Created by Gerry Conway & Pat Broderick

Lorraine Reilly

Walter Reilly (father)

Captains of Industry

As Lorraine: Fury of Firestorm #1 (June 1982). As Firehawk: Fury of Firestorm #17 (October 1983)


Lorraine Reilly is the daughter of New York's junior senator, Walter Reilly. While spending time with him in Washington, her life was threatened during a deadly game of politics, forcing Reilly to do a favor for Martin Hewitt.

Hewitt, the head of a nuclear research company, wanted a monopoly on that kind of research and employed criminal methods to insure his success. Using Multiplex as his henchman, Hewitt first threatened Reilly and then kidnapped Lorraine. While he held the feisty young woman prisoner, Hewitt subjected her to experiments to create another Firestorm. The experiment also meant conditioning her mind to accept his orders without question. Hewitt succeeded. Firestorm was confronted by Firehawk without realizing that she was really Lorraine Reilly In his other identity (at the time) of Ronnie Raymond, he had become friends with Lorraine. Firestorm managed to subdue Firehawk and free her of Hewitt's control.

Left with her super-heroic persona, Lorraine was at first a reluctant super-hero but over time grew to enjoy her new life. She followed Ronnie Raymond to Pittsburgh and enrolled at Vandemeer University. From time to time Firestorm and Firehawk worked together

Recently, Firestorm went through severe transmutations. Firehawk, imbued with similar abilities, was often the only one who managed to communicate with the evolving being. A friendship with Ronnie grew into a romance and that helped give Firestorm a link with humanity at a time when he desperately needed one.

When the Captains of Industry were assembled by Sunderland Corp., they pursued Firehawk, asking her to join. She ultimately acquiesced and joined the shady group after they became affiliated with the Institute for Meta-Human Studies. A short time later, Lorraine accepted a job as an administrative assistant working directly for Simon LaGrieve at IMHS, which gave her access to the company files and confirmation that the group was legitimate.

When Firestorm was ready to evolve into his true form, composed of Martin Stein alone, and fly to the sun to defeat Brimstone, Firehawk was ready to lend her power. The effort left her exhausted and she came hurtling back to Earth. After a few days in the hospital, Reilly recovered and was ready to resume her life. Making her life sweeter was the return of Ronnie Raymond, without a connection to Firestorm, and they resumed their romance. Today, Reilly works at IMHS and occasionally uses her abilities as Firehawk. She is also affiliated with S.T.A.R. Labs and defended them against the Parasite. (Showcase '95 #5) Since then she has been seen as a member-in-training for the Justice League Reserves. She may have begun a romance with Booster Gold. (Secret Files Guide to the DC Univers #1)

+ Powers

Hewitt's experiments transformed Reilly into a human capable of commanding nuclear forces on a molecular level and turn it into heat that can be used in a number of ways. She can create huge amounts of heat energy that can melt most metals and materials. With a thought, she can generate enough heat to cause nearby objects to spontaneously combust. When transforming to Firehawk, Lorraine's clothes metamorphosize into a costume and she uses her powers to create "wings" which enable her to fly Surrounding her wrists, calves and hair is a blue fire which works protectively shielding those areas with an intense heat.

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