Captain Boomerang I

Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino

George "Digger" Harkness, Mirror Master II

Betty Harkness (mother, deceased), Ian Harkness (step-father), Tom Harkness (half-brother), Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II, son), W.W. "Walt" Wiggins (father)

Rogues Gallery, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Suicide Squad

Flash I #117 (December 1960)


George Harkness was born after his mother had an affair with an American soldier named W.W. Wiggins. George was raised to believe her husband Ian Harkness was his father, but Ian knew the truth and resented the illegitimate child. George became a juvenile delinquent, as well as a master of the boomerang. When he was eighteen George stole some cigars and knocked out a police officer with his boomerang. Ian was determined to turn the boy over to the authorities, so his mother gave him a one-way ticket to Central City, U.S.A. She also got him a job as "Captain Boomerang," a mascot for W.W. Wiggin's toy company. Upset by an unreceptive audience at a fair, Captain Boomerang tried to pick the pocket of an audience member. Flash II spotted him, but the Captain caught the speedster by surprise with a boomerang to the noggin. Captain Boomerang was so impressed with his fluke victory that he bang his long long life of crime then and there.

Captain Boomerang fought Flash II many times over the years, even becoming a member in god standing of Flash's Rogues Gallery.

(Flash I #243, 244) - Captain Boomerang and the Rogues Gallery mourned the death of the Top. They listened to a tape he made shortly before his death, detailing a plan of vengeance on Central City. The Top had planted bombs in six locations he robbed in the past week, and it was up to the Rogues Gallery to break into those places and retrieve the explosives. The Captain recovered the first bomb from a bank vault and managed to elude Flash II. Once all the bombs were collected the Rogues still couldn't figure out how to disarm them. Thankfully Flash II learned of the Top's plot and deactivated the top-bombs.

(Flash I #325) - Captain Boomerang and the Rogues stole Reverse-Flash's body from Central City Morgue. Outraged at Reverse-Flash for being the only Flash villain to die at the hero's hands, they blew up his corpse.

(Flash I #338, 339) - Captain Boomerang watched news coverage of the Pied Piper being taken to a mental hospital. Deeming Flash II to be out of control the Rogues kidnapped Dufus. P. Ratchet from the mental institution and outfitted him with a battle-suit provided by the Monitor. They tricked this Big Sir into believing that Flash II was his mortal enemy.

After Flash II's death Captain Boomerang joined the Suicide Squad.

(Suicide Squad I #1, 2) -Boomerang and the Suicide Squad were assigned to stage a pre-emptive attack on Quarac's super-powered terrorists the Jihad. Before the mission began Boomerang delighted in alternately hitting on and bullying new recruit Plastique. Fellow Squadder Mindboggler got fed up with how he was acting so she used her illusion casting powers to frighten Boomerang and make him back off. Once the Squad infiltrated Jihad hq they successfully dismantled the terrorist team, and Boomerang killed Jihad member Jaculi. As the Squad fled Jihad hq, Rustam snuck up behind Mindboggler with a gun. Boomerang was the only other Squad member present, and could have warned her of the imminent attack, but he was still bitter about Mindboggler embarrassing him in front of the Squad, so he watched on as she was gunned down and killed.

(Suicide Squad I #3) - Boomerang demanded that Amanda Waller set him up in an apartment away from the Suicide Squad's Belle Reve prison hq. The Female Furies attacked Belle Reve prison, and Boomerang decided to make himself scarce for the duration of the fight.

(Suicide Squad I #4) - Boomerang and the Suicide Squad discredited James Heller (William Hell) and the Aryan Nation in the public eye.

The Captain finally learned that Wiggins was his father during his mother's funeral. The Captain felt Wiggins had abandoned him, and returned to the Suicide Squad.

(Flash II #134) - Boomerang attacked downtown Keystone with a fleet of flying boomerangs, but Flash I defeated him before he could elaborate on the purpose of the attack.

(Rogues #1) - On a tip from the Trickster, Boomerang and the Rogues went to the kingdom of Zhutan to steal the Sun Disk of Meshta, an artifact that could supposedly keep their souls safe from Neron. In truth Trickster only brought them to Zhutan so they could directly confront Neron. The Rogues defeated Neron with some help from Trickster's son Billy Hong, and Neron promised to never again go after the Rogue's souls.  

(Flash II #179) - Keystone City Jail; Captain Boomerang was in critical condition after one of his gimmicked boomerangs exploded. Deadshot arrived at the jail and Jokerized Boomerang. The Joker Juice restored Boomerang to full health, but he was quickly defeated when Flash III showed up.

(Flash II #183) - Boomerang attended one of the Network's sales of black-market merchandise.

(Flash II #213, Identity Crisis #2) - Boomerang hit Heat Wave up for some money so he could make the trip to the Injustice Gang's satellite headquarters, where one of the supervillain community's semi-regular gatherings was taking place. Once there Boomerang tried to find buyers for what he claimed were genuine Miraclo pills.

(Identity Crisis #3, 4) - The National Inquisitor broke a story about Captain Boomerang and Golden Glider having a baby and leaving him up for adoption. With the help of Calculator, Boomerang learned of the whereabouts of his son Owen Mercer, and Boomerang and Owen had a joyful reunion.

(Flash II #215, Identity Crisis #7 (fb, BTS), 5, 6) - Boomerang started training his son in the ways of villainy. Boomerang learned that his son had the power of superspeed, and admitted to Owen that Golden Glider was not his mother. Jean Loring had Calculator hire Boomerang to break into the home of Jack Drake, father of Robin III. Jean had killed Sue Dibny and threatened the life of Lois Lane, so she wanted to throw the superhero community off her trail by making them think it was Boomerang who was the threat to their loved ones. Jean also sent Jack Drake a gun and a note saying 'Protect Yourself' in hopes that he would kill Boomerang. Jack Drake shot Boomerang after he entered his house, but with his dying breath Boomerang killed Drake with one of his razor boomerangs. Afterwards Batman and Robin discovered their bodies.

Flash II #215 had a flashback of Flash II and Top teaming up to defeat Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold and Weather Wizard. The full details of this encounter have yet to be recorded in a DC comic.

+ Powers

Captain Boomerang was an unparalleled master of the boomerang. He used a number of trick boomerangs, including sonic boomerangs, remote-controlled fleets of boomerangs, exploding boomerangs and grappling hook boomerangs. In the past he has also used gigantic rocket-powered boomerangs to launch his enemies into outer space.

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