Outsiders Chronology

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Original Team
Sans Batman
Winnick reinvention
Batman Again

Part 3

Events Issue (Date)
Metamorpho is rendered "inert" while shielding Icemaiden, Nuklon & Obsidian during their space ship's reentry from space. His body is fragmented and all but on of the pieces is recovered. This piece goes on to develop an identity of its own. JLA #1 (1.97), Outsiders v.3 #7 (Feb. 1904)
Terra appears at an assembly for a new Titans West. Geo-Force learns that her DNA matches the original Terra! He opts, however, to tell her the DNA was not a match. Titans Secret Files #1 (Mar. 1999)
Faust plays a key part in the taming of the new Spectre. The Outsiders (Geo-Force, Terra, Halo & Black Lightning) are shown battling in Markovia. Katana fights at Batman's side. Day of Judgment #3-4 (11.99)
The newly-elected President Lex Luthor introduces his cabinet nominations, which includes Jefferson Pierce as Secretary of Education. Pierce retires as Black Lightning, choosing to use this opportunity to keep tabs on Luthor. Superman #166 (Mar. 1901)
The sixth-dimensional Cathexis explain that a being called the "Id," was loosed on Earth, granting people's desires. With the Id's power, the young Joey Mason wishes for his father's (Metamorpho's) "return"; the dead hero is not, however, brought back "to life." The Cathexis return Metamorpho to his grave. JLA #52 (May 1901)
The Outsiders (Geo-Force, Halo & Dr. Light) are shown battling at the South Pole. This suggests that Dr. Light has joined them. JLA: Our Worlds at War #1 (9.01)
The disembodied spirit of Metamorpho is returned to solid form using the Orb of Ra. JLA/JSA Secret Files (1.03)
OUT OF CONTINUITY: Thayer Jost recruits Metamorpho, Dr. Light, Beast Boy and Elongated Man as the Doom Patrol to rival Robotman's team. NOTE: All Doom Patrol appearances were retroactively eliminated by John Byrne's revamp, beginning in JLA #94 (May 1904). Doom Patrol v.3 #4 (Feb. 1902)
Brainiac 6 sends his android granddaughter, Brainiac 8, into the past to assassinate Donna Troy. Teen Titans #25 (Aug. 1905)
A mysterious conglomerate called Optitron offers to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice. They claim the desire to become worldwide educators, but really seek a massive tax write-off. Brainiac 8, a mysterious android girl from the future, appears from out of nowhere, battered and in search of a way to repair herself. Logically, she attempts to find sympathetic 20th century beings who could help her. After an unsuccessful assimilation of the Metal Men, she teleports to California and commandeers the body of Cyborg. The combined might of the Titans and Young Justice barely drives her off. Argent and the Empress are critically injured when she teleports away. 1st app. of Metamorpho II. Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1 (July 1903)
Robin and Wonder Girl express serious doubts about their heroing careers. Brainiac 8 locates the next suitable android: a dormant Superman robot, kept by S.T.A.R. Labs. She is again driven off but the malicious robot proceeds to kill the Titan, Omen. Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2 (July 1903)
Troia ravages the Superman robot, but does not dodge in time to miss its deadly heat vision. She is killed. Brainiac 8 repairs herself and shuts down the robot. Troia is laid to rest and goes on to a glorious afterlife with the Titans of myth, on New Cronus. The Titans and Young Justice disband. Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #3 (Aug. 1903)
Outsiders, Volume 3
Judd Winnick & Tom Raney begin as writer & artist
A deliberately non-threatening subpersonality called Indigo, takes over Brainiac 8's programming. Her aim is to remain in the 21st century and ensure that Troy would not return to stand in Colu's way of galactic conquest. Outsiders v.3 #25 (Aug. 1905)
Arsenal accepts Optitron's offer to fund a new team. He uses the money to purchase a secret underground headquarters in New York City. He founds the new Outsiders and successfully recruits Metamorpho, Grace Choi and Thunder (Anissa Pierce). After the Titans' tragedy, the girl android is shut down and (supposedly) "reformatted." She exhibits no memories of any past and proclaims the desire to atone for her wrongdoings. In a controversial move, Arsenal adds the android as a member. His last recruit, Nightwing, is his most difficult. Though he is still reeling from the death of his friends, and hesitant to work with Indigo, Nightwing quickly assumes a leadership position upon word of an attack by Gorilla Grodd. Outsiders v.3 #1 (Aug. 1903)
Grodd targets President Luthor. The Outsiders use their new hovercraft, the Pequod, to zero in on the gorillas. Jade is drawn into the battle and saves the President's life. When Luthor is finally "safe," he is approached by the Joker. Outsiders v.3 #2 (9.03)
The Joker explains that he is after something purchased from Sivana Industries — which was acquired by Lexcorp. When Luthor refuses, the Joker tortures him mercilessly. Thunder's father (Black Lightning) guides the Outsiders to the President's safe house and the Joker escapes. Grodd reveals that he was blackmailed into attacking the President in order to save Gorilla City from a plague. S.T.A.R. Labs is sent to Africa to help cure the Gorilla's, but Grodd does not reveal his blackmailer. Outsiders v.3 #3 (10.03)
Nightwing and Jade cameo as members of the Outsiders. Power Company #18 (9.03)
Unbeknownst to the team, Arsenal begins taking leads from a mystery informant (later revealed to be Deathstroke) to help guide the Outsiders to capturing various small-time villains (The Brotherhood of Evil, Shockwave, Frag). These villains lead the way to the real threat: Brother Blood. They uncover a secret complex beneath the monastery in Virginia where Blood has been living, but the members of the cult flee and detonate the entire facility. Arsenal and Grace indulge in an ongoing no-strings sexual relationship. NOTE: It is unclear where this fits into Titans continuity, as Deathstroke as possessed by his son, Jericho around this time. Outsiders v.3 #4 (11.03)
The team tries to stop Blood from activating a global network of sleeper agents. One agent is successfully activated and surprises Arsenal with gunshots to the chest. Outsiders v.3 #5 (12.03)
In Antarctica, Blood takes over the Slab prison in hopes of assembling an army of super-villains. Both Green Arrows pay a visit to Arsenal in the hospital, then join the chase for Brother Blood. The team prevents Blood from activating his agents but the Slab is destroyed. For his failure, Blood is murdered by the next man in line to hold that title. Afterwards, a second Metamorpho appears claiming the Outsiders' Rex is a fake! Outsiders v.3 #6 (1.04)
Rex Mason informs the team that their Metamorpho is a regrown fragment of his own body. Rex attempts to reassimilate his "twin" but the Outsiders convince him that he deserves the chance to lead his own life. The Gregor crime family brings Timothy Karnes to New York in order to use the power of his alter ego, Sabbac. NOTES: Timothy Karnes was the foster brother of Freddy Freeman, Captain Marvel Jr. Sabbac first appeared in Captain Marvel, Jr. #4 (1943) ; his first DC app. was World's Finest #268 (pre-Crisis). Outsiders v.3 #7 (Feb. 1904)
Ishmael Gregor, kingpin of the Russian mob restores Karnes' voice box in order to allow him to summon the power of six great demons: Satan, Any, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Craeteis. Gregor kills Karnes during the ritual and becomes the new Sabbac (II). Over Nightwing's objections, Arsenal calls in the Huntress as his temporary replacement. A lead from the Tattooed Man leads the Outsiders to Gregor. Outsiders v.3 #8 (Mar. 1904)
Grace is badly burned in battle with Sabbac, but heals quickly. Jefferson Pierce comes to demand his daughter's exit from the team. But the threat of Sabbac draws him out of retirement and back to the role of Black Lightning. Captain Marvel Jr. also appears on the scene! Outsiders v.3 #9 (Apr. 1904)
CM3 helps the team against Sabbac; his portal is closed and he is sucked back into hell. Black Lightning begs Thunder to give up adventuring, to no avail. After this case, U.S. President Pete Ross asks for Jefferson Pierce's resignation as Secretary of Education because the government feared the political implications of having a known super-hero on staff. Outsiders v.3 #10 (May 1904)
Arsenal deals with his lingering fears of returning to the team. But with some encouragement from Nightwing, he returns to active duty. Outsiders v.3 #11 (June 1904)
Arsenal meets again with the team's mystery informant. Huntress returns to Gotham City. Metamorpho's new "brother" finally decides upon a name: Shift; he decides not to assume an alter ego. The team learns that Mammoth and Jinx have escaped from Alcatraz, and Gizmo follows suit. They join Psimon at the secret lair of Dr. Sivana — who plans to bring Shimmer back to life! NOTE: Gizmo's resurrection is unexplained. He had previously been killed by Psimon in New Titans #116. Outsiders v.3 #12 (July 1904)
Shimmer returns to life and the Fearsome Five target three Lexcorp facilities. Outsiders v.3 #13 (Aug. 1904)
Thunder is sidelined when Shimmer fills her lungs with water. The Fearsome Four retrieve a crate from Lexcorp for Sivana, but they rebel and Sivana kills Gizmo. The remaining four then make a clean break from Sivana and requisition a base full of nuclear bombs. Outsiders v.3 #14 (9.04)
The Four launch a nuke towards Canada, but Shift destroys it. Mammoth is recaptured. Sivana completely covers his tracks and buys an island near Thailand. Outsiders v.3 #15 (10.04)
Nightwing's leadership is called into question from all quarters. It culminates in a brawl between him and Arsenal and ends with Jade declaring herself the team's new leader and appointing a new member: Starfire! Outsiders v.3 #16 (11.04)
Grace and Shift uncover a ring of child slavers and molesters run by a man named Tanner — the same one that enslaved Grace herself as a child. The team decides to take this case to John Walsh of America's Most Wanted. Outsiders v.3 #17 (12.04)
The TV show successfully leads the team to one of Tanner's cells. One of Tanner's informants recognizes Arsenal as Roy Harper and Tanner uses this information to abduct his daughter, Lian; Lian's nanny is killed. Outsiders v.3 #18 (1.05)
A police tip leads the Outsiders to Lian (who was set to be flown out) and Tanner (who Grace beats within in an inch of his life). Lian is left scarred, literally, from Tanner's brand. Outsiders v.3 #19 (Feb. 1905)
The Outsiders offer their assistance to Green Arrow when Arsenal is kidnapped by Drakon, who works for the Riddler. NOTE: Drakon first appeared in Green Arrow #27. Green Arrow v.3 #49-50 (6-7.05)
Before they embark on their date, Shift and Indigo's lovemaking is interrupted by Jade and Starfire, and Shrapnel breaks into headquarters. When Shift's life is threatened, Indigo dismantles Shrapnel at the atomic level. She then reveals that some of their headquarters' infrastructure originated from Wayne Industries. Outsiders v.3 #20 (Mar. 1905)
Nightwing confronts Batman about his secret funding of the team, via the Wayne Industries subsidiary, Optitron. Arsenal also reveals that he has secretly been taking tips from Batman since the team's inception. Batman, however, claims that he has done no such thing, just as the impostor reveals himself to Arsenal: Deathstroke! Outsiders v.3 #21 (Apr. 1905)
Deathstroke engages Arsenal in a brutal battle. But just when he is ready to deliver the killing blow, he notices the scars Arsenal's recent chest wounds and gives him a "pass." With Indigo's help, Arsenal finds that someone on the team has been tampering with their systems. To find the traitor, he locks the team into the building. Outsiders v.3 #22 (May 1905)
Arsenal questions each member to try to uncover their traitor. All along, he suspected one, but finally concludes for certain that Shift was responsible. His physiology had been used to transform into nanobytes and then controlled remotely. Shift claims innocence, but Roy imprisons him. Outsiders v.3 #23 (June 1905)
Part 1: Indigo begins acting strangely and responds to some sort of external signal. She changes personality completely and proclaims that she is Brainiac 8! At the same time, the Titans' Superboy also receives some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion. Teen Titans #24 (July 1905)
Part 2: The Outsiders and Titans join forces at S.T.A.R. Labs just as an army of Superman androids descends upon them. Lex Luthor and Brainiac 6 collect their champions, Superboy and Indigo. Indigo is Brainiac 6's "granddaughter." They are based in the former Cadmus Project, miles below Lexcorp Towers. Outsiders v.3 #24 (July 1905)
Part 3: The Titans and Outsiders engage an army of Superman robots, awakened by the Brainiacs. Wonder Girl temporarily brings Superboy back to sanity, but he and Brainiac 8 regain the upper hand. Indigo reveals that her grandfather, unlike her, still has a biological body. By her time, Coluans would abandon biological bodies. Indigo traveled into the past because she believed that Donna Troy and the Titans would interfere with the development of Colu. Apparently, in their timeline, Colu came to rule the universe in the fallout of the Rann/Thanagar war. History also told them that people on Earth would never master the cloning of extraterrestrial tissue. Teen Titans #25 (Aug. 1905)
Part 4: When Luthor injures Wonder Girl, Superboy snaps out of Luthor's spell. Starfire unleashes her full power to bring down Brainiac 6's ship. Then with their combined powers, Brainiac 8 is brought down. While she is weak, Indigo's personality resurfaces and begs Shift to kill her. That he does, by turning her circuitry to flesh. Nightwing quits the team. But in distant space, Donna Troy watches on and concludes that its time to return to Earth. Outsiders v.3 #25 (Aug. 1905)
Black Lightning collects Metamorpho then approaches Arsenal for help when they are alerted to the return of the human bombs engineered by Fuse. They fly to a secret government facility in Sioux Falls, where Arsenal has tracked his comatose body. It seems the surviving "H-Bombs" are now detonating again — because one of them (Deborah) is hunting the others. Outsiders v.3 #26 (9.05)
Katana arrives to assassinate Fuse, but is convinced to join the hunt for the H-Bomb killer. Deborah is retrieved but they cannot stop her from her fate. She chooses to die when detonated in a remote military base. Afterwards, they notify Batman of the outcome, and Katana returns to finish off Fuse. Outsiders v.3 #27 (10.05)
The team mourns Indigo in their own ways... Nightwing finds little real comfort in bed with Starfire. Shift finds a friendly ear in Metamorpho. Grace and Thunder drink their sorrows away. Jade recruits a new member: Captain Marvel Jr. Jade and Arsenal meet at their headquarters, which they agree to destroy. Outsiders v.3 #28 (11.05)
Infinite Crisis
The Outsiders begin anew with no headquarters. They will convene only when called, via new communications bracelets. In Las Vegas, Sabbac has reverted to his mortal ways, taking over the mob. He's approached by Deathstroke to join the Society. He accepts and is teamed with the remains of the Fearsome Five, who are found once again by Sivana in Mexico. They alert the Outsiders to their plan to break Mammoth from Alcatraz. Elsewhere, the Spectre destroys the Wizard and the Rock of Eternity, releasing the Seven Deadly Sins. These demons infuse Sabbac with fearsome new power. Outsiders v.3 #29 (12.05)
At Sakura's Imports in San Francisco, Katana finds that the Spectre's rampage has emptied her sword of its captive souls. Sabbac unleashes Lust on Alcatraz (and the Fearsome Five) and sends a little Anger at the Outsiders. Katana comes to their aid, riding a mystical serpent and he turns her against them, too. Grace evokes information on the Society from the addled Psimon. Marvel stabs Sabbac with Katana's sword and Donna Troy arrives to drive it home. This releases the Sins and entraps Sabbac in the sword. She recruits several members for her mission. 1st app. Ray Sakura. Outsiders v.3 #30 (1.06)
Donna convinces Jade, Shift, Capt. Marvel and Starfire to join her in space. Marvel falls prey to the Spectre's destruction of the Rock of Eternity. When Starfire sees the anomaly in space, she recognizes the energy of her dead god, X'Hal. When they go to investigate it, they're attacked by Blackfire. The remaining Outsiders, feeling a bit overlooked, decide to take the fight to the Society. Katana rejoins the team. Outsiders v.3 #31 (Feb. 1906)
Capt. Marvel Jr. returns from space to help the team on Earth. Arsenal poses as Deathstroke and leads a Society team to "attack" Grace. Really, they're leading the rest of the Outsiders to the Society's headquarters. In space, Komand'r claims she is now more powerful; she can now fly. Starfire absorbs massive energies and unleashes them on her sister. They take her into custody but Komand'r is too powerful and destroys their ship. Donna picks them up. NOTE: Follows Rann/Thanagar War #6. Outsiders v.3 #32 (Mar. 1906)
Arsenal goes undercover as Deathstroke, taking Grace "hostage" and uses some Society members to get them into Society headquarters: the Frisk nuclear facility near Keystone. They find that Mary Marvel is held captive and guarded by Vault and Chain Lightning. The rest of the team bursts in and disable the villains. After Marvel Jr. and Mary leave, the team decides to blow the facility, which is powered by Apokoliptian technology. Captain Boomerang is abandoned by his comrades and he escapes with the Outsiders. Outsiders v.3 #33 (Apr. 1906)
Jade dies when she is hit by an energy wave from Alexander Luthor's cosmic breach. As her body dies, she returns the energy once given to her by Kyle Rayner to him. Rann-Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special (Apr. 1906)
In space, Halo helps a team investigating the fate of Donna Troy's team. She scans for and senses a Zeta Beam-like transmission trying to come across. She alerts a task force, aided by Geo-Force to head for Western Australia to receive the signal. Several heroes return. 52 #4 (May 1906)
When Alexander Luthor's rift is closed, a cosmic explosion sends Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man to a remote tropical planetoid. Nightwing retires for a time, accompanying Batman and Robin on a worldwide journey. Infinite Crisis #7 (June 1906); 52 #5 (June 1906)
Captain Marvel Jr. resigns in the wake of the fluctuations in the world of magic. NOTE: This happened with the combination of Shazam's death in Day of Vengeance #6 and worsened with Nabu's death in Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special. Outsiders v.3 #44 (Feb. 2007)
Learning that Intergang have expanded in Gotham City, Nightwing returns to the U.S., ahead of Batman and Robin. He meets Batwoman. 52 #30 (11.06)
Following the sacrifice of Superman-2, Jefferson Pierce turns himself in for killing Martin Somers—his niece Joanna's murderer two years prior. His friends try to dissuade him, but he turns himself over to Checkmate, who give him the identity of "Derek Cooper" and incarcerate him at Iron Heights. NOTE: Joanna first appeared in Green Arrow #27 and died in #30. Outsiders v.3 #45 (Mar. 2007)
Nightwing is approached by the Red Hood, who claims he has evidence to acquit Black Lightning. He eavesdropped a conversation between Luthor and Deathstroke, who claimed he took the hit on Somers just as Pierce struck, too. Anissa goes to tell him the good news, but Pierce doesn't believe it and stays in prison. She seeks comfort from Grace and the two kiss. Anissa plots to break her father out. Outsiders v.3 #44-45 (2-3.07)
After fighting a Dominator sleeper cell (left from the Invasion several years before), Arsenal contemplates finding more team members. Outsiders v.3 #44 (Feb. 2007)
Thunder implores the Outsiders to free her father from prison, which they refuse. Grace steps in to her defense, praising Pierce's service as a hero. Later, Anissa thanks her — with another kiss, and more. Meanwhile, word gets out that Black Lightning is in Iron Heights, and the inmate Skeet asks the young Captain Boomerang to kill him. The Outsiders learn of this plot and agree to break him out. Outsiders v.3 #46 (Apr. 2007)
Nightwing mounts an Outsiders mission to free Black Lightning from Iron Heights. When things get hairy, Warden Wolfe uses his muscle-control powers to bring the prisoners under control. The effect is torturous and Shift conjures a gas to relax his victims' muscles. Angered, Wolfe pours it on and kills dozens of guards and prisoners. Shift protects the Outsiders from the effect. The Outsider's send a decoy craft off, which is destroyed. They use this as an opportunity to fake their deaths and work underground. Lightning's former cell mate, Captain Boomerang, joins them but Arsenal leaves the team in Nightwing's hands. Roy goes to the media to "confirm" their deaths. Nightwing is still believed alive; he'd never been spotted. Shift is traumatized and willfully merges himself back into Metamorpho, who cannot extract him again. Green Arrow agrees to fund the cover team's operations. Outsiders v.3 Annual #1 (2007)
One Year Later
In the past year, the world has been made to believe the Outsiders are dead. Thunder is deep undercover in Mali, Africa as Lt. Adanna Abioye, a close aide to the murderous President Ratu Benin. She is sent to supervise the slaughter of a village. Against Nightwing's wishes, she breaks cover and stops the soldiers. Among them is their newest member: Captain Boomerang. Also, Shift has apparently merged with his "brother," Rex Mason — Metamorpho. Thunder has ditched her wig and wears a costume similar to her father's. Outsiders v.3 #34 (May 1906)
Grace cruelly interrogates Colton Mirubu to discover the location of killer sarin gas. Thunder is opposed to such harsh treatment, but Nightwing is resolved. Benin releases a secret super-agent acquired from agents called "Silver and Grey" (Silverback and Grey Matter: Mallah and the Brain). The Outsiders find the gas but are engaged by the villains' speedster clone. Outsiders v.3 #35 (June 1906)
The speedster mutilates Grace before Boomerang's own speed powers and Metamorpho's acid form help bring him down. When the mask is off, Nightwing recognizes the speedster as a young Jay Garrick! Outsiders v.3 #36 (July 1906)
Nightwing calls Alan Scott to verify Jay's identity. He was controlled with a flesh-eating virus kept in check by his suit. Alan concludes that it is a clone and takes him, but not before scolding Nightwing for his methods. They then easily capture Benin and reveal that Metamorpho had been impersonating Thunder at times, making him hallucinate (especially during "sex"). Benin reveals his source as "Silver and Grey," whose identities the Outsiders quickly deduce. The Brain traded the clone for rare herbs for use in their own attempts to clone a new body for the Brain. The Brain asks Mallah to let him die, but the ape loves him too much to let him go. The Outsiders leave Benin on a deserted island. Superman also confronts Nightwing, which Dick counters by presenting a small box of kryptonite. Outsiders v.3 #37 (Aug. 1906)
Metamorpho goes undercover to buy a cloned metahuman from Phobia. When things get ugly, he is revealed and her powers uncover Shift's consciousness. Katana brings Phobia down and the team traces the Brain to Telistocc, Russia. Nightwing reveals that Boomerang is with them so they can watch him. Outsiders v.3 #38 (9.06)
The Brain and Mallah unleash more clones (some based on Firestorm, Jade, Plastic Man, Mr. Freeze, Beast Boy) and capture all the Outsiders except Katana. They reveal that they've had DNA from innumerable metahumans for years. They verify that Nightwing is not metahuman, and reveal a strange secret in Grace's heritage (which she has not revealed to her teammates). A piece of Metamorpho separates and finds Katana. Outsiders v.3 #39 (10.06)
Mallah despairs that they cannot produce a viable clone body for the Brain; they are partnered with Sivana. The changes in the Brain's DNA before his death have made his brain difficult to match to a host body. Katana discovers a monstrous clone of Superman (years ago, Deathstroke sold Mallah a sample of Superman's blood). They decide to activate it, and it frees the Outsiders. Thunder forces Mallah to reveal Sivana as their partner. Outsiders v.3 #40 (11.06)
Sivana blows up the Russian base with a nuclear explosion. (1st app. of his bodyguard, Saber) He then calls Lois Lane to reveal that the Outsiders are alive, and implicates them in the explosion. Thunder and Grace are revealed as lovers. Metamorpho worries about the implications of Shift's actions. The Outsiders set out to confront Sivana. Outsiders v.3 #41 (12.06)
Sivana launches his Luddite bomb onto Sydney, Australia. All knowledge and technology are wiped out. the Outsiders track him down. They topple his giant robot but Saber hits Nightwing with a poison dart. Katana changes her costume away from the "rising sun" motif because her country has revoked her citizenship. Outsiders v.3 #42 (1.07)
Katana is also hit with the poison and team surrenders. Sivana claims he only wants to talk, and explains his plan to rule the world. He also admits to having pulled their strings from the very beginning, allying with the Society and Deathstroke to feed Arsenal intel. This was to eliminate his enemies and recover the Luddite bomb from Lexcorp. The bomb will supposedly work on all metahumans, which was why he gathered DNA for so many years. He asks them to join him then cures the poison. Katana then frees Sabbac from her soul sword. Sivana escapes with one bomb. Outsiders v.3 #43 (Feb. 2007)
Captain Boomerang befriends Supergirl. She asks him to sponsor her for Outsiders membership and secretly has a crush on Nightwing. (She also knows that Boomer has a crush on her.) She surprises everyone with her commitment and savvy on a mission against meta-pirates led by Jaq. Kara infiltrates Jaq's organization and finds she's torturing a magical creature for its power. Supergirl is caught and Jaq stabs her through the middle. Supergirl #11 (12.06)
Nightwing argues with Boomer about doing a better job watching Kara. After Kara's encounter with Terra, she and Boomer go out together. Supergirl gives up her quest for Outsiders membership. Supergirl #12-13 (1-2.07)
Halo and Geo-Force aid the JSA and others in the final battle against Black Adam (who has killed millions of innocents). 52/World War III: United We Stand (June 2007)
In Markovia, Geo-Force (now king) survives a bombing and contacts Black Lightning. JLofA v.2 #4 (1.07)
Geo-Force finds himself in his original uniform, but doesn't know how he got into it. JLofA v.2 #6 (Mar. 2007)
Geo-Force arrives at the JLA's new Hall of Justice, demonstrating new powers and lost memories. JLofA v.2 #7 (May 2007)
Geo-Force aides the JLA but declines official membership. JLofA v.2 #8 (June 2007)
Geo-Force has been made a member of the JLA and works with Batman and to flush out major villains. Brion meets with Deathstroke as part of an undercover operation. JLofA v.2 #12 (10.07)
Black Canary and Green Arrow attend their bachelor(ette) parties in Happy Harbor. Deathstroke "plants" Geo-Force is his inside snitch, but Batman knows about this. Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special (11.07)
Part 1: Checkmate kidnaps the Outsiders, but Sasha Bordeaux purposely fails to capture Nightwing, knowing that he will seek her out. Checkmate v.2 #13 (June 2007)
Part 2: Nightwing frees Grace and the two of them wreak havoc until Sasha asks them to desist and talk reasonably. She orders them to take part in a mission to clean up Oolong Island. It's in the Yellow Sea off the west coast of North Korea. Remnants of the scientists experiments are still a threat and there are remnants of Intergang there as well. They explain that the UN isn't happy with the Outsiders, but Checkmate sees the potential in using their skills. They accept the mission because it's in line with their own. Nightwing acknowledges Sasha's past with Batman. When they approach the island, they encounter a large mer-beast. Outsiders v.3 #47 (July 2007)
Part 3: Checkmate HQ gets feedback from the away team and has to sever ties. They split into teams. Boomer lets it slip that he ran a mission for Waller a while ago. Vertigo tries damage control and alerts her. She and Faraday discuss what to do, knowing they could face the Hague. Bea tries to make amends with Jagger, but he won't have it. Sasha can see infrared. The Thinker gains them access to the facility. When they try to upload data to HQ, the feedback returns. Checkmate v.2 #14 (July 2007)
Part 4: The team detonates an EMP to buy themselves time but Nightwing, Boomerang and Sasha get trapped and order the others to leave them. They are captured by Chang Tzu, who is in cahoots with the Great Ten. Tzu begins experimenting on them. The rest are also pursued by the Great Ten. Outsiders v.3 #48 (Aug. 2007)
Part 5: Chang Tzu reveals his link to the Great Ten as he tortures Boomerang and Sasha to learn from their metahuman physiologies. Boomerang says that his access to the speed force has been absent since the Crisis. Sasha tries to appeal to the August General, who allows Tzu to operate despite the fact that Oolong Island is not officially affiliated with the China. Nightwing is cast aside because of his non-metahuman status. Tzu returns Boomerang to a cell and severs Sasha's arm. Back at the Castle, the Ambassador Shi admits fault at the Great Ten's presence and gives permission for Checkmate to enter Oolong. After Mr. Terrific sends a rescue team, Batman arrives at the Castle. Checkmate v.2 #15 (Aug. 2007)
Part 6: The rescue team returns to Oolong, joined by Batman. While passing through North Korea, they're attacked by a techno-organic monster. Nightwing escapes and they find Batman has already rescued Sasha and Chang Tzu is gone. Back home, Batman applauds Nightwing's leadership, but Dick asks his mentor to consider leading the Outsiders once again. Outsiders v.3 #49 (9.07)