Blue Devil

Created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, and Paris Cullins

Daniel Patrick Cassidy

Unnamed parents (deceased), Jack (Jack of Fire, brother), Mary Frances (sister, deceased), Seamus (uncle)

Justice League America, Justice League Europe II, Sentinels of Magic, Justice Society of America

Fury of Firestorm #24 (June 1984)


Dan Cassidy was one of the world's leading stuntmen and special effects artists. Hired by director Marla Bloom to exercise his wizardry on her new movie, "Blue Devil," Cassidy created a special monster suit to represent the title character, a suit with a hidden exoskeleton that enabled Cassidy to perform feats of tremendous strength without benefit of camera tricks.

Cassidy went with the rest of the crew for location shooting on the Caribbean island of Ile Du Diable. One afternoon, Wayne Tarrant and Cassidy's girlfriend Sharon Scott, the stars of "Blue Devil," investigated the island's ancient ruins and accidentally unleashed the demon Nebiros from his centuries-long captivity Cassidy, as powerful as a tank in his Blue Devil outfit, bravely entered the fray when Nebiros attacked the film crew and used his technology to battle the demon's sorcery. After a long battle, Cassidy emerged victorious, despite enduring a strange blast of mystic energy.

After reimprisoning the demon, Cassidy returned to his trailer and discovered to his horror that Nebiros's blasts had permanently grafted the suit to his body and that he would from that moment on be a Blue Devil... for real!

Cassidy's new situation would naturally have led to the birth of a new super-hero, but he resisted that idea. His first and only interest was to free himself from the Blue Devil costume, a quest that led to meetings with various super-heroes… all of whom were unable to help him. Eventually, he resigned himself to his fate and even began to enjoy it to some extent as his lifestyle began to get stranger and stranger. More and more often he found himself battling super-villains, mystical entities, aliens and robots — which, he decided, might not be such a bad life after all. Along the way, he picked up a sometimes-sidekick, Maria Bloom's nephew Gopher, who has designed his own super-hero suit and calls himself Kid Devil.

Dan lived in a mystical structure called the House of Weirdness that was willed to him by a late uncle. One set of doors exits into a Malibu beach house, another set into a house outside Metropolis... and still other doors serve as dimensional portals.

Still Dan craved fame and fortune and he made a mysteriously pretentious bid for membership in the Justice League. (Justice League America #98, 4.95) In truth, he hoped that JLA membership would advance his movie career. What he didn't know was that he was actually a pawn of the Arcana in an attempt to infiltrate and overrun the League. To make matters worse, he sold his soul to the demon, Neron, which resulted in the death of his good friend, Marla Bloom. (#105, 110) He cheated Neron of his reward, but paid a great price — he perished but was reincarnated in the form of a demon. (Underworld Unleashed #3)

He remained until that JLA's demise (JLA #113) and then joined the new, unofficial Justice League Europe only to be killed again by the Mist. (Starman #38) His bones were recovered in Paris by Faust. Faust kept them in one of his pouches until he encountered Nebiros in Hell. When the moment was right, Faust returned Cassidy's soul to the Devil's bones. (Day of Judgment #4, 11.99) Blue Devil became loyal to Faust and joined him in the new the Sentinels of Magic. So loyal, in fact, that he appeared to have sacrificed himself again in Sentinels' battle against Hermes Trismegestus (JLA: Black Baptism #4), but he has since reappeared on Earth again. (JSA #33, JLA #68)

It is implied that the Blue Devil is undergoing the gradual transformation into a true demon. Kid Devil appeared recently among a large task force assembled by Young Justice. (Young Justice #49)


• Who's Who #9 (May 1991).

+ Powers

Blue Devil now possess "Satan's Trident" which allows him to banish any Earthbound demon back to Hell. He can call or hide this trident at will. The Blue Devil is evolving from human into a true demon. With each resurrection, he appears to gain a measure of immortality.

When he was bound to his Blue Devil suit, Dan Cassidy gained innate control over the suit's special features. In addition to his natural abilities (superb athleticism and accomplished martial artist and acrobat), he possessed increased strength by a factor of at least twenty, enabling him to lift a car or leap 100 yards in a single bound. It rendered him immune to most small arms fire. Moreover, it radically amplified Cassidy's natural healing factor. Incorporated into the outfit were devices that give Cassidy night vision, enhanced hearing, and even allow him to breathe underwater for short periods. The suit also contained numerous pyrotechnic and explosive effects that Cassidy can conjure up seemingly at will.

His original trident was a rocket-powered device that can propel him for great distances and can emit flames or electrical discharges from its tail. Cassidy can program the trident for independent flight using special relays built into his suit.

Appearances + References


Day of Judgment #4-5 & Secret Files

Day of Vengeance #1-??

JLA: Black Baptism #1-4

Justice Society of America v.3 #??


Blue Devil, 31 issues (1984-86)