Manga Khan

Created by J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Steve Leialoha


Unnamed grandmother, unnamed grandmother


Justice League International I #14 (July, 1988)


Manga Khan is from the planet Pawsteem, which, during a fly-by of Earth, witnessed Peter Minuit trading $24 in trinkets for the island Manhatten. From that day forward, Pawsteem life became centered on trading and haggling. Manga Khan was a gifted trader from the day of his birth, but despite this his parents traded him to a nomadic starship system called the Cluster. He managed to stage a coup, replacing the entire group with robots and naming himself lord of them all. He soon after acquired an armored battlesuit and employed the robot L-Ron as his right hand man. Manga Khan has had a storied career, doing business across the galaxy, but his favorite planet is Earth. He considers Earthlings the most gullible and greedy species in the universe. He threatened to drain Earth's energy to power the Cluster unless they joined his Cosmic Shopping network, but was foiled by Justice League International. Khan didn't come away empty handed, as he managed to trade L-Ron to JLI.

Manga sold Despero to a group of aliens. He was displeased when he heard that the aliens had been killed by Khunds, and that Despero was running loose. He hired Lobo to repossess his merchandise. (Justice League Europe #30, 32)

Khan admitted to himself that he had been in love with L-Ron for ages, so he went back to Earth to reclaim him. He tried to buy L-Ron from Maxwell Lord, and after Lord refused Khan threatened to destroy Earth. Sue Dibny told Khan he was Maxwell Lord's hostage, and as this appealed to Khan's sense of melodrama, he agreed. The Cluster bartered for Khan's release, in exchange Khan promised to leave both L-Ron and Earth alone forevermore. (Formerly Known as the Justice League #1-6)

+ Powers

In his natural gaseous state Manga Khan could communicate telepathically, but couldn't physically interact with anyone or anything. He normally wore an armored suit that made him impervious to damage and granted him superhuman strength. Manga was a very poor fighter and would rather talk his way out of combat. Manga was a master negotiator and barterer, thoroughly lacking ethics in his wheeling and dealings.

Appearances + References


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