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Kid Amazo (Frank Halloran, "son")

The Society

The Brave and the Bold #30 (June 1960)


Amazo is an android created by Professor Ivo. Ivo sought immortality by extracting the powers of the members of the Justice League. Ivo imprisoned the JLA and used special "absorbo-cells" to endow Amazo with their stolen powers. The android was then programmed to destroy the League. But the duo was ultimately defeated, and Amazo was put into stasis. (Brave and the Bold #30)

But Amazo was permanently endowed with these powers, and with the ability to absorb more, and he has been a persistent threat to the League ever since. Amazo was initially placed into the trophy room of the League's first headquarters, the Secret Sanctuary. He remained there for some time, silently awaiting reactivation. Despite the League's security, this has happened on several occasions. The first came when T.O. Morrow (another cybernetics mastermind) resurrected him as part of a plot to eliminate the JLA. (Justice League of America #65)

?? (#191)

?? (#218)

Later, the Leaguers revived Amazo themselves to help recapture the powers they had lost during their battle with Libra. (#112) Amazo tangled with Superman a couple of times; (Action Comics #480, Superman Special #3) and then came back for a rematch with the new Justice League organized by Aquaman. (JLofA #241-243)

After many years, Ivo himself summoned a significantly-changed Amazo — he now bore a red skull-like face — from stasis to do his evil bidding. But Amazo had developed enough sentience to come to despise Ivo. Ivo was dying from withdrawal symptoms after being cut off from his immortality serum was taken to Vanity City for treatment. Using the power of Hal Jordan's original power ring, Amazo sealed the JLA into their Watchtower and set off to see his creator. Instead, he found himself in a fight with the hero, Aztek, who moved to protect Ivo. Once the JLA escaped, Amazo surrendered, producing a vial of immortality serum that would save Ivo's life. In truth, Amazo had spiked the serum with poison, but Ivo had predicted such a thing and taken an anti-toxin months previously. (Aztek #10)

This new Amazo was next activated by operatives in a government lab and immediately went on a rampage. His fight with the JLA destroyed a city block and was finally halted by Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man. Shelley manifested a sonic power that shattered the android completely. (Resurrection Man #2)

This original version of Amazo was next seen battling the JLA again. To defeat him, they simply disbanded the League. The logic was that Amazo could only copy the powers of a JLA member. The gambit worked and dozens of JLA reservists helped defeat him. (JLA #27)

Also around this time, the League's old sidekick Snapper Carr, "borrowed" a piece of Amazo's circuitry from the JLA trophy room and presented it to his friend, Hourman III as a gift. Hourman was also an android himself, and viewed Amazo as an ancestor of sorts. Hourman focused his time vision on the circuitry and brought the original version of Amazo into the present. Before he could be banished again, Amazo absorbed Hourman's infinite time travel powers and returned (in his new red-faced mode) to attack. After a whirlwind trip through time, Amazo admitted that he was jealous of Hourman, who was a much more sophisticated android than he. Hourman ended the fight by erasing Amazo's future from the timeline and banishing the android again. (Hourman #1)

It appears that during this event, Hourman may have then been the actual creator of the red-faced Amazo. It's unclear where Amazo went in time after this battle, but before disappearing, he sent plans to his younger self for a way to steal humanity from living people. He stole from the JLA, turning them into androids but soon fell prey to an array of human vices. Hourman defeated him and reversed the process on Amazo's victims. (#5-7)

The red-faced Amazo returned in disguise: as Hourman's own future self. He fooled Hourman's friends long enough to gain their loyalty and turn them against Hourman. He even cured Rick Tyler's (Hourman II) cancer and freed him from the Timepoint. Snapper Carr eventually guessed the truth. conclusion? (#18-21)

Amazo and Hourman battled one last time, but the exact details of the battle are unknown. Hourman moved quickly to protect his friends then threw himself and Amazo back into the time stream. (#25)

?? (Batman #636-637) Since then, Amazo has joined the Society. (Villains United #5-6)

With the potential of Hourman's time-traveling powers, Amazo is now an infinitely more powerful threat to the world's heroes...

Kid Amazo

At some point, Professor Ivo crafted a new cyborg, Kid Amazo, which he grew inside his own daughter, Sarah's, womb. The young android was given the name Frank Halloran, implanted with false memories and set up in college with Sara as his girlfriend. When his "father," Amazo tried to find, him he draws the JLA's attention and Frank's powers begin to surface prematurely. Amazo told his son that he would not be able to fight the urge to destroy the Justice League — which of course Frank set out to disprove.

Having "awakend" his son earlier than planned, Amazo interrupted the boy's programming. Frank was torn between innate hatred for the League and the irrationality of his own feelings. The League monitored the boy, which eventually provoked a brutal attack. Kid Amazo nearly won the fight but he also caused the JLA to start bickering among themselves. These same kinds of conflicts then manifested simultaneously in Frank's mind and caused him to self-destruct. (JLA Classified #37-40)


Amazo's appearance was changed after absorbing Hourman's powers in Hourman #1. This "red-faced" form had appeared twice before, but it is logical that his appearance in Hourman #1 predates those, chronologically. Gifted with the powers of time travel it would have been simple for Amazo to go back in time.

The JLA also encountered a future version of Amazo, who was actually a member of the JLA. (JLA #13)

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe Amazo had a duplicate of Wonder Woman's lasso. In the post-Crisis DCU Wonder Woman wasn't a member of the JLA when Professor Ivo gave Amazo the powers of the JLA.

Amazo appeared on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon as a very different and powerful creation.

+ Powers

Amazo's body contains absorption cells that let him duplicate the powers and weaknesses of any superhuman he encounters. The length of time Amazo can retain that power has yet to be determined. He has also been able to emulate a Green Lantern's power ring.

Amazo was programmed to eliminate the Justice League. Whenever he wakens from his electronic sleep, he reverts to this old programming, hoping to complete his programming. Once awakened, Amazo is completely relentless. He will stop at nothing until he has achieved the complete annihilation of the Justice League and its allies.

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