Dr. Light IV

Created by Marv Wolfman & George Pérez

Kimiyo Hoshi

Raiden Tazu (father, deceased), unnamed mother, unnamed ex-husband, Imako (daughter), Yasu (son)

Justice League America, Outsiders, Doom Patrol

Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 (July 1985)


Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi began as a typical Japanese girl who followed tradition, and married young. She had two children, Imako and Yasu, but her spirit could not be kept down. She bucked Japanese tradition by choosing to pursue a career, divorcing her husband, and changing her name. (She was originally named Kimiko. The "ko" in female Japanese names translates as "child.")

She left her children in the care of her mother and became a prominent Japanese scientist involved with studying the uses of solar power. She was called away from this work to study the cosmic phenomena known as the Crisis. While observing the giant red sun Vega, a burst of incredible light slipped through a warp and struck Dr. Hoshi. This bolt was engineered by the powerful being called the Monitor; when she recoevered, she learned she had the power of starlight. This led her to defend her country as the new Dr. Light, wearing a variation of the criminal Dr. Light's costume. (Crisis #4)

When the Crisis was over, Kimiyo returned to her scientific studies and her children, She made a few appearances as Dr. Light and caught the attention of Maxwell Lord. At the time, Lord was not affiliated with the JLA but hoped to become its administrator. He "recruited" Kimi by giving her a Justice League signal device. As she was preparing to address the United Nations, it was attacked by terrorists; she sent a distress call to the Justice League. (Justice League #1)

When she found out that Lord was not with the JLA, she became angered and declined any involvement with the organization. (#2) This strong, willful personality had helped her through school, but had not necessarily made her a lot of friends. Hoshi gave up being Dr. Light for a time, and devoted herself to her studies. Her expertise with metahumans, though, led her to work with the Japanese embassy of the Justice League International. (JLA Annual #3) She wholeheartedly rejoined the League some time later. (JLA #54, 9.91) Her time with the European branch was productive and she even became its leader after Hal Jordan left. (JLE #63) However, she was wracked with guilt over having abandoned her children for her career. She chose to resign from the League when the European branch disbanded. (#67)

Since then she has been semi-active in adventuring, appearing with the Outsiders and the Doom Patrol, and helping Wonder Woman against Circe. She also showed some interest in dating the Japanese hero, Rising Sun.


All previous Dr. Lights were male villains. Kimiyo never knew her evil predecessors. The first was a Golden Age foe of Dr. Mid-Nite. The next two were frequent JLA foes in the Silver Age: Jacob Finlay (II) and Arthur Light (III).

SOURCE: Who's Who #11 (July 1991)

+ Powers

Dr. Light can manipulate light in any way she chooses, from creating simple illumination to projecting devastating bolts of energy. She can fly at superhuman speed, although she is subject to windburn. Dr. Light's powers are derived from solar-energy, so she must be in proximity of a natural light source to use her powers.

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