Rocket Red

Created by ??

Dimitriyevich Pushkin

?? (wife), Tanya (daughter), Ivan (son), Anna and Grigori (aunt and uncle), Sergei, Feliks and Peter (cousins)

Rocket Red Brigade, Justice League International

Android: Justice League #3. Dmitri: Justice League #7.

OMAC Project #4


The Rocket Red Brigade was an elite military squad of the former Soviet Union. At first, the Rocket Reds came into conflict with Green Lantern. But when the new Justice League International was formed, Soviet authorities ordered the two teams to work together. Then when the Justice Leauge was granted United Nations sanctioning as an international peace-force, one of the Reds, #7 (Vladimir Mikoyan) was granted JLA membership. (J.L. International #7) He was soon unmasked as a Manhunter android (#9) and was immediately replaced by Dimitri Pushkin, the first real Russian to join the Justice League (#11).

Dmitri was a Ukrainian native who was orphaned at an early age. He went to live with his family (aunt and uncle Anna and Grigori, cousins Sergei, Feliks and Peter). At age 18, he left home to join the Soviet army and eventually found his way into the Rocket Red Brigade. Dimitri was handpicked by Mikhail Gorbachev for JLI duty.

His armor was destroyed on a mission in space and he acquired upgraded armor on Apokolips (JLI, v.1 #20). Dimitri stayed with the American branch until just after the Dominators' alien invasion, when he transferred to the European branch. (JLI v.1 #24) His family joined him in Paris. (JLE #11) He stayed with that team until the bitter end of their "Breakdown." (#36)

Sonar commandeered the Rocket Red Brigade (#45-50) controlling Dimitri and causing him to attack the London Embassy. After being freed of Sonar's control, he decided to stay on with the Brigade. But after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Brigade came to an end. Dmitri has appeared at Guy Gardner's bar, Warriors. (GG #29)

After this, Dmitri apparently kept working for the Russian governement. He was a part of the newly commissioned Rocket Red Brigade, but met his end at the dawn of the second great "Crisis." Dmitri was one of the first to fall after engaging an OMAC warrior in Moscow. (OMAC Project #1) He sacrificed himself by trapping several OMACs and himself inside an energy bubble, then unleashing the power in his suit. Several of his JLI comrades witnessed his death. (#4)

Since then the Brigade has been brought up to full strength, offering protection to Russia, but no single soldier has yet stepped forward to distinguish himself as did Dmitiri.


+ Powers

The Rocket Red armor is a flying tank, equipped with projectiles and flight capabilities.

Appearances + References


  • Justice League Quarterly #7
  • OMAC Project #1