Doctor Destiny

John Dee



Justice League of America #5


  • JLA #50
  • Justice League of America v.1 #19, 34, 61, 154, 175-176, Annual #1
  • Justice League America #72-75
  • Justice League: Midsummers Nightmare #1-3


The Materioptikon's Omni-Power represents its ability to manipulate dreams: the device can only mimic Powers and Abilities that can be pulled out of the dreams of an intelligent creature no more than 25 APs distant from Doctor Destiny.

Destiny's favorite ploy is to directly manipulate his targets' dreams in a lethal or damaging fashion. After the target awakens, the experiences he had in the dream actually happen. Doctor Destiny first encountered the Justice Leaguers shortly after he invented an anti-gravity device that allowed him to capture Green Lantern, impersonate him, and infiltrate the JLA. Before Destiny could further his criminal ends, however, the Leaguers discovered his treachery and promptly imprisoned him. (Justice League of America #5)

But shortly thereafter, Destiny escaped and invented the first of his Materioptikons, engines powered by a mysterious ruby, that allowed him to turn the stuff of dreams into reality. Destiny first used the Materioptikon to summon into being an evil Justice League that he pulled from the dreams of the genuine articles.

After the evil Justice Leaguers began committing crimes, the real JLA was temporarily subject to a worldwide ban and exiled from Earth, though the Leaguers eventually proved their innocence after overcoming their counterparts, and returned Doctor Destiny to prison. (#19)

Just a short time after this defeat, Destiny created a new Materioptikon out of his own dreams, and used it to attack the Justice Leaguers with the aid of the Joker and a dream villain known as Chac the Mayan warrior, though this scheme also failed. (#34) Shortly thereafter, Destiny again used this technique to recreate the Materioptikon and assault the JLA. (#61)

During this last attack, the Justice Leaguers learned that Destiny could produce new Materioptikons out of his dreams, and sent a psychiatrist to administer a treatment which would prevent the fiend from dreaming altogether. As a result, Doctor Destiny went insane and lost his human appearance. (#154)

Shaken by the ordeal of being transformed into a skeleton-like being. Destiny launched a new scheme to destroy the world using a series of Materioptikons he had hidden all over the globe, though his scheme met defeat at the hands of the Justice Leaguers. (#175) A later scheme met with similar results. (#DC Comics Presents #30)

In his most recent appearance, Doctor Destiny learned that the s original owner of the ruby that powered the Materioptikons was a powerful extra-dimensional entity known as the Sandman. (Sandman #6-7) At the end of this encounter, the Sandman took pity on Destiny, removed the blocks that were keeping him from dreaming, and returned him to Arkham Asylum. Over the years, Doctor Destiny has proven one of the Justice League's most persistent foes. In his earliest appearances, before a he lost his sanity. Doctor Destiny's goals were more rational: to acquire wealth and personal power, to eliminate all his enemies, and so on. All of these schemes revolved around the creative and liberal use of the Materioptikon, a strategy which often caught his opponents unaware and off guard.

Although he is able to dream once again, Destiny's sanity is still extremely shaky. When he escaped from, Arkham and encountered the Sandman, he gruesomely killed dozens of people. One can assume that he is still interested in attaining all of his former goals: the elimination of the Justice League, the restoration of his human appearance, and the reconstruction of gi the Materioptikon.

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