Professor Ivo

Created by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

Anthony Ivo, Professor Ives

Unnamed mother (deceased)


The Brave and the Bold #30 (June-July 1960)


Professor Ivo hit upon his first criminal scheme through the simple application of raw logic, based on his desire for unlimited wealth and power. In order to accomplish these ends, he decided that he should first achieve true immortality in order to give himself the time he would need to collect all the money and power in the universe. For his first attempt at immortality, Ivo constructed a powerful android named Amazo and instructed it to gather up several of the longest living creatures on Earth for study, an operation that attracted the attention of the Justice League of America and ultimately resulted in Ivo's first prison term. (Brave and the Bold #30)

A couple years later, however, Ivo escaped and hatched a new scheme to attain immortality by stealing the powers and abilities of various Justice Leaguers and using them to commit the necessary crimes, an attempt which was singlehandedly foiled by the Flash (Barry Allen). (Flash v.1 #158)

This battle left Ivo so devastated that he decided to give up his criminal aspirations and go straight. But unfortunately, an evil serum that he had developed and ingested during his first battle against the Justice League took over his body and metamor- phosized him into a horribly disfigured "semi-human." Ivo's disfigurement redoubled his convictions to attain immortality, prompting him to launch a new scheme involving kidnaping Black Canary, which eventually saw him deposited into the "special treatment" ward at the infamous Arkham Asylum. (JLofA #218)

Ivo then launched a series of schemes aimed at restoring his humanity. The first came a couple of months after he was sealed away in Arkham, though this particular plot didn't get very far, since Ivo immediately ran straight into Superman, who sent him back to his cell in the asylum. (Action Comics #483)

In a more recent appearance, Ivo attempted to engineer the complete destruction of the Justice League of America, and murdered two of its members, Vibe and Steel. (JLofA #258-259)This time, it was the Martian Manhunter and Vixen who eventually tracked Ivo to his lair. Seeing the insanity that had completely overwhelmed the villain, the pair took pity on him and returned him to Arkham rather than exacting vengeance for their deceased comrades. (#261) Most recently, Ivo's motley collection of android duplicates were discovered trying to live a "normal" life in suburban Bailey, New Hampshire, where they ran afoul of Justice Leaguers Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold. (Mister Miracle v.2 #7-8)

Ivo's life is currently driven by three goals: become immortal, restore his humanity, and gain revenge on the Justice League for all of his past defeats. Every adventure in which Ivo participates should be built around one or more of these three villainous goals. Personality wise, Ivo is totally insane. He keeps a number of androids that resemble his old self around, that he refers to as his "sons." Though he frequently escapes Arkham, Ivo uses his "sons" to keep up the daily routine of the asylum, even when he is on the outside. One son acts as his psychiatrist, one or more sons act as guards and lead him to a cell, etc. At one point, he even had himself confined to a padded cell while an android took his place. Although his methodology is somewhat less than rational, heroes would be very unwise to underestimate Professor Ivo. As one can easily discern from his clash with the Legends-era. JLA, Ivo is fully capable of exhibiting a disturbing willingness to kill that reaches far beyond the bounds of even the typical supervillain, though current and former Justice Leaguers are certainly his most likely targets.


(Brave and the Bold #30) - Professor Ivo grew up with a crippling fear of death, and his fondest desire was to cheat death and become immortal.  ---

(Hourman #1) - A fight between the time traveling Hourman III and Amazo broke out in Ivo’s workshop. Before the duo left for other times Amazo told his creator how much he hated him.

Ivo created the android Amazo, who gathered several of the oldest living animals on Earth. With these specimens he created a serum that extended his lifespan 500 years. He then attempted to steal the powers of the Justice League of America, but was foiled by Green Lantern II. Professor Ivo was sent to jail for a 500 year sentence.

Ivo escaped prison and build a siphon-machine to steal the powers of the JLA. He succeeded in stealing the powers of several JLA members, but when he attempted to use his machine on Superman II it overloaded. The machine exploded, knocking Ivo cold. The end result was a peaceful, reformed Ivo. The JLA let him go free, and he became employed as an astronomy professor at a small New England college.

(Justice League of America #218)-Ivo's peace was shattered when a delayed reaction to the life-extending serum turned him into a monstrosity. Ivo built a life-siphon machine that he hoped would restore his humanity by taking the lifeforce of six other individuals. The JLA stopped him, and Ivo was sent to Arkham Asylum.

(Justice League of America #258-261)-Blaming his hideous condition on the JLA, Ivo sent a gang of his androids to kill the team. Ivo never actually had dealings with the current JLA roster, but this mattered little to him. His androids killed Vibe and critically injured Steel I before Ivo was brought to justice. After this battle the Justice League of America disbanded, so Ivo did gain a measure of revenge.

(Justice League Quarterly #5) - Professor Ivo's deformities worsened, and he discovered that he was slowly becoming immobile. Ivo attempted suicide using his own deadly androids, but Ice and Guy Gardner took pity on Ivo, and used Guy's power-ring to cure his disfigurement.

(JLA #5) - Ivo and T.O. Morrow designed the Tomorrow Woman, an android they programmed to gain the JLA’s trust, then blow up and kill the superteam. Ivo and Morrow were somewhat disappointed when Tomorrow Woman formed a will of her own and sacrificed her life to save the JLA from the IT (Implicate Field). The JLA took the mad scientist duo into custody.

(Aztek: The Ultimate Man #10) - Ivo’s health deteriorated when he lost access to his immortality serum while in jail, and he was sent to Vanity for treatment after suffering a cardiac arrest. Amazo gave Ivo a vial of immortality serum, claiming that things wouldn’t be the same if his archenemy died. Amazo actually spiked the serum with poison, but Ivo had taken an anti-toxin months ago because he anticipated this series of events playing out.(Hourman #2) - Belle Reve Prison; Hourman III spoke to Ivo to learn if androids were inherently evil. Ivo mentioned Tomorrow Woman,  who turned against her evil programming because there was good in her. Ivo begged Hourman (who was from the future) to let him know when he would die, and Hourman told him.

In the pre-Zero Hour 30th century Professor Ivo was still around, killing descendants of the JLA before being captured by the Legion of Super-Heroes.

+ Powers

Professor Ivo's body did not age, but as the years went by he became more and more deformed and constantly wracked with pain. He was a brilliant scientist who specialized in the creation of androids. His inventions included machines that could siphon a human's lifeforce or the powers of a superhuman.

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