T.O. Morrow

Thomas Oscar Morrow



The Flash v.1 #143


T.O. Morrow is a villain who was born with an odd name that led him to develop an obsession with the future. Since his early childhood, Morrow has desired to glimpse what the future holds. When he was old enough, Morrow entered top scientific academies as part of an attempt to unlock the secrets of time. After he graduated and left school, Morrow invented a computer forecaster that allowed him to look into the future. He later clashed with the Justice Leaguers on four separate occasions.

Morrow first used the computer forecaster to copy advanced futuristic technology that he used to commit various crimes in the twentieth century. During this first scheme he did not run afoul of the entire Justice League. The Flash (Barry Alien) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) defeated him by themselves. (Flash v.1 #143)

Morrow's second scheme involved the use of futuristic technology he captured during his clash with Flash and Green Lantern to construct a powerful android called the Red Tornado, that he used to infiltrate the newly-reformed Justice Society of America. This android gained limited sentience and left Morrow to become a Justice Leaguer himself. (Justice League of America #64-65)

On the occasion of his third battle with the JLA, Morrow managed to temporarily regain control over the once-dead Red Tornado and implanted a bomb inside of him, hoping to wipe out the Justice League; though the Leaguers saw through his scheme and again foiled him. But before he could be imprisoned, however, Morrow suddenly winked out of existence without warning or explanation. (#106)

In the end, it turned out that this last defeat somehow separated Morrow into two separate people: his normal "human" identity , and an exotic looking supervillain known as the Future Man. Shortly thereafter, Superman encountered and defeated Morrow, (Super-Team Family #11) and Red Tornado encountered and defeated SB! the Future Man, (World's Finest #256) restoring everything to normal. he recaptured the Red Tornado and discovered that the original android that he had constructed had been inhabited and animated by the Tornado Champion of Rann just before Morrow originally dispatched the android to eliminate the Justice Society. His experiments on the android's body nearly ended in disaster. (JLofA #192-193)

The last time he was seen, Morrow was summoned by a group of heroes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths in order to aid the heroes in their efforts to reconstruct the Red Tornado, who had been altered by the Anti- Monitor. (Crisis #8)

T.O. Morrow is quite clever and easy to underestimate. Two of his greatest assets are his charisma and his ability to talk himself out of a jam. When it comes to goals, Morrow has only two: eliminate the Justice League (he still seeks revenge on the old Leaguers because of his multiple defeats), and grab as much personal power as possible.

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