Created by Gerry Conway & Chuck Patton

Paco Ramone

Unnamed parents, Armando (Reverb/Hardline, brother), Rosita (sister), two other unnamed brothers and two sisters.

Justice League of America

Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984)

Justice League of America #258 (January 1987)


Vibe's career as a Justice Leaguer was too short. It began shortly after Aquaman disbanded the original League. When young Paco Ramone heard that a new Justice League was forming in his own backyard of Detroit, he decided to give up his position as the leader of Los Lobos Negros, a local street gang, to join the JLA and become a superhero. (Justice League of America Annual #2) This would have been impossible if it weren't for the fact that Vibe had been born with the metahuman ability to emit powerful vibratory shockwaves.

Vibe's presence on the team caused Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter to harbor some strong doubts about the new JLA, particularly after he got the League involved in a rumble with a rival gang called the Skulls over the El Lobos' turf. (Justice League of America #233) However, Vibe soon proved his mettle during the League's battles against Cadre, (#233-236) Anton Allegro, (#237-239) and Amazo. (#241-243) He stayed with the League during the Crisis adventure, when Commander Steel evicted the League from the Bunker, (#246) and his powers played a vital role in defeating Despero. (#254)

During Darkseid's assault on Earth's "legends," Paco left his JLA comrades to seek the familiar solace of the streets. Vibe was attacked by one of Professor Ivo's androids, and despite a valiant effort, became the first Justice League member to be killed in the line of duty. The Martian Manhunter brought Vibe's body back to the League's mountain sanctuary, where Vibe was laid to rest in a cryogenic chamber. (#258)

One of Vibe's younger brothers, Armando, recently developed a similar set of vibratory powers and joined Booster Gold's team of heroes, the Conglomerate, using the code names Reverb and Hardline. (Justice League Quarterly #1) Armando also opened a club called "Reverb." (Superman Annual #14)

Sadly, Paco's dead form has thrice been resurrected by evil-doers. (JLA Annual #2, Martian Manhunter #12, JLofA v2 #39)

Vibe was stamped out of the care-free, wisecracking mold. He was fun-loving, street smart, and uninhibited.

+ Powers

Vibe had sonic powers which enabled him to create shock waves of considerable strength. His power could shatter concrete or steel. His agility was aobve average (and he was a superb break-dancer). Under Batman's tutelage, Vibe became a more skilled combatant.

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