Created by Gerry Conway & Chuck Patton

Cindy Reynolds

Unnamed parents (deceased)

Justice League of America, The Conglomerate

Justice League of America Annual #2


Cindy Reynolds was a 14-year old street urchin who inhabited the sector of Detroit in which the Justice League took up residence shortly after Aquaman disbanded the original League in the wake of the alien invasion. (Justice League of America Annual #2) Shortly after the JLAers moved into their new inner city HQ, Gypsy began using her camouflage powers to penetrate the League's defensive measures, in order to check out her new neighbors first hand. Out of curiosity, Gypsy began following the Justice Leaguers around, eventually stepping forward to aid the heroes against the menace of the Cadre, an act which netted her an offer to become a full-time Justice Leaguer herself. (Justice League of America #236)

Gypsy later participated in the League's struggles against the power-mad Anton Allegro (#237-239) and a reactivated Amazo. (#241-243) The origin of Gypsy's powers and her true background remain a mystery. Just after the JLA broke up for good, Gypsy revealed that she was a runaway and returned to her family. (#259)

Cindy does indeed descend from the line of Romany people that were historically (derogatorily) called the "Gypsies." But for whatever her reason (perhaps a sense of mistrust bred by centuries of persecution) she has always guarded the secrets of her superhuman powers. Gypsy found cause to test these powers to their limits when the new JLA were ambushed by the Royal Flush Gang during a wilderness retreat. (JLA: Classified #22)

While her teammates were incapacitated, Gypsy ventured outside her own body, in astral form. (#23) In this form, she was able to spy on the Flush Gang's activities. Also during this mission, she Gypsy sensed a dire future for her teammates, Steel and Vibe. (JLA: Classified #25)

In his bid to wipe out the new JLA, Professor Ivo sent an android to destroy Gypsy, but she managed to find the conscience that was lurking deep within the android's programming and convinced it not to kill her. The android then saw her safely returned to her parents' keeping.

Gypsy's happiness was to be short-lived, however. One day while she was at school, several months after leaving the JLA, a vengeful Despero arrived at Gypsy's home and callously murdered her parents. (Justice League America #38) Gypsy would have been Despero's next victim, if it had not been for the timely intervention of J'Onn J'Onzz and the rest of the Justice League, who managed to halt Despero's insane rampage. (#39) Devastated by the loss of her family, Gypsy was immediately recruited by Booster Gold to become a member of the corporate-sponsored team of heroes known as the Conglomerate. (Justice League Quarterly #1)

Over time, she has grown close to the Martian Manhunter. The two of them were the mainstays of the short-lived Justice League Task Force, and have kept in touch since that time. In fact, recently she was killed! She was miraculously returned to life by J'Onn, who pleaded with his god, Hronmeer, to restore her life. (Martian Manhunter #12) There have also been hints of a romantic relationship between Gypsy and the Bronze Tiger. (Justice League Task Force #6)

Gypsy's most dominant personality trait is her curiosity. It led her to sneak into the JLA headquarters on several occasions, and she even went so far as to surreptitiously follow them on several cases. She seemed to be somewhat shy and reserved, because she never wanted to talk about herself or her background, and she never told anyone the true origin of her camouflage and illusion powers.

Most recently, Gypsy joined Oracle's Birds of Prey. (Birds of Prey #92) Oracle greatly relies on Gypsy's stealth for their undercover work and, in fact, didn't even tell her other operatives about Gypsy's involvement. She has demonstrated greater flexibility with her powers as well, now able to extend her powers of invisibility to others and things around her. (#93)

Gypsy also joined another Bird — her former JLA comrade Vixen — to stop clean up the remnants of a years-old case. The two heroines rescued Stargirl when they discovered that Amos Fortune was kidnapping members of the JSA. (JSA Classified #14-16)

Cindy was one of five individuals chosen by J'onn J'onnz to keep of history of Mars. As the Manhunter's dying spirit reached out to his closest friends, he mentally passed on his planet's lore, as had been done for its entire existence. She said goodbye to her friend at his funeral, on Mars. (Final Crisis: Requiem #1)


In the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe cross-over (1996), a nameless Romany beauty was called Runaway.

+ Powers

Gypsy has illusion powers which primarily help her camouflage herself from view. Occasionally, she has shown the ability to also project believable illustions into the minds of others. It has been suggested that Gypsy's powers are still evolving.

Apparently, Gypsy keeps other abilities secret, even from her best friends in the JLA. She has been able to travel in astral form, outside her body. She can also coax others' astral forms out, to communicate on that plane. In this form, she can also channel and redirect some other kinds of energy (such as Amos Fortune's cosmic "stelleration" energy).

She has also received premonitions of future events; she sensed of her teammates' — Steel and Vibe's — deaths, months before the fact.

Appearances + References


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