Starro, the Conqueror

Created by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

The Star Conqueror



The Brave and the Bold #28 (February-March 1960)


A starfish-shaped alien from another galaxy, Starro launched his first invasion of Earth shortly after the original Justice League of America was founded. In fact, the repulsion of Starro's first invasion was the League's inaugural case. It was during this mission that the Justice Leaguers met their future "mascot," Lucas "Snapper" Carr, who was among the group of Earthlings Starro first attacked. Snapper discovered that Starro's weakness was common garden lime, allowing the Justice League to save the residents of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island and trap Starro in a sort of dormancy. (Brave and the Bold #28)

For years afterward, Starro's dormant body was stored in the Justice League's special trophy rooms. Just after the JLA moved into its satellite headquarters, the evil computer scientist T.O. Morrow snuck into the trophy room and revived Starro, prompting another invasion that the Leaguers foiled. (Justice League of America #65)

The JLAers thought that this second incident would be the last they ever heard from Starro, but unknown to everyone, a tiny piece of the alien broke off during his first struggle with the Justice League and fell to the bottom of the ocean. The piece later grew a whole new Starro, which was eventually singlehandedly defeated by Aquaman. (Adventure Comics #453) But during this battle, yet another piece of Starro broke off and later reformed the entire creature. This Starro again fought the Justice League and was defeated thanks to some timely heroics from the original Hawkman. (Adventure Comics #453)


Starro is a power-mad conqueror interested only in enslaving the Earth. He likes to operate through middlemen, using his Control and Split Powers to distance himself from anyone who is trying to stop him.

Starro's origins and homeworld are a mystery, in fact there is no evidence that there are any other creatures of his race in existence. Starro discovered Earth after traveling across billions of miles of interstellar space in search of an inhabited planet. He created three duplicates of himself and assigned each one to conquer a section of the United States. The newly-formed Justice League of America thwarted the duplicates but could only fight Starro to a stalemate. The JLA mascot Snapper Carr was covered in the lime he had been spreading on his family's lawn, and was immune to Starro's mind control. Once the JLA realized Starro's weakness to lime, they used it to destroy him. (Brave and the Bold #28)

Starro has returned time and again by regenerating himself from the remains of his body, and has even planted Starro-seedlings in oceans across the globe as insurance against total eradication. His primary enemies have been the JLA, but he has also fought against Justice League Europe, each time coming closer to his goal of world domination.

+ Powers

Starro has extensive mental powers with which he can control the minds of others. Starro can enslave hundreds of minds at one time, so long as the victims are within close proximity to one another. When Starro targets larger populations, such as cities, he can spray forth thousands of miniature starfish that cling to people's faces and enslave them completely. Starro possesses superhuman strength, can fly and project deadly force bolts from his tentacles. Starro can regenerate himself from even a small fragment of his body. His only known vulnerability is to lime and intense cold. Starro neds constant nourishment (such as polluted water or electricity) to maintain his powers.

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