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Geoffrey Barron

Marissa Barron (ex-wife, deceased)


Outsiders, vol. 2 #1-alpha

Outsiders, vol. 2 #1-alpha


An inventor and business magnate, Geoffrey Barron came to Markovia to sell his battle armor, the Technocrat 2000, the latest in personal defense gear. Barron was accompanied by his bodyguard, Charlie Wylde. Soon, they were both caught in a civil uproar.

During their stay, the Outsiders were framed for the murder of Markovia's Queen Ilona. Barron and Wylde were forced to flee into the woods, where they encountered the sorcerer Faust and his pet bear. The bear mortally wounded Wylde, and Faust fused the two beings into a huge man-bear. Barron himself wound up using his armor to defend his own person as Technocrat. (Outsiders v.1 #1-alpha) Wylde and Barron joined the Outsiders in their attempt to clear their name and Geoffrey offered his home in Switzerland as a safe haven. Also at this time, his ex-wife, Marissa Barron ordered the assassin named Sanction to assassinate Geoffrey. (#2)

The Outsiders barely made it back to Gotham City before clearing their names. Shortly after their homecoming, Sanction turned on Marissa and wound up killing Halo and Marissa herself! Amazingly, this trauma forced the Aurakle inside of Halo to jump into Marissa's body. (#7, 9) After this, Geoffrey found it difficult to separate his older, fonder feelings for his wife from Halo's personality. He began to fall for her, but Halo had designs on their teammate, Faust, instead.

When the Outsiders split into two teams, Technocrat followed Geo-Force and Katana. (#0, 12) Brion even tried (unsuccessfully) to arrange a date between him and Katana. (#15) The two factions eventually rejoined and Technocrat remained with them through the end of their recorded adventures. In one, he was possessed by Eclipso and his armor was merged with an alien firearm. (#23) He was last seen in attendance at Geo-Force's wedding. (#24)

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Technocrat has no metahuman abilities. He wears a battle suit which can be equipped with any variety of weaponry or technologies.

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