #206)

United Planets Superwatch

Dyno-Man is a known member of the United Planets Superwatch. (The Green Lantern #9)


Dyno-Man projects a variety of beams from his "power fingers," including a freeze beam, heat beam, force beam, blade-beam, blue attractor-beam, and propulsion beams (which allow him to fly).

Logi of Durim

World's Finest Comics #124 (Mar. 1962)


Superman meets Logi and his beast, Quisto. From World's Finest Comics #124 (Mar. 1962); by Jerry Coleman, Curt Swan and George Klein.

One day on the planet Durim, the boy Logi met the scientist Hroguth on a hiking trip. They encountered a fallen meteorite that gave them great super-powers, and while Logi's impulse was to help people, Hroguth promptly began a life of crime.

Their rivalry persisted until Hroguth uncovered a way to rob Logi of his powers. The solution was on the planet Earth, where Hroguth and two henchmen went in search of that element: copper. Logi followed him there and brought a beast named Quisto. Quisto was a tracking beast who could "sniff out" the copper.

The aliens came to the attention of Superman, Batman and Robin, who encountered the green-skinned criminals first. When they met Logi, they assumed he was also hostile, in part because Quisto became agitated and lunged at the Caped Crusader — it sensed the presence of copper in Batman's utility belt.

Logi and the Earth heroes created a trap for Hroguth. Robin disguised himself as Logi and they surprised Hroguth, turning the copper ray on him instead, draining his powers. (World's Finest Comics #124)

The Green Lantern

Logi and Quisto are known members of the United Planets Superwatch. (The Green Lantern #9)


From exposure to a meteor, Logi had the powers of flight, invulnerability and super-strength. He is vulnerable to the Earth element, copper. He can also communicate telepathically; it is unclear whether this is a native ability.


Xviar of Homeworld, alias Mr. Xavier, Solarman

Superman v.1 #296 (Feb. 1976)
As Solarman: Superman v.1 #298 (Apr. 1976)



United Planets Superwatch

The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019)


Alien spy Xviar becomes Solarman. From Superman v.1 #298 (Apr. 1976); by Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin, Curt Swan and Bob Oksner.
Xviar soldiers on with his plan to use Superman to destroy Earth. From Superman v.1 #299 (May 1976); by Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin, Curt Swan and Bob Oksner.
Solarwoman appears among the United Planets Superwatch members on Kranaltine. From The Green Lantern #9 (Sept. 2019).

At about the time that Kal-El's rocket crashed to Earth, another spacecraft arrived. It's passenger was Xviar, a spy from a world only known as "Homeworld." His people were contracted by an unnamed entity to destroy Earth, and Xviar's mission was to collect the information required to execute that plan. Xviar did not age; he blended into Earth society and maintained a low profile while his superiors collected their data about Earth.

After decades, Xviar as "Mr. Xavier" had quietly moved into the apartment next door to Clark Kent's, in Metropolis. He developed a method that gave Superman a split-personality of sorts: when he was Clark Kent, he truly had no special abilities! (Superman v.1 #296)

The prospect of a life with no super-powers led Clark on an existential journey. He contemplated whether he should he live entirely as Clark, or Superman. Meanwhile, Xviar ransacked Clark's apartment and uncovered alien jewels … these became the key components used to turn Superman into a 'bomb' to destroy the Earth. (#297)

Now, whenever Superman used his powers, he was essentially burning a "fuse" toward a cataclysmic detonation. Xviar wanted to push Superman to the brink, so he prepared to attack Superman head on. He invented a suit to collect and transform solar energy; as Solarman, it gave him strength, flight and forceful energy, but Superman quickly decoded the suit's mechanics and overloaded it with a dose of his own heat vision. (#298)

Xviar was down but not out. The final play in his game was to gather nine of Superman's greatest enemies together. Xviar teleported the likes of Luthor and Brainiac across the Earth, in order to force the Man of Steel to use the full measure of his abilities. But Superman's time living as Clark had taught him that he didn't need to intervene in every situation. He found ways to avert disaster that did not require the full use of his super-powers.

The bomb plot would not succeed. Xviar anticipated his defeat as Superman gradually pieced together the story. He managed to prevent Xviar from escaping from Earth, and put him in a desolate space prison. On the Homeworld, Xviar's masters wondered how long it would be before Superman would come for them too. (#299)


A new female hero (informally known as "Solarwoman") has appeared as a member of the United Planets Superwatch. Her uniform looks exactly like Xviar's when he was
"Solarman." Nothing is known about her history. (The Green Lantern #9, The Green Lantern: Season Two #4)


Superboy and Krypto met a troublemaker called Solar Boy in Adventure Comics #269 (Feb. 1960).

A character named "Solarman" was mentioned in World's Finest Comics #163 (Dec. 1966), but not depicted.


Solarman wore a suit covered in solar-collectors. The suit transformed yellow sun energy into a variety of abilities: super-strength, flight and forceful energy.

Marta Zappix of Thronn, alias Strong Girl, Strongwoman

Green Lantern v.2 #32  (Oct. 1964)


Vant Orl incapacitates the Honor Team of Thronn. From Green Lantern v.2 #32 (Oct. 1964); by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane.
Hal Jordan and Strong Girl — now Strongwoman —  meet again. From The Green Lantern #10 (Oct. 2019); by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe.

Strong Girl was a member of a group of heroes from the planet Thronn, called the Honor Team. She and her teammates Energiman, Golden Blade and Magicko were defeated by a villain called Vant Orl, who imprisoned them in suspended animation inside an impenetrable crystal.

Energiman's powers allowed him to assume the properties of all types of energy. Over time, across the galaxy, he sensed the power of the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Every time Jordan recharged his power ring, Energiman was able to siphon a bit of it too. Once he was strong enough, he summoned Jordan to Thronn. Energiman spent his last energies in briefing the Green Lantern, then perished.

Jordan was confronted by Vant Orl, and triumphed over the alien's series of challenges. He found a way to free the Honor Team, and promised to alert the Guardians of the Universe: this space sector would benefit from a Green Lantern too. (Green Lantern v.2 #32)

The Green Lantern

In DC's rebirth continuity, Strong Girl graduated to becoming Strongwoman. She became a charter member of the fledgling United Planets Superwatch, a group of galactic protectors based on the planet Kranaltine.

Strongwoman and Superwoman were sent to J1407 after a group of their Superwatch teammates were wiped out by the Anti-Matter Man. This crisis was instigated by the Controller Mu, and Strongwoman fled the destruction to get help from the Green Lantern Corps. (The Green Lantern #9)

She was reunited with Hal Jordan and the Guardians of the Multiverse, who were likewise plagued by an anti-matter being. (#10) Strongwoman fought with them to beat back the forces from the anti-matter universe. (#11–12)


Strongwoman's real name was given for the first time in The Green Lantern #9.

The other members of Thronn's Honor Team have not been mentioned in the Rebirth era.


Strongwoman has the powers of super-strength, invulnerability and flight.

Appearances + References


  • The Green Lantern #9–12
  • The Green Lantern: Season Two #4


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