Icemaiden + Ice

Created by E. Nelson Bridwell & Ramona Fradon • Tora created by Keith Giffen & JM DeMatteis

Icemaiden I

Sigrid Nansen


Global Guardians, Justice League of America

Historical: Super Friends #9 (Dec. 1977)
In continuity:
Infinity, Inc. #32 (November 1986)

Icemaiden II / Ice

Tora Olafsdotter, Icemaiden II)

King Olaff (father, deceased, Queen Olaf (mother), Ewald (brother, deceased)

Global Guardians, Justice League of America

Justice League America #12 (Apr. 1988)


The original Icemaiden is Sigrid Nansen. This Norwegian woman grew up under the shadow of her mother, a renown biophysics researcher. When the Global Guardians were formed, Norway felt the pressure to send a representative. Sigrid was anxious to prove herself and became a test subject to try to duplicate the powers of the legendary "ice-people." It was successful and Sigrid became the first Icemaiden. She first met the American heroes Infinity, Inc. while on a mission to Canada. (Infinity, Inc. #32)

Sigrid struggled with insecurities, though, which were only intensified when Tora Olafsdotter applied to the Guardians. In her final mission, she failed herself and her teammates. In shame, she resigned her position.

Tora was a bona fide member of a primitive isolated tribe of magic wielding Norsemen. She was the tribe's princess, and had the uncanny ability to magically control the formation and flow of ice since birth. When she was in her late teens, Tora's tribe was discovered by an American explorer, who convinced her to return to civilization with him. (Secret Origins #33) Later, she became a member of the Global Guardians. She agreed to serve as Icemaiden in the Guardians in return for Norwegian government's help in protecting her people. When the Guardians were disbanded, she joined her friend, Green Flame in making a bid for Justice League membership. (Justice League International #14) Soon, the pair changed their names to simply "Fire" and "Ice." (#19)

Tora was shy, but good-natured, a complete alien from the civilized world and its customs. Since Fire had always served as her tutor, Tora formed a somewhat unusual view of the modem world. Ice was the only member of the JLI who has ever shown any compassion for the overbearing Guy Gardner, and even dated him for a time. (Justice League America #28)

She left briefly to return to her Arctic homeland, where she discovered that her brother Ewald had been recruited and empowered by the Overmaster. When Ewald died in an explosion, Ice absorbed some of the Overmaster's power. (#79-85) This power made her the Overmaster's pawn, but she ultimately broke free from his control — only to be slain by the villain. (Justice League Task Force #14)

Following Tora's death, Sigrid came out of retirement to join the JLA herself. (Justice League America #98) She hoped to redeem herself and to honor Tora's legacy. As before, she was plagued by insecurities, but began friendships with Fire and Nuklon. Fire helped her break out of her shell, and Sigrid became a true hero in her own right. (#102) She came "out of the closet" as well, expressing interest in the JLA's associate, Olivia Reynolds. (#110) This incarnation of the League was short-lived, and afterwards she joined an unofficial branch of Justice League Europe. That "League" was infiltrated by the Mist, who lured Icemaiden away and killed three of their members. (Starman #38) The Mist did not kill Sigrid.

Recently, Tora's friends — including Fire, and Guy — formed a group called the Super Buddies. On one of their adventures, the team found themselves in Hell, where they apparently encountered Tora herself! (JLA Classified #6) Guy and Fire were stunned to see Tora again and the outpouring love was too much for the Demon Etrigan to bear. He bade them to leave and even allowed them to take Ice with them (he said that her presence in Hell was a mistake). The team could go but were bound by Hell's "Orpheus Protocol" — if on the way out of Hell, any were to turn and look behind them at Ice, her soul would again be forefeit (although Etrigan claimed that this time, she would pass on to her proper afterlife). The journey proved too difficult for Fire, who did turn to look. Ice vanished and the team returned to the surface. (#7) Beetle tried to console Bea by hypothesizing that after all, they had been in hell and it was very likely that this "Tora" was merely a personal torture for Bea and Guy. (#9)

Icemaiden has since fared barely better. She fell victim to the Organ Thief, who flayed her skin from her body. This left S.T.A.R. doctors scrambling to keep her body temperature warm enough to prevent freezing herself. In the midst of a scuffle, her containment unitwas breached. Her prognosis remains unknown. (JSA: Classified #19)


In retrospect, the JLA's writer at the time, Mark Waid, regrets his decision to kill Ice.

+ Powers

Both Icemaidens possessed the ability to create and manipulate masses of ice. Sigrid's powers were manmade; Tora's powers were inborn.

Appearances + References


Appearances as a member of the Justice League are not listed.


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