Green Lantern III

Created by Denny O'Neil & Neal Adams

John Stewart

Katma Tui-Stewart (wife, deceased), Unnamed mother and father (deceased), Roy (grandfather, deceased), Addie (grandmother, deceased), Loretta (aunt)

Green Lantern Corps, Justice League of America

Green Lantern v.2 #87 (January 1972)


Architect John Stewart was the third candidate for Green Lantern of space sector 2814, but the second to wear the uniform. After Hal Jordan became Green Lantern, the Guardians of the Universe mandated that there should always be an alternate. This alternate was in fact Guy Gardner. But when the time came, Guy was injured and it was left to Hal to train John instead. Unlike Hal, John preferred not to wear a mask. He debuted alongside Hal as part of his training. (GL2 #87) Over the years he filled in when Hal was truly unavailable, even participating in one Justice League mission. (JLofA #110)

Eventually, John was called to a more active role when Hal was exiled from Earth (GL2 #165) and even moreso when Hal resigned from the Corps. (#182-198) During this time, he met his future wife, fellow Green Lantern Katma Tui of Korugar. Also, his identity was revealed to the world by Tawny Young. (#188) His primary challengers during this tenure included Major Disaster, Predator and Replikon.

Soon a great cosmic Crisis arose to threaten the universe. The Anti-Monitor, an enemy to the Guardians of the Universe, produced an anti-matter wave that decimated the Green Lantern Corps. When it was all over, only seven remained. These few decided to follow John and Hal to Earth, forming their own small Corps. This group was short lived, though. They split up after Sinestro damaged their power battery and made it impossible for them produce new rings. (G.L. #206-224)



A Lantern's Curse

Once Hal Jordan returned to full-time duty (#198), John and Katma Tui joined him on Earth, with the few remaining Lanterns who survived the Crisis. But just as he and his new bride were adjusting to life on Earth, Katma was killed at the hands of Star Sapphire. (Action #601) Sapphire had once again taken over the body of Hal's girlfriend, Carol Ferris and went on to torment John. Grief-stricken, John blamed Hal for bringing about this tragedy. John was soon called to testify in the Senate about a fatal airplane incident in Coast City (Sapphire's fault), for which he was blamed. At the hearings, John in his anger implicated Hal instead. But the next thing he knew, he found himself wearing Hal's ring and confronting Carol Ferris herself — also a witness! (#602-604)

There in the Senate, John attacked Sapphire and apparently killed her. He fled with the ring but she continued to taunt him, so much so that she convinced him to throw in the towel and give up the ring. He confessed to the crimes and was arrested, but soon cleared by Hal upon his return. (#??)

Further, he failed to save the entire planet of Xanshi from destruction. As part of his self-imposed penance John accepted the commission to unite alien cities stolen by a mad Guardian, which became Oa's "Mosaic." (GL: Mosaic)

John lost his power ring when Hal Jordan was possessed by the entity called Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps. Instead, John enlisted with another galactic peacekeeping force: the Darkstars. (Darkstars #23) But John was crippled while defending the planet Rann and forced to retire. Hal visited John and healed those injuries before Jordan sacrificing himself to save Earth's sun. (Parallax: Emerald Twilight)

John then founded Shining Light Architecture, and returned to the work he loved best. He also met Hal's successor, Kyle Rayner to whom he became a mentor. John was healed physically but not mentally. With Kyle's help, John dealt with the demons that held him down. (#147)

During this time, Kyle was visited by a time-tossed Hal Jordan, who made a duplicate of his own ring and gave it to Kyle. (#106) Kyle first gave this ring to his girlfriend, Jade (#107), but when she no longer needed it, and Kyle decided do some soul searching in space, John agreed to once again take on the duties of Green Lantern on Earth. (#155-156) John also replaced Kyle as a regular member of the Justice League, where he has remained ever since. (JLA #76)

Since the recent events that restored the Guardians to full power, they have re-established the Corps. This time each space sector would have two champions. John was chosen to serve alongside Hal as protector of sector 2814. (GL: Rebirth) He has also returned to rotating active duty (with Hal) in the Justice League. (Justice League of America Wedding Special)

+ Powers

John has no inherent metahuman abilities but weilds the most powerful weapon in the universe. The Green Lantern's ring channels the immense power of the Guardians of the Universe. From their central power batter, the ring's energy can be used to contain or affect almost all forms of matter and energy. The ring is also frequently used to build solid plasma constructs. The plasma is most often used for force or to construct force fields.

The ring also has a measure of "intelligence." It can be instructed to search for information, and it can propel the wearer at light speed through space. The rings have one crucial weakness: their green energies can not be used against the color yellow. This is because of the presence of Parallax (the universal embodiment fear) inside the central power battery. If the ring's weilder has sufficient will power to overcome fear, the weakness to yellow lessens. In addition, the rings must be purposely recharged every 24 hours.

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