Justice League of America #1


Thousands of years ago, on the planet Kalanor, the Py'tar reactor exploded, virtually wiping out that world's dominant species. The surviving race was mutated into intelligent beings and gained telepathic abilities.

That race spent more than a century rebuilding Kalanor, then a generation warring with one other. The eventual victor was the father of Despero. Just after Despero was born, his father killed his mother; and decades later Despero killed his father to become sole ruler of the planet for nearly a century. One day, Jasonar, a scientist that Despero had captured, escaped and enlisted the Justice League to help end Despero's tyranny. (Justice League of America #1)

After the Leaguers first defeated him, Despero spent a year in the exotic dimension of Kalanor before returning to claim his revenge. In their second encounter, Despero and the Justice League clashed over a series of alternate Earths that Despero had created for the sole purpose of conquering. (#65)

A couple of Despero's follow-up schemes included an attack on the planet Sirkus, (#134) and an attempt to wipe out the Justice League in a cosmic chess game. (#177) Despero then subjected himself to the vastly powerful "Flame of Py'tar," overwhelmingly increasing his mental and physical powers. He then came gunning for the JLA, but was defeated in the end by Batman, though not before destroying a good portion of Gotham City. (#254) Despero's body was atomized in this battle, but managed to coalesce itself through sheer force of will. (Justice League America #37)

Despero immediately raced to Earth, where he began systematically tracking down the Justice League, intending to murder them all. After desecrating the bodies of Vibe and Steel, Despero tracked down Gypsy. He callously murdered her parents, and Gypsy would have been his next victim, if it had not been for the appearance of J'Onn J'Onzz and Justice League America on the scene. (#38-39) J'Onzz was forced to use the Martian ability known as Mayavana to project an alternate reality into Despero's consciousness, making it appear to the villain that the Justice League and the Earth had been destroyed. Believing that he could at last rest, Despero sank into a state of inertness. (#40)

Before his disintegration by the Justice League and subsequent rebirth, Despero was just another power-mad conqueror. He wanted nothing less than total galactic domination. The pride and overconfidence that were often his greatest strengths were just as often his greatest weaknesses. After he reassembled himself, however, he had only one thing on his mind: causing the violent deaths of the Justice League, the planet Earth, and himself, in that order. He embraced his hatred like a lover, and only after his hate had been allowed to express itself was he able to find peace of a sort.

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