Crimson Fox

Created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Bart Sears

Vivian and Constance d'Aramis

Chantal D'Aramis (mother, deceased), Andre Monteau (father, deceased). Vivian: Rene (Le Fantôme, husband, deceased)

Justice League International, Justice League Europe II (Vivian)

Justice League Europe #6 (September 1989)

Vivian: Justice League America #104. Constance: Starman v.2 #28


Vivian and Constance D'Aramis were the daughters of Chantal D'Aramis, who worked for a multinational corporation called Big Time. A research scientist, Chantal helped develop an irresistible — but toxic — new perfume. Not knowing this danger, Chantal continued testing her perfume. She fell in love with Andre Monteau, and the head of her department, but he quit the company and disappeared.

Chantal went to Algiers to have and raise the babies fathered by Andre: the identical twins named Vivian and Constance. The girls lost their mother a few years later to cancer caused by the toxic perfume testing, but their father reemerged. He had been in hiding from Moriarity, the shady owner of Big Time, and had no idea Chantal had even been pregnant. When Andre learned of his daughters, he cared for the twins. When the girls reached their teens, Andre told them that Moriarity had known of the perfume's carcinogenic properties, but did nothing to warn their mother. Vivian and Constance wanted more than a public apology from Moriarity — they vowed to bring him to justice no matter what the cost. They proceeded to ruin his business through their own company, Revson, but when their rival came to confront them, he killed Andre and got away. Taking a cue from the American Batman, Constance and Vivian became a super-hero: La Renarde Rousee, a.k.a. the Crimson Fox.

They faked Constance's death. While one sibling was Crimson Fox, the other was tending to business. To the world, there was only Vivian D'Aramis. Ms. D'Aramis' word was law, and her clout stopped an article which would have revealed Justice League secrets.

Though they were identical twins, Vivian was a party animal, dallying with the gens du monde, keeping au courant, and thinking of life as carefree pleasure. Constance was more studious and a workaholic. In their guise of Vivian D'Aramis, they have courted by royalty and even millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Constance thought of her role as Crimson Fox as a struggle for justice. She spoke better English and later manifested pheromone powers. Vivian regarded heroing as an adventure. She spoke with a strong French accent and had a more forward personality.

They soon joined the Justice League Europe (JLE #13, 4.90) and Vivian eventually assumed the Crimson Fox identity full-time as Constance ran Revson. Vivian began an affair with Metamorpho, but it was cut short when her ex-husband, Rene, reappeared. Vivian had thought that Rene died. In fact, Rene was also the vigilante called Le Fantôme and had faked his death. Vivian was torn between Rene and Rex, but chose to go with Rene and the two of them faked their own deaths (again). (#53)

Constance picked up the pieces and rejoined the new JLA. (JLA #0) Neither she nor Metamorpho believed Vivian's death and they began a search for her. Eventually they found her and Rene at the hands of their arch foe, Puanteur. It was a great tragedy: Puanteur was poised to kill both twins and Metamorpho could only save one. Having grown closer to Constance recently, he made the snap decision to save her and Puanteur killed Vivian for real. (JLA #103-104) Constance resigned thereafter. (#110) She tried to carry on by forming a new branch of the Justice League Europe, but she was brutally murdered by the Mist. Her throat was slit and the building she was in blew up. (Starman #38, 1.97)

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