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Bat-Mite is a resident of “Mite-World”; a realm in the 5th Dimension where the native imps dress up as heroes and villains from Earth and use their near-infinite magic powers to play games with each other. In that weird world, Bat-Mite is Batman’s biggest fan, and is always seen dressed up in an ill-fitting Batman costume.

Bat-Mite’s first recorded appearance on Earth occurred when Batman was fighting a gang of drug addled thugs. Bat-Mite appeared before Bob Overdog, one of the thugs, intending to apprehend the fleeing criminal. Overdog, who had just ingested large quantities of hallucinogenic drugs originally tried to dismiss Bat-Mite as a silly hallucination. Bat-Mite, however used his powers to take Overdog on a psychedelic trip through the streets of Gotham City and Mite-World. During this trip, Bat-Mite killed a gang of drug dealers hunting Overdog, and secretly used his powers to help Batman capture Overdog’s gang. Overdog’s experience with Bat-Mite had a profound effect on him; leaving the drug addled thug repentant for all his past crimes. Overdog was charged for the murders of the drug dealer gang, and his story of magical elves in Batman suits earned him a padded cell in Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. (Legends of the Dark Knight #38)

Escaping from Arkham, Overdog fled to Metroplolis where he believed that Bat-Mite would not be able to find him. There he ran into another 5th Dimensional imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk, whom he erroneously believed to be Bat-Mite in disguise. A frantic Overdog fled back to Gotham where he surrendered into the custody of Arkham Asylum, leaving Mxyzptlk wondering who Bat-Mite was. In response to the question, Bat-Mite appeared before Mxyzptlk, and the two imps soon engaged in a contest to discover which was the greatest hero; Batman or Superman. Using their near-infinite powers Bat-Mite and Mxyzptlk ran Batman, Superman, Robin (Dick Grayson) and Lois Lane though an insane gauntlet, before being driven back to the 5th Dimension.

When Bane blew up Arkham Asylum in a scheme to torment Batman, in Mite-World the murderous Bane-Mite similarly disabled Ark-Mite Asylum to bedevil Bat-Mite. Empowered by the mystical drug Toxic, Bane-Mite confronted an exhausted Bat-Mite and nearly killed Batman’s greatest fan. Using his remaining strength, Bat-Mite returned to Earth where he failed to attract Batman’s attention. Once again, Bat-Mite appeared before Overdog, who had just escaped from Arkham and had been forced to ingest large quantities of drugs by a street gang he had encountered in a cemetery. Bat-Mite took Overdog to Mite-World, had him outfitted with an AzBat-inspired outfit, and begun to train him as his eventual successor. Calling himself Overbat, Overdog defeated Bane-Mite, thwarting his scheme to invade Earth with an army of Toxic-powered clones. However, Overdog could not resist the temptation of tasting Toxic; a decision that proved to be fatal. Overdog’s dead body was discovered shortly after the Arkham breakout in the cemetery Bat-Mite had found him. The coroner declared that Overdog had died of overdose.

Later on, Mxyzptlk was tricked by the Joker into giving him most of his powers. In some inexplicable way, this also resulted in Bat-Mite being trapped in Joker’s mind. When Superman ultimately defeated the god-like Joker, Mxyzptlk’s stolen power was returned to him. Bat-Mite, however, still remained trapped in Joker’s mind. To help free Bat-Mite, Mxyzptlk eventually challenged the Joker in a reality-manipulating game that wreaked havoc in the lives of Batman and Superman. In the final stages of the game, Mxyzptlk manipulated Bizzaro into releasing Bat-Mite from the Joker’s head. Grateful, Bat-Mite used his power to restore reality to the way it was, before returning with Mxyzptlk back to the 5th Dimension. (Superman/Batman #25)


Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #38 was the Bat-Mite's first post-Crisis appearance (and his first appearance since the 60s aside from a jokey, obviously non-continuity 1979 story in Detective #482.)

LotDK was never an "Elseworlds" title per se, but the original idea behind it was to provide a place for creators to tell Batman stories without having to worry about the continuity in Batman and Detective Comics. This didn't necessarily mean the LotDK stories were out of continuity. Eventually, so many events from LOTDK stories were referenced in other Bat titles that the series became considered in continuity.

Regardless, his appearance in LotDK #38 could be regarded as a hallucination.

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Bat-Mite, like Mxyzptlk has near-limitless ability to alter reality. It remains to be seen what rules his powers are governed by. Usually, 5th Dimension natives' greatest undoing is their own magic itself.

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