Created by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis

G'nort Esplanade Gneesmacher

Gnewman (uncle)

Green Lantern Corps, "Justice League Antarctica," Darkstars

Justice League International v.1 #10 (February 1988)


G'nort's uncle Gnewman was one of the most celebrated Green Lanterns that ever served the Guardians. When it became obvious to Gnewman that G'nort was so inept that he couldn't even keep. a job as a pizza delivery man, Gnewman pulled a few strings and convinced his masters to accept G'nort as a Green Lantern. The Guardians only accepted Gnewman's nephew because they were looking for a very special Green Lantern to watch over Sector #2112, the one region in all of space that wasn't inhabited by any creatures larger than an amoeba. (Secret Origins #34)

In fact, G'nort was so neglected as a Green Lantern that the Guardians forgot to notify him when they decided to leave the universe forever in order to father the next immortal race. (Green Lantern #200) G'nort met Justice League International during the Manhunters' all-out effort to crush the Guardians and their plans. (Justice League America #10) The Leaguers quickly managed to ditch the ignorant Green Lantern, only to meet him yet again during Manga Khan's capture of Mr. Miracle. (#16)

G'nort wandered off and gotten lost, but he did show up at Mister Miracle's house once. (Mister Miracle #6) Oh yeah, and there was the time that G'nort's arch enemy, the Scarlet Skier (actually the only criminal G'nort ever successfully captured) arrived on Earth and caused about two minutes' worth of trouble for the JLA. (Justice League America #36)

Later, G'nort and the Scarlet Skier were both shipped off to the Antarctic with the supposedly-reformed Injustice League as part of the JLI's "Justice League Antartica" scheme that didn't really work out. (Justice League America Annual #4)

When Hal Jordan destroyed the central power battery on Oa, G'nort lost the use of his ring. (Green Lantern v.2 #50) Since then, he has been seen on the streets of New York City. Under unexplained circumstances, G'nort found his way back into space and became a member of the Darkstars. He was then captured by the overlord called Manga Khan who attempted to barter G'nort in exchange for L-Ron. Khan was outsmarted by Maxwell Lord's new team, the Super Buddies, and G'nort was again free to roam on Earth. (Formerly Known as the J.L.)

+ Powers

One word: stupid. It describes G'nort perfectly. He has no real idea how to use his powers effectively, he has no real memory, and no powers of reason. In fact, G'nort frequently has to have his Power Ring (or "ring-a-ding," as he calls it) remind him where he is and what he is doing.

Appearances + References


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 Formerly Known as the Justice League, 6-issue limited series (2003)