Created by Steve Englehart & Joe Staton



Green Lantern Corps, Mechanic/handyman for Justice League International

Green Lantern #201 (June 1986)


With a population of over 16 billion, Bolovax Vik was one of the most crowded planets in the universe. They all shared one mass, communal mind. They were all apart, yet one with one another. Kilowog was a genetic scientist and one of Bolovax's most brilliant minds. He was chosen to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps because of his strong will, total honesty, and absolute fearlessness, essential criteria for all GLs. He was given a power ring — a device that allowed him to create just about anything via emerald beams of energy. It was an honor to be chosen Green Lantern, but it meant leaving Bolovax and going into space on missions, and that was tantamount to exile. Nevertheless, Kilowog carried out his duty with pride.

During the Crisis, Bolovax Vik was destroyed. The power ring's force field automatically protected Kilowog, but not his people. Acting quickly, he "absorbed" all 16 billion life energies into his ring. By sheer force of his will, they survived until Kilowog found a suitable planet to release his people. Although they exited the ring in a new, transparent bodily form, each Bolovaxian still contained his or her individual essence. Suddenly, the planet exploded thanks to the renegade Lantern, Sinestro. Kilowog could not rescue them again. He was alone once more — for good.

Along with some other GLs, Kilowog was assigned to Earth, where he spent some time in the Soviet Union. He was convinced socialism was the closest philosophy to that of Bolovax Vik, but he couldn't find any government that practiced it purely. While in the USSR, though, Kilowog helped their scientists perfect the Rocket Red Brigade, a symbiosis of forced genetic evolution and advanced technology in the form of powerful armor.

His interest in genetics led him to join the New Guardians, supposedly the next step in mankind's evolution. Kilowog helped. them establish an island base before Guy Gardner invited him to join the Justice League. (Justice League America #33) He proved his worth in many ways, and was responsible for inventing a collar which allowed L-Ron to control the body of Despero. (#58)

This gentle giant died horribly at the hands of one of his closest friends: Hal Jordan. Jordan went mad after the destruction of his home, Coast City. In a rage, he claimed the power of all of the Guardians of the Universe and killed several Green Lanterns, including Kilowog and Sinestro. (Green Lantern v.2 #50)

When Hal Jordan became the Spectre, he coerced his old friend Tom Kalamaku into righting his wrongs against the Green Lantern Corps. Tom uses Hal's old power ring to rebuild the planet Oa. This also allowed the vengeful spirit of Kilowog to rest. (Green Lantern: Legacy) Soon after this, though, his spirit was recalled to life by Kyle Rayner. Rayner and the Guardian, Ganthet, successfully brought Kilowog's spirit back from the afterlife with the power of Kyle's ring. (GL #169)

Kilowog always had a soft spot in his heart for Arisia of Graxos IV, a fellow ex-Green Lantern who helped him face his ultimate loneliness and loss of his people, but Arisia loved Hal Jordan, so she and Kilowog became the closest of friends, nothing more.

Being a part of a team, a greater whole is very important to Kilowog. His greatest fear is being alone, but with so many friends he has nothing to worry about. He was exceedingly loyal, kind, generous, and humble.

+ Powers

All Bolovaxians are strong, bulky creatures, and in Earth's lesser gravity Kilowog's strength is even greater. He rarely tires, can lift several tons, and can crush solid steel. His hard skin deflects bullets and knives, but a sizable bomb will knock him off his feet. Kilowog is a mechanical genius. He can instantaneously assess how a machine can be improved, tear it down, and rebuild it in short order. He can pilot just about any vehicle, and is a leading authority on genetics.

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