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Amos Fortune, Mister Memory, Ace of Clubs



Justice League of America #6


Professor Amos Fortune's real name is, in fact, Amos Fortune. Because of this odd moniker, Fortune has had a life long fascination with the concepts of luck and chance. He became a research scientist at an early age in order to unlock the science that lie behind his obsession. After several years spent in the laboratory, Fortune made some amazing discoveries about the very nature of human fate. An oft-ignored and taunted child, Fortune decided to put his newfound knowledge to work in the service of crime. Professor Fortune began his criminal career by using his Stimu-Luck machine, a piece of apparatus that stimulated the human "luck glands," to incapacitate the JLA, allowing him to rob and pillage at will. Fortune's scheme ultimately failed, of course, because the Martian Manhunter was not human and thus had no human luck glands. (Justice League of America #6) Fortune later returned under the alias Mister Memory, temporarily abandoning his luck motif to throw the Justice Leaguers under the sway of mass amnesia, a ploy that was foiled almost singlehandedly by the Atom. (#43, 54)

After a while, Fortune secretly seized control of the Royal Flush Gang and returned, though a pair of defeats at the hands of the Justice League3 prompted him to abandon the group and return to criminal schemes involving luck-oriented technology. In his most recent appearance, Fortune used his luck machines to temporarily endow a group of average citizens with superpowers, providing the Justice Leaguers with another deadly challenge. (#151)

Amos Fortune is quite a bit cleverer than most of the Justice League's other menaces. His schemes usually display an extraordinary amount of forethought and planning, and you should strive to reflect these characteristics in any Amos Fortune scenarios of your own creation.

His plans always either involve the manipulation of chance and luck or have luck- or chance-based themes. Although Fortune is cleverer than the average Justice League villain, his schemes are also a bit more down-to-earth. His plans are unlikely to involve ruling the entire galaxy or plundering alien worlds. He is much more interested in goals such as money, revenge, and the like.

As he plummeted to his death, he reflected on unfulfilled dreams and unclaimed power. He claims that if he'd only gained the respect he felt he deserved, he would have repaid society with the gifts of his genius. (Villains United Special)

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  JLofA #14, 43, 54,151, 194 • JLE #43-44




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