Catherine Cobert

Created by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis


Justine (father), Marian (mother), Marc (brother)

Bureau Chief/Liaison to the Justice League International

Justice League America #8 (December 1987)


Catherine Maureen Cobert was born into the upper crust of France. One might think she would be a spoiled and uncaring brat. Indeed, she was... until her father, a diplomat, disappeared ten years ago, forcing Catherine, her mother, and her young brother to fend for themselves. Things were not too bad for the family at first, as Catherine's father had left them a significant stipend. Her mother followed in her husband's professional footsteps and got involved in French politics, becoming an outspoken activist against world-wide civil-rights atrocities.

Catherine studied at all the best schools in France and throughout the world, became fluent in several languages, and continually received top scholastic honors. She worked her way through college by modeling. Soon, her face began appearing on every magazine in France, most of Europe, and eventually America. As she became more selective about the products she endorsed - shying away from those that were sexist or environmentally detrimental - she was left with little to promote.

When she graduated from college, Catherine was going to help her brother Marc through college, but, being quite the athlete, he was awarded several scholarships. He is now a globe- spanning adventurer, a trifle irresponsible, and much more "the ladies' man" than is polite to mention. Catherine soon followed the family tradition of trying to do something good for the world, but she had to overcome her notoriety as a "face without a brain."

She accomplished this feat by slowly, humbly working her way up in the United Nations, always watching with a discerning eye, always listening with an open mind, always, always learning. She was eventually promoted into a decision- making capacity and kept the betterment and welfare of all peoples in the forefront of her concerns. Catherine's work was noticed by Maxwell Lord, the U.N. liaison for Justice League America. As the Paris embassy Chief, she worked closely with Justice League Europe and was eventually promoted to JLE Chief (over Captain Atom). (Justice League Europe #21)

Her hard work eventually won her a promotion to Catherine Cobert assigned "Special Officer on Paranormal Forces," in charge of both branches of the Justice League (over Max Lord). (#36-37) Her relationship with the Justice League ended when the Leagues lost their United Nations sponsorship. She has not been seen since.

Catherine believes in decorum at all costs and likes to see things running smoothly; this is all well and good in the real world, but when dealing with the Justice League, it's another matter entirely. Order, discipline, and quiescence are contrary to the League's nature — in other words, there's never a dull moment. From a dead Nazi found on their doorstep on the first day of the JLE's operation to the total destruction of the team Embassy, Catherine's cool, optimistic demeanor and logical, quick- thinking mind has enabled her to take things in stride.

Catherine has a rapier, sarcastic wit and prefers men who are not necessarily strong in body, but in character. She has been intrigued with Captain Atom, but nothing has come of it.

• Who's Who #14 (Nov. 1991)

+ Powers

Catherine Cobert has no super-powers, unless you count her infinite patience. Adept in many forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, she has also won several fencing tournaments. Catherine doesn't like to fight, though. She prefers a diplomatic way of solving problems, and often vilifies super-heroes for their overtly violent natures.

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