Felix Faust

Felix Faust

Unnamed wife, Sebastian (Faust, son), Fauna (daughter, deceased)

Injustice League, Secret Society of Super-Villains

Justice League of America #10 (March 1962)


Felix Faust is a millennia-old sorcerer whose powers have a tendency to wax and wane. In years past, when he has overstepped his own abilities by fighting such foes as the Justice League of America, Faust has been a less-than-formidable opponent; however, at those times when his powers have been at their peak, they have held the mightiest of heroes and magicians at bay.

Faust's first recorded appearance was in the year 5000 B.C., at which time he appeared before Nommo, wizard-king of the mighty African empire of Kor. Nommo was the guardian and chosen disciple of the mystic Flame of Life, which cured all illnesses and solved every problem for the people of Kor. Faust coveted the Flame's power and battled Nommo with the intent of perverting the Flame's might to his own ends. In final combat, Nommo was forced to draw the flame into himself, absorbing it and using its power to hurl Faust into another dimension.

A prisoner in a metaphysical nether- realm, Faust languished in solitude until the mid-1920s, at which time a madman and minor-league sorcerer named Dekan Drache opened a portal to Faust's dimension. Released, Faust destroyed Drache's soul and entered his body; but as a result of his imprisonment, Faust found his powers drastically reduced.

Faust became obsessed with restoring his mystic might and began traveling all over the world, studying dead languages in Vienna, archaeology in London, and history at the Sorbonne. He visited the ruins of Ur and Lagash in Chaldea, famous for their magicians, and even unearthed a copy of the Necronomicon, the legendary book of black magic. While each of these efforts helped infinitesimally to resuscitate his long-dead abilities, Faust finally reached the conclusion that he would never again be as powerful as he had been prior to his imprisonment.

In a final, desperate attempt to recapture his strength, Faust spoke a forbidden conjuration that summoned to him the three ancient demons known as Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast, who had been exiled beneath the Earth by an alien race billions of years ago. In order to learn the demons' individual secrets — which, together, would make him the most powerful magician in the universe — Faust took psychic control of the Justice League of America and used them to recover certain talismans that would free the demons from their exile. The League, however broke free of Faust's constraint just in time to prevent him from becoming a sorcerer supreme. (JLofA #10-11)

Felix had also fathered two children, Sebastian and Fauna. In his mad search for power, he bartered his son's soul away to the demon, Nebiros. However, the power which Felix expected was granted instead to Sebastian. Since then (understandably), Felix and Sebastian have been somewhat at odds.

Faust returned to battle the Justice League of America several times over the years, always in search of ways to augment his magical abilities and always thwarted by the League. More recently, he learned that his arch-nemesis, Nommo — now known as Dr. Mist, former leader of the Global Guardians — was still alive and still carried within him the secrets of the Flame of Life. Faust kidnapped Mist and tried to pry from him the location of the Flame, but, with the help of Zatanna, Mist succeeded in turning Faust away. (Secret Origins #27)

In recent times, he has continued his villainous rampage. These days, his son is both a frequent foe and ally. They were at odds when the father tried to repossess his son's powers. To do this, he employed the help of his daughter, Fauna, and Sebastian's Outsiders comrade, Wylde. (Outsiders v.2 #15-19)

Then Felix revived an ancient Egyptian wizard named Hermes Trismegestus. Hermes had discovered immortality, but committed suicide when he discovered he couldn't handle it. Once revived, Trismegestus set about destroying all life and Faust was forced to seek help from the JLA. The evil was eventually contained — inside Faust. This made Faust immortal, but he was unable to stem Trismegestus' will for long. He began a plot to steal soul energy from Earth's magical heroes. To do this, he employed the Enchantress. Trismegestus was foiled by Faust's son, who reunited the Enchantress with her former host, June Moon. June was able to reclaim the heroes' souls and weaken Trismegestus while the junior Faust used soul energy from the JLA to destroy the villain once and for all. (JLA: Black Baptism)

Both father and son survived the experience and are currently at large.

+ Powers

Unschooled in physical battle, Faust prefers to meet his foes on a mystic level. Unlike more powerful magicians, Faust generally requires books or scrolls of spells to focus his powers; nevertheless, when he has properly studied these spells, he commands vast amounts of energy that can affect organic matter in a variety of ways.

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