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Brion Markov

Denise Howard (wife), Viktor Markov (father, deceased), Gregor Markov (brother, deceased), Tara Markov (Terra, half-sister), Ilona (sister-in-law, deceased), Gregor Jr. (nephew)


Brave & Bold #200

Batman & the Outsiders #1


Brion Markov hails from the royal lineage of his native land, Markovia (a country between France, Belgium and Luxembourg). His older brother Gregor would one day be king. His younger half-sister, Tara, would become his enemy. Markovia itself has been the center of much of the drama of Geo-Force's life. He shared a close affiliation with Dr. Helga Jace. Jace was an extremely gifted scientist who discovered a way to bestow Earth-based powers onto people. The process was successful on young Tara, who subsequently fled the country and allied with with Deathstroke the Terminator. As part of Deathstroke's plan, Tara joined the New Teen Titans as Terra. (NEW TEEN TITANS #37)

A year after Tara's transformation, Markovia fell victim to the machinations of Baron Bedlam. The Baron kidnapped Batman's associate, Lucius Fox. Bedlam continued to seize power, resulting in the death of Brion's father, King Viktor. Before his death, he requesting that Prince Brion find his half-sister Tara. To this end, Dr. Jace duplicated her metahuman transformation process on him; Brion, in fact, became more powerful than his sister. He soon met Batman and several other adventurers who'd been drawn to Markovia. As the Outsiders, accompanied Batman to request aid from the Justice League. The League refused them, citing their policy of noninterference with internal national affairs. Batman chose to resign from the JLA, and led the Outsiders back to Markovia.

Before his defeat, Bedlam succeeded in using Jace's technology to also bestow himself with Earth-powers. When they wore off, Prince Brion tossed the villain to an angry mob. (Batman & Outsiders #1-2) The Outsiders left Bedlam for dead, but his body was recovered and cloned by Dr. Ovnari. (Adv. of the Outsiders #34)

Brion left with the Outsiders for America and left Markovia in the hands of his brother, Gregor (who was crowned king). There he enrolled in classes and met Denise Howard. Howard fell immediately in love with Brion, but her affections would remain unrequited for some time. (#9)

Though the Outsiders did band together with the New Teen Titans, Brion remained unaware of his sister's evil tendencies. He was not present when Terra effectively killed herself in a maelstrom of her own making. (New Teen Titans Annual #3) When Brion learned of her fate, the Outsiders gifted him with a new uniform, one not so similar to his sister's. (BATO Annual #1)

Brion's affections were derailed a couple time by his own teammates. Acting the protective brother, he once followed Halo on a date. When he was discovered, the two of them fought, then kissed. They quickly realized that they were not in love. At this time, he formed a closer bond with Denise Howard, who attempted suicide after being blackmailed by her professor. (#14, 18-19)

When the clone of Baron Bedlam returned, he'd allied with the Masters of Disaster to overthrow Markovia. Geo-Force was enraged to learn that the Batman had kept this information from him. Their ensuing argument ended the Batman's association with the Outsiders; but the team decided to continue without him. (#32) Geo-Force became then leader of the Outsiders as they once again defended Markovia against the Baron's offensive, and Geo-Force was once again forced to slay Bedlam. (#35) The Outsiders were given medals by King Gregor and accepted his offer to become "unofficial agents" of the state. They would receive funding from the Markovian government, and moved to Los Angeles (where lay the Markovian embassy). Though they had grown closer, Brion left Denise behind in Gotham City. (#36)

In Denise's absence, Geo-Force was drawn to his new teammate, Looker. (OUTSIDERS v.1 #10) When the Outsiders were marooned on a island in the Indian Ocean for three weeks, the two shared an intimate moment (#13) Things just didn't work out and they ultimately agreed to mutually end their romance. (#25)

Tragedy stuck once again for Markovia when the Manhunters awakened on Earth. Dr. Jace revealed that she was herself an agent of the Manhunters (though not an android) and killed King Gregor. Jace was killed in the battle, and Gregor's widow, Ilona, became queen of Markovia. In grief, Geo-Force disbanded the Outsiders. (#26-28)

When Brion next returned home with his girlfriend, Denise, he was just in time to help Dr. Kneidel at the Science Institute. She'd been cataloging and removing Dr. Jace's old equipment. Later at dinner, the castle was attacked the band of Gansters-turned-ghosts, the Untouchables. They sought help from Jace's equipment to save one of their members (Clyde) from dying. After taking Denise hostage, Brion agreed to back down and thelp them. But when they got what they needed, the Untouchables tried to go back on the deal. Of course, Brion handily stopped them and took them into custody. (Showcase '93 #4-5)

The team went their separate ways for about a year. Brion was reunited with Denise, to whom he proposed marriage. (Outsiders v.2 #1) The Outsiders were also reunited in Markovia for the christening of Brion's nephew, Gregor Jr. This gathering quickly degenerated as the vampire Roderick framed the heroes for the murder of Queen Ilona. The Outsiders reformed again as fugitives from the law. Though they were able to return to the United States, Geo-Force was arrested by Commissioner Gordon upon arrival in Gotham. He was imprisoned alongside some of his former foes in the Slab, including the Masters of Disaster. The Masters engineered a jailbreak and Brion took the opportunity to escape. He was soon cleared of the murder charge, but his arrest meant made his identity as Geo-Force public knowledge. (#9) The Outsiders were fractured again, but Brion remained allied with Katana and Technocrat. He relinquished leadership to Katana. (#11)

These three briefly clashed with their former teammates over the use of the "Outsiders" name. (#0, 12) New threats effected their reunion, though the team was not as closely knit as in times past. Brion was critically injured in deep space, but returned to Earth just in time for his wedding to Denise. (#24) The team's adventures since then have gone largely undocumented. They have appeared in times of great Crisis, and may have added new members Dr. Light and Terra II—?! (Day of Judgment #3-4, JLA: Our Worlds at War #1)

Brion was incensed to learn that a new girl had claimed Terra's name and also joined the Titans. He came to blows with Arsenal and Green Lantern and demanded to meet their mysterious teammate. Darkstar Donna Troy intervened and convinced Terra to talk to Geo-Force. This new Terra bears a strong resemblance to the original, but her origins are shrouded in mystery. She managed to convince Brion that she was not his sister, but she was then captured by a Markovian group of scientists seeking to duplicate her powers. After rescuing Terra, the two "siblings" formed a bond, which continues to grow. Brion is thankful for the second chance to befriend his half-sister. (#17) Terra continues to worry about her origins and the possible connection to her evil predecessor. In fact, Geo-Force has since discovered that her DNA does match the original's! Until the truth can be uncovered, however, he has opted to keep this information from her. (Titans Secret Files #1)

Since the formation of the newest Outsiders, Brion has not been heard from.

+ Powers

Geo-Force can fly up to 500 mph, but not for more than 1000 miles at a time. From his hands, he can increase or decrease gravity and fire lava blasts. From the Earth, he takes invulnerability and metahuman strength.

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  • Showcase '93 #4-5