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Grace Choi



Outsiders v.3 #1

Outsiders v.3 #1


Nothing is known about Grace Choi's early childhood. When she was nine, she was placed in a home where her foster parents abused her. When she ran away, she was abducted and branded by a ring of child slavers and molesters, run by a man named Tanner. For years, she was held captive and abused, until her metahuman powers kicked in at the age of twelve. She then freed herself and her fellow captives. (Outsiders v.3 #17)

Grace eventually found work as a bouncer at a nightclub called Chaney's, which caters to metahumans and aliens. At some point, she met Arsenal there and the two shared sexual relations. He later lured Grace away from this job with the promise of greater pay and she joined his new Outsiders as the team's third member. (Outsiders v.3 #1)

Despite her near invulnerability, Grace has not been spared from the brutal nature of the Outsiders' work. In a battle with the demonic Sabbac, she was very badly burned, but healed very quickly and completely. (#9)

During a routine drug bust, Grace and Shift uncovered a new cell of child slaves, all branded by Tanner the same way as she. The Outisders decide to take this case public with John Walsh of the America's Most Wanted television show. (#17) The TV show successfully led the team to one of Tanner's cells, but in the process, one of Tanner's informants recognized Arsenal as Roy Harper and Roy's daughter, Lian, is kidnapped. (#18) A police delivered through Walsh finally led the Outsiders to Lian and Tanner himself. Grace was barely able to restrain herself from beating him to death. (#19)

Since joining the group, she maintained a "no-strings" sexual relationship with Arsenal, but this would not be her most meaningful relationship within the group. After the great Crisis, the Outisders fell on even darker times, and Grace's teammate, Thunder turned to her for sympathy when her father had been jailed.

The two ultimately surrendered to their mutual and spent the night together. Grace revealed that she had always been attracted to Anissa. She confessed that she enjoys the company of men for purely physical reasons, but bonds with women in deeper relationships. (#45-46)

Dr. Sivana once suggested that Grace is more than human, perhaps more than metahuman. The truth of this has yet to be revealed.

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Grace possesses metahuman strength and invulnerability. She has been able to take the impact of a jet plane with no ill effect. She has also demonstrated accelerated healing abililty.

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