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Charlie Wylde



Outsiders, vol. 2 #1-alpha

Outsiders, vol. 2 #1-alpha


Charlie Wylde was the bodyguard of Geoffrey Barron, a prominent inventor. The two of them met the Outsiders when Barron traveled to Markovia in the interest of selling their battle armor, the Technocrat 2000. Soon, they were both caught in a civil uproar.

During their stay, the Outsiders were framed for the murder of Markovia's Queen Ilona. Barron and Wylde were forced to flee into the woods, where they encountered the sorcerer Faust and his pet bear. The bear mortally wounded Wylde, and Faust fused the two beings into a huge man-bear. (Outsiders v.1 #1-alpha)

Wylde and Barron joined the Outsiders in their attempt to clear their name. Their luck ran out upon their return to Gotham City. Commissioner Gordon was waiting and arrested Geo-Force, Wylde and Faust. They were imprisoned alongside some of their former foes in the Slab, including the Jihad and Masters of Disaster. Wylde actually befriended a former member of the Jihad, Dervish. She was drawn to him, but did not know that Wylde was responsible for her lover's death. He chose to withhold this information from Dervish until the time was right. (#6, 9)

Soon after this the Outsiders split up. Wylde roamed the countryside and was captured by a Las Vegas drug lord, Oscar Bolt. The Eradicator recruited Looker, Halo and Faust to rescue him. (#0) At times, Wylde found it difficult to control his animal nature. This added to his growing impatience for a cure led him to ally with Faust's evil father. Felix Faust promised Wylde that he would restore the beast's humanity in exchange for his services. During the battle Wylde went over the edge, but his temper was tamed by Felix's daughter, Fauna. Eventually Fauna turned Wylde into a normal bear and locked him in a zoo. Fauna was later killed by her father, so the Outsiders had no clues about their comrade's fate. (#18-19)

His current status and whereabouts are unknown.

+ Powers

As a man-bear, Wylde possesses metahuman strength. This strength is often untempered by his baser animal instincts.

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