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Several years ago, Queen Zazzala of Korll discovered the formula for an elixir which was said to confer the power of immortality upon anyone who drank it. But in order to concoct the elixir, she needed the proper ingredients, all of which were hidden away in various perilous locales all over the universe. Neither she nor her enslaved race of servants known as the Bee Men had the powers or abilities needed to hunt down each of the ingredients, so Zazzala Grafted a plan to capture the Justice League of America and force them to retrieve the prizes for her. After a quick trip to Earth, the Queen Bee quickly gained control over the Leaguers using her Magno-Nuclear Rod, and sent them on their way. All of the Justice Leaguers eventually accomplished their missions, of course; but in the end, the Leaguers outwitted Zazzala and kept her from brewing up the elixir. (Justice League of America #23)

The Queen Bee returned a few months later with a new problem. Since her last appearance, she had managed to mix up the elusive immortality mixture after all, only to find that the elixir rendered her totally immobile. She now enlisted the Justice Leaguers' aid to find the ingredients for an antidote to the original solution, a mission which they managed to accomplish just before defeating Zazzala and sending her to prison. (#60)

Zazzala eventually learned that she could regain her mobility by absorbing magnetic energy, although exactly how this happened remains unclear. (Action Comics #443) She may show up again with some new scheme aimed at conquest.

Other than immortality, Zazzala is really only interested in those things that normally interest the adversaries of the Justice League: money, power, long lost alien artifacts, etc. Zazzala does not really like to involve herself in her own crimes to any degree, always preferring to work through enthralled intermediaries. One of her most often used tactics is to use the Magno-Nuclear Rod to turn her mental slaves into insects.

NOTES: It was never explicity stated whether the Queen Bee reintroduced by Grant Morrison in JLA # was supposed to retcon the original Zazzala. This entry assumes they both existed and are the same woman.

In response to the new Queen Bee (III)'s reconstruction of the Extremist robots, Captain Atom's team invades Bialya. The U.N. responds by asking all Leagues to disband. Maxima departs in anger. Batman then meets with Superman to discuss the direction of a new JLA. NOTE: This tale erroneously suggests that the post-Judgment Day were U.N.-sanctioned. JLA: Incarnations #6 (12.01)

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JLofA #60, 131-132
JLA #34, 36-41




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