Captain Cold

Created by Carmine Infantino & John Broome

Leonard Snart

Lisa Snart (Golden Glider, sister, deceased), unnamed father, unnamed grandfather (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

Rogues Gallery, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Suicide Squad, The Society

Showcase #8 (May-June 1957)


(Flash II #182 (fb)) - Len Snart and his sister Lisa were constantly abused by their drunken father, and they rarely saw their mother. After his mother died Len moved out of his father's house and fell in with some small-time criminals. Flash II apprehended Len and his friends while they were robbing a store. While in jail Len did research on possible ways to slow the Flash down, the most promising of which was using absolute zero to affect kinetic motion.

(Showcase #8) - After being released from prison Len stole an unpublished scientific paper about particle acceleration that theorized that the power of a cyclotron could affect Flash's great speed. He used the paper to construct a special gun of his own design, then broke into a laboratory and exposed the gun to a cyclotron's radiation. When confronted by a lab guard, he fired his gun and found that he could freeze people in their tracks. He soon began his career of Captain Cold, 'the man who mastered absolute zero.' Captain Cold fought Flash many times over the years, either by himself or as a member of Flash's Rogues Gallery.

(Flash I #243, 244) - Captain Cold and the Rogues Gallery mourned the death of the Top. They listened to a tape he made shortly before his death, detailing a plan of vengeance on Central City. The Top had planted bombs in five locations he robbed in the past week, and it was up to the Rogues Gallery to break into those places and retrieve the explosives. The Captain failed to recover a top-bomb from the Jewlery Mart, getting apprehended by Flash II. Thankfully Flash II learned of the Top's plot and deactivated all of the the top-bombs in Central City.

(Secret Society of Super-Villains #1-5) -

(Flash I #314) - Captain Cold broke Golden Glider out of jail. Together they ambushed Heat Wave in his apartment and beat him as punishment for deserting the Rogues Gallery.

(Flash I #325) - Captain Cold and the Rogues stole Reverse-Flash's body from Central City Morgue. Outraged at Reverse-Flash for being the only Flash villain to die at the hero's hands, they blew up his corpse.

(Flash I #338, 339) - Deeming Flash II to be out of control the Rogues kidnapped Dufus. P. Ratchet from the mental institution and outfitted him with a battle-suit provided by the Monitor. They tricked this Big Sir into believing that Flash II was his mortal enemy.

(Blue Devil #30) -

(Manhunter I #1) -

(Flash II #27) - After Flash died, Captain Cold decided to reform. He and Golden Glider formed Golden Snowball Recoveries, and became bounty hunters. They even worked alongside Flash III on a few missions. 

(Flash II #182 (fb)) - Cold and Glider broke up Golden Snowball and returned to a life of crime after Glider had an ugly incident with her father.

(Underworld Unleashed #1) - Abra Kadabra offered Captain Cold and the other Rogues a chance to become the most infamous villains of all time. They could not resist the offer, but in reality they were being duped into sacrificing their lives to unleash the demon Neron on Earth. Flash III would later force Neron to return Captain Cold and the other Rogues to life. Despite his brief stay in Hell, Captain Cold couldn't resist resuming his criminal career.

(Flash II #134) - Cold caused a riot in downtown Keystone, but he was swiftly brought to justice by Flash I and Sentinel.

(Rogues #1) - On a tip from the Trickster, Captain Cold and the Rogues went to the kingdom of Zhutan to steal the Sun Disk of Meshta, an artifact that could supposedly keep their souls safe from Neron. In truth Trickster only brought them to Zhutan so they could directly confront Neron. The Rogues defeated Neron with some help from Trickster's son Billy Hong, and Neron promised to never again go after the Rogue's souls.

(Flash II #164-169) -

(Flash II #170, 174) - Cold attended the Keystone Combines hockey play-offs. One game was interrupted by Tar Pit, so Cold briefly teamed with Flash II to defeat him. Cold then ran off with the play-off trophy.

(Flash II #177) - Cold was contacted by Mirror Master II, who offered him a position in the New Rogues. Cold said he had other business to attend to first, but would consider it in the future.

(Flash II #182) - Cold found out that the Chillblaine that killed his sister had faked his own death. Furthermore he learned that Chillblaine was currently employed by drug czar Jack 'Candyman' Monteleone as an enforcer. Cold threatened to make Candyman's life miserable unless he got a one-on-one confrontation with Chillblaine, and Candyman accepted the conditions. Cold froze Chillblaine and tossed him off a roof, killing him.

(Flash II #183) - Cold attended one of the Network's sales of black-market merchandise.

(Flash II #184) - When the Thinker took over the minds of most of Keystone City, Cold was one of the few people to avoid that fate.

(Flash II #185, 186, 188) - In order to undermine Blacksmith as leader of the New Rogues Cold helped officers Chyre and Morillo free Cyborg and the Keystone police department from one of Mirror Master II's traps. After the Rogues defeat only Weather Wizard, Mirror Master II and Trickster escaped imprisonment, and Cold told them he would be taking over leadership of the Rogues.

(Superman / Batman #3) - Cold attempted to collect the billion dollar bounty President Luthor placed on Superman's head but failed

(Flash II #207) - Cold and the Rogues had a sit-down with Dr. Alchemy. Alchemy agreed to help the Rogues in future predicaments, mainly because Captain Cold killed the man who was masquerading as Alchemy's old persona Mr. Element.

(Flash II #210) - The Top asked Cold for a spot on the Rogues. Cold thought Top had become far too unstable, so he turned him down.

(Flash II #212, 213) - Cold played a game of cards with Trickster II and Weather Wizard. He caught Mirror Master II doing cocaine and gave him a sound beating, Cold demanded that his Rogues stay sharp and focused at all times.

(Flash II #214) - Cold learned about the brutal murder of Elongated Man's wife Sue Dibny from Mirror Master II while in the middle of robbing a bank vault with the Rogues. Cold left the bank, not having the stomach for a crime at the moment.

+ Powers

Captain Cold’s cold gun could freeze existing moisture in the air at an amazing rate, creating giant ice barriers and ice slicks. At its highest setting the gun could reduce the temperature of its target to absolute zero (minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit). At this temperature human targets were frozen in a sheath of ice and instantly placed in suspended animation. Inanimate objects targeted by the gun became perilously brittle. When he used the absolute zero setting he created a cold field that slowed down anything in the general vicinity.

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