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OUTSIDERS volume 2
The Outsiders hold their first meeting at their new headquarters, a mile off the Santa Monica Beach. 1st app. of Emily Briggs as Looker. Lia applies as a model at the Face Value agency and Brion takes his position at the Markovian consulate. They receive advance word of trouble at the opening of the Esperanza Canyon nuclear power Plant, where Dr. Shanner and his cohort Professor Wye plan the introduction of the Nuclear Family. Shanner is a victim of radiation poisoning. NOTE: This issue was published before Looker's actual origin in Adventures #31. Contains a 2-page foldout portrait of the team. Prof. Wye 1st appeared in Brave & Bold #194. OUT #1 (11.85)
The Outsiders track down Prof. Wye, who has turned on Dr. Shanner. They learn of Shanner's plan to detonate a nuclear explosion and thwart him. BACKUP STORY: Looker attends a movie premier with her boss, Roger Dumont and encounters the Untouchables; pencils by Steve Lightle. NOTE: The letters column contains model sheets for Looker. The Untouchables (originally called the Intangibles) first appeared in DC Comics Presents #58 (June 1983). OUT #2 (12.85)
The Soviet "Bad Samaritan" returns with a proposition for President Gorbachev. Major Victory visits Brion at the consulate to inform him of stolen printing plates from Fort Knox (the U.S. prints Markovian money). Their teams clash when they both intercept the Soviets. Black Lightning has a positive reunion with his ex, Lynn Stewart. BACKUP STORY: Looker defeats the Untouchables. OUT #3 (1.86)
When the Force of July is captured by the Soviets, the Outsiders travel under Markovian protection to Moscow. There, Gorbachev hands over the printing plates. The Soviets' real objective was to obtain information on the metahumans for the creation of their own super team. Geo-Force rejects an advance from Looker. BACKUP STORY: Metamorpho; pencils by Joe Staton. OUT #4 (Feb. 1986)
The Outsiders trick racketeer Eben Mudge into indicting a local mob boss by duplicating Dickens' A Christmas Carol. BACKUP STORY: Black Lightning and Katana; pencils by Trevor von Eeden. OUT #5 (Mar. 1986)
The organization known as The Skull sends a covert agent, Earl Dukeston (the Duke of Oil) to spy on Dr. Jace's technology. 1st app. of philanthropist Edward Bentama. Gaby starts a waitressing job. Lia has her first modeling assignment. BACKUP STORY: "Outsiders at the Bat," after Casey at the Bat. NOTES: Contains diagram of the headquarters and pinup of Metamorpho by Brian Bolland. OUT #6 (Apr. 1986)
The Duke of Oil escapes in an explosion. BACKUP: Mock trading cards of the Outsiders, Force of July and Masters of Disaster by Curt Swan. OUT #7 (May 1986)
The crime lord, Oyabun, sends a "tengu" trickster ghost to capture Katana. Halo and Looker enlist other tengu and the Tengu-Suma, their leader. OUT #8 (June 1986)
The Skull blackmails Kobra. Looker receives a mental warning of the Skull's activities, which draws the Outsiders and Batman. To defeat Skull, they work with Kobra, who escapes again. NOTE: Art by Kevin Nowlan. OUT Annual #1 (1986)
The famous Edward Bentama, shows his darker side and kidnaps Black Lightning's ex-wife Lynn. Metamorpho and Sapphire decide to have a baby. OUT #9 (July 1986)
The team pursues Bentama to Mozambia where Lynn discovers the truth about him. Since the money Bentama had raised was secretly for the Soviets, Gorbechev sends the People's Heroes (Bolshoi, Hammer & Sickle, Molotov, Pravda) to aid Mozambia against the Outsiders. Looker makes a pass at Geo-Force. BACKUP STORY: Geo-Force. OUT #10 (Aug. 1986)
The Outsiders are captured and imprisoned and Looker is mind-controlled by Bentama. BACKUP STORY: Katana, plus Halo, by John Byrne introducing her new costume and naming her different auras. There's also a pinup of Looker by Brian Bolland. OUT #11 (9.86)
Looker frees herself and the others. Mozambia's military seizes control of the country and a former prisoner kills Bentama. As they escape, the Outsiders' plan is shot down by the Bad Samaritan. Lia's employer, Dumont, hires a private investigator, Cramer, to dig up some dirt; the P.I. discovers a photo of Emily. BACKUP STORY: Looker and Halo defeat the Firefly (Gabriel Lynns). OUT #12 (10.86)
After their plane is shot, the Outsiders are marooned on a island in the Indian Ocean for three weeks. As tensions mount, Geo-Force tries to resign as leader and he and Looker share an intimate moment. Eventually, they're able to put up a flare which is seen by a passing ship. BACKUP STORY: Geo-Force demonstrates his powers. Black lightning stops a holdup. Metamorpho and Sapphire go baby shopping. OUT #13 (11.86)
The Soviets send in a new operative, Fusion, to free the People's Heroes from Mozambia. Fusion is made of three individuals, one with speed, one with strength and one with energy blasts. The People's Heroes return home, but Fusion heads for America, where he intends to disrupt Fourth of July celebrations at the Statue of Liberty. The Soviets alert the U.S. government and the People's Heroes and Force of July are sent to work together and stop him. The Outsiders (in attendance as guests of the Markovian consulate) join the fray and Fusion is taken into American custody. OUT #23 (9.87)
Halo returns to the slain Harper's home in Arlington, Missouri. Looker meets her there and Halo relates her origins. She also receives a new costume as a birthday present from Katana. NOTE: Violet's birthdate is July 10, 1969; Halo turned 17 in this story. Secret Origins v.2 #6 (9.86)
Cramer confronts Looker about the photo of Emily and tries to blackmail her for sex. She hypnotizes him and he leaves. Halo gets braces for her birthday. At her party, Lia is arrested for Cramer's murder. The team interviews others who'd been blackmailed by him and discover the real killer. BACKUP STORY: Windfall wanders Markovia, is captured exposed as one of Bedlam's former mercenaries. OUT #14 (12.86)
Dr. Jace helps invent the antidote to a killer virus made by Biogen Labs. OUT #15 (1.87)
The Firefly (Garfield Lynns) escapes and steals Halo's powers at Dodger Stadium. NOTES: Their headquarters is said to be one mile off the Santa Monica coast. Cover by Brian Bolland. OUT #16 (Feb. 1987)
Simultaneously, Batman and the Outsiders track the thieves of certain South Pacific relics. This leads them to the small nation of Diablo. There they encounter Bruce Gordon and are captured by servants of Eclipso. Eclipso is revived. NOTE: Eclipso was last seen in Green Lantern #186. OUT #17 (Mar. 1987)
Batman joins the Outsiders in pursuit of Eclipso. The villains is again forced into the body of Bruce Gordon. BACKUP STORY: Metamorpho and Looker go to the racetrack; Brian Bolland art. NOTE: Halo's first adventure in her new costume. OUT #18 (Apr. 1987)
The Masters of Disaster escape their Markovian prison. Batman reveals the blueprint of the "Batcave West." Windfall (II) joins the team as a double agent; she thereafter contacts New Wave. Metamorpho learns that he and Sapphire may never be able to have children. Brion and Lia argue about the guilt they feel over their relationship. Backup story: Katana and Halo; pencils by Dan Spiegle. OUT #19 (May 1987)
Windfall leads the Masters of Disaster to attack the Outsiders at the new Batcave... or so they think. Batman reveals that Windfall is a clone, created by the same technology as Bedlam's clone. (The original Windfall was the Masters' captive.) The clone dies in battle with her predecessor. BACKUP STORY: Geo-Force and Metamorpho by Kurt Schaffenberger. OUT #20 (June 1987)
Metamorpho agrees to undergo an experiment which would infuse him with new DNA. Simon Stagg's assistant, Java, is revealed as an agent of Kobra. Kobra also uses another employee, Parker, to gain access to Stagg's technology. He sends in Strike Force Kobra: Elemental Woman, Clayface IV, Planet Master II and Zebra-Man. Clayface infiltrates the Outsiders by impersonating Looker. BACKUP STORY: The people of Markovia unwittingly elect a puppet regime under the control of Baron Bedlam (who is actually the Psycho Pirate). OUT #21 (July 1987)
Batman discovers that Kobra's Strike Force members all resemble former foes. Java betrays Kobra and frees Metamorpho, who tips the scales for the Outsiders. Parker is turned into the Spectrumonster, goes berserk, and is dispersed by a black light ray. Afterwards, Rex and Sapphire adopt Parker's orphaned daughter, Karen. BACKUP STORY: Imaginary horror and space tales of the Outsiders. In one of these, Looker is a vampire. OUT #22 (Aug. 1987)
The Psycho Pirate (in the guise of Baron Bedlam) takes over Markovia. He installs a puppet prime minister and allies with Abraham Lincoln Carlyle — head of the Force of July. Skyman visits Markovia to scout movie locations and is captured. This prompts a teaming of the Outsiders with Infinity Inc. Outsiders Special #1 (1987)
Psycho Pirate goes out of control and Carlyle abandons their alliance. The heroes defeat the Pirate with a combination of Looker and Brainwave's mental abilities. Carlyle retains possession of the Medusa Mask. Infinity, Inc. Special #1 (1987)
Fusion escapes his maximum security prison and sets out to murder the President. OUT #23 (9.87)
Fusion explodes in a plane crash. NOTE: Erik Larson penciled half the issue. OUT #24 (10.87)
Looker and Geo-Force agree to mutually end their romance. The U.S. government attacks the team because of their involvement with Fusion's attack on Camp David. Dr. Jace begins a treatment to restore Metamorpho to human form (and to control him). Gardner Grayle (Atomic Knight) from S.T.A.R. Labs visits Dr. Jace for help in curing him of his newfound powers of premonition. Major Disaster stows away on Grayle's craft (he is another operative of the Skull) and destroys the Outsider's HQ. NOTE: Major Disaster's prior appearance was Green Lantern #183-184. Atomic Knight's last app. was DC Comics Presents #57. OUT #25 (11.87)
Millennium: King Gregor calls Brion home to Markovia. Dr. Jace reveals her treachery as an agent of the Manhunters, kills Gregor and controls Queen Ilona, who publicly accuses Geo-Force of murder. The team comes to his aid. As Looker discovers Jace's betrayal, they are summoned to the Green Lantern Citadel. NOTES: Continues in Millennium #1. Batman had been called away by the JLA. OUT #26 (12.87)
  Millennium #1 (1987)
Millennium: Dr. Jace captures the Outsiders and places them in stasis. There they have a dream adventure several years hence, after World War III, with the Atomic Knights. Looker breaks the dream and frees them, but too late to stop Jace from destroying Metamorpho and herself. NOTE: This tale pays homage to the characters of the original Atomic Knights series from Strange Adventures #117-160, which is not longer in continuity. To Grayle, this dream-time felt like years. Jace was not an android. Erik Larsen pencils. OUT #27 (1.88)
Millennium: Looker responds to a call from Abyssia, where the Manhunters have taken over. Though the androids are defeated, the evil Tamira has returned to power. Looker invokes a Rite of Challenge and in the battle, Lia is stripped of her looks and much of her power. Tamira falls into a pit of lava. Halo is struck by Manhunter fire and slips into a coma. Looker returns to her husband in Gotham City. Geo-Force disbands the Outsiders. NOTE: Pencils by Erik Larsen. OUT #28 (Feb. 1988)
Millennium: The team helps to protect one of "the Chosen," Takeo Yakata (Ram). Millennium #3 (1987)
In Between Days
Metamorpho is reconstituted by the Dominators' gene bomb. Invasion! #3 (1989)
Justice League Europe founded. Roster: Animal Man, Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Flash III, Metamorpho, Power Girl, Rocket Red. JLA 24 (Feb. 1989)
The Force of July is decimated by the Suicide Squad. Major Victory survives and later joins the Squad. Mayflower and Sparkler are pronounced dead. The others are at least critically injured. NOTE: Major Victory serves from issues #30-39. Suicide Squad #27 (May 1989)
Sapphire Stagg seeks to reconcile with Metamorpho. Justice League Europe #5 (Aug. 1989)
Metamorpho meets his infant son. Justice League Europe #11 (Feb. 1990)
Tara Markov (Terra II) reappears as part of the mysterious, time-lost "Team Titans." Note: She joins the Titans proper in New Titans #0 (1995). New Titans #79 (9.91)
All remaining members (including Metamorpho) abandon the Justice League. Justice League Europe #36 (Mar. 1992
Metamorpho rejoins the new European branch of Justice League International. Justice League Europe #50 (May 1993)
Part 1: Showcase '93 #4 (Apr. 1993)
Part 2: Geo-Force makes a deal with the Untouchables: he will help restore their member's tangibility if they do not harm Denise. The Untouchables are captured in the end. NOTE: Inks by Bryan Hitch. Showcase '93 #5 (May 1993)
Superman's death awakens the Eradicator, who begins believing it actually is the Man of Steel. Action #687 (June 1993)
Metamorpho meets Jillian Conway, who has transformed by the same meteor as he. She convinces him of a way to cure himself. Rex steals his son Joey away from Simon Stagg in hopes of curing him, too. (#1) Rex discovers that Conway has read the hieroglyphics wrong; when she attempts to reverse the process on herself, she is destroyed. Meanwhile, Joey touches the meteor; this makes him normal and renders the meteor inert. NOTE: This issue's tale of the ancient Egyptian Metamorpho negates the information from Batman & the Outsiders #17-18. Metamorpho v.2 #1-4 (8-11.93)
Outsiders, volume 2
Mike W. Barr & Paul Pelletier begin as writer, artist
Geoffrey Barron and his bodyguard Charlie Wylde travel to Markovia in the interest of selling their battle armor, the Technocrat 2000. Soon, they're caught in a civil uproar when Queen Ilona (controlled by the vampire, Roderick) orders Brion Markov's death. In the woods, Barron and Wylde encounter the sorcerer Faust and his pet bear. The bear mortally wounds Wylde, and Faust fuses the two into a man-bear. 1st app. of Barron's wife, Marissa. OUT2 #1-alpha (11.93)
Geo-Force proposes marriage to Denise. Halo wakes up from her coma. Emily Briggs regains her Looker form, but is soon "killed" by Roderick, the vampire. The Outsiders become fugitives when Roderick frames them in a broadcast that falsely implicates Brion in Ilona's death. Looker dies at the hands of a vampire. This infects her with the vampire's curse. OUT2 #1-omega (11.93)
At S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. David Connor is in charge of reviving the Eradicator. When disaster strikes, the dying doctor's consciousness is transferred to the Eradicator. Soon after his "birth," he sees a television news report of the "rogue" Outsiders. Action #693 (11.93)
A funeral is held for Looker. Before Faust can take certain "precautions" with her body, the team is forced to flee to Barron's home in Switzerland. Marissa Barron orders Sanction to assassinate her husband. The Atomic Knight sees the news footage of Ilona's death and readies a new armor. OUT2 #2 (12.93)
Eradicator erroneously comes to the aid of Markovia. He soon realizes his error and joins the Outsiders. When struck during battle, Halo regains a portion of Violet Harper's personality. The Atomic Knight debuts his new armor. Looker is shown, but hidden. NOTE: The letters column contains a brief who's who of the team. OUT2 #3 (1.94)
Also believing the news against the Outsiders, the Atomic Knight comes to the defense of Markovia. In the confusion, Roderick escapes with Looker. Brion leaves his nephew in the care of Simone Kneidel. The Eradicator departs. NOTE: Simone first appeared in Outsiders, vol. 2 #2. OUT2 #4 (Feb. 1994)
Metamorpho mutates further, into more a rocklike form. Justice League Europe #61 (Feb. 1994)
The team pursues Roderick, who destroys the royal Markovian castle and escapes. The Outsiders decide to return to Gotham City. Also in Markovia, Checkmate agents pursue a new Jihad: Agni, Dervish, Djinn II, Manticore III, Njara Kattuah and Dahak. NOTE: The Jihad first appeared in Suicide Squad #1 (May 1987), Agni in SS #17. When their members die, new ones are cloned. The letters column of issue #11 casts doubts on the deaths of the Jihad members. OUT2 #5 (Mar. 1994)
The Jihad, out to avenge the destruction of Qurac, end up on the same plant to America as the Outsiders. The two groups battle in the sky; Manticore and Dahak die and the others escape. NOTE: Qurac was destroyed by Cheshire in Deathstroke #19. OUT2 #6 (Apr. 1986)
Halo's aura turns violet, which indicates Violet Harper's personality has resurfaced. She turns on the team and seeks an alliance with Marissa Barron. Barron reactivates Sanction and commands him to kill Halo. In the fracas, his blast hits both women, killing Violet Harper's body. Batman (Azrael) enters the fray. Greg Briggs is informed of Looker's death and suggests the team searches in Abyssia for her body. OUT2 #7 (May 1994)
Kobra rescues Violet Harper's dead body and revives it with the same powers. This entity is called Spectra. She is placed in Kobra's new Strike Force. OUT2 #16 (Mar. 1995)
The new Batman (Azrael) captures Faust, whom he takes to the Batcave. OUT2 #8 (June 1994)
Halo's mind is revealed transferred to the body of Marissa Barron. Commissioner Gordon arrests Geo-Force, Wylde and Faust. They are imprisoned alongside some of their former foes in the Slab, including the Masters of Disaster. When the Masters engineer a jailbreak, other Outsiders, free their captive teammates. The Eradicator arrives on the scene seeking to judge the Outsiders' guilt. After this, the team reluctantly hooks up with Dervish. With this arrest, Brion's identity as Geo-Force becomes public knowledge. OUT2 #9 (July 1994)
Looker is discovered in Abyssia, under Roderick's thrall. She secretly tells the Outsiders she dependent on blood and needs their help. Former queen Tamira joins with the Abyssians to overthrow Roderick. OUT2 #10 (Aug. 1994)
The team tracks Roderick to Abyssia. Tamira ignites a reality-altering bomb, which reverts Roderick to human and Geo-Force executes him. Faust then slays Tamira and frees the Abyssians. During all this, the Atomic Knight learns that the Outsiders are innocent and transmits images to the public; the Outsiders are cleared of all charges. Dervish learns the truth about Manticore's death and leaves the team. Afterwards, various squabbles lead the team to go their separate ways. Note: Looker's supernatural powers, added to her psi powers, greatly increase her invulnerability. OUT2 #11 (9.94)
The new Eradicator recruits Looker, Halo and Faust to take out a Las Vegas drug lord, Oscar Bolt (who holds Wylde captive). They discover that the alien Pharons are behind the operation. Geo-Force, Katana and Technocrat step into the fray, claiming the right to the name Outsiders. OUT2 #0 (10.94)
Geo-Force, Katana and Technocrat clash with the Eradicator's team when both arrive to clean up after recent events. In the rubble, they discover an alien who melds humans and weapons. The Eradicator's team departs, leaving both teams with more bad press. OUT2 #12 (11.94)
When Superman seeks out his former "impostors," he tracks Eradicator to Las Vegas. After a sound thrashing, Supes realizes the answers he seeks lie elsewhere. NOTE: Several pages of this story are the exactly the same in Outsiders #13. Action #704 (11.94)
After Superman departs, Eradicator leads the team to an abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs facility in New Mexico. They intend to use it as a headquarters. Halo is attacked by the Aurakles, who possess her teammates. They seek to "reclaim" her but are driven off by a high dose of electricity. OUT2 #13 (12.94)
After slaying a band of crooks Katana's sword is stolen by Lady Shiva. Katana recovers the sword from her old master, Tadashi, whom she kills. OUT2 #14 (1.95)
The two teams of Outsiders go out on the town for New Year's Eve. They're attacked by Felix Faust, who is in search of his son. The younger Faust sends his father's energy forcefully back to its source, seemingly destroying the elder. Lia is served with divorce papers, and Brion proposes to Denise. OUT2 #15 (Feb. 1995)
The Time Trapper reveals that Terra (and Mirage & Deathwing) are all from the main DC Universe timeline. Terra destroys the Time Trapper's message before it reveals her origins, and later unearths the original Terra's coffin to find it empty. New Titans Annual #11 (1995)
Kobra forms a new Strike Force led by his right-hand... woman, Eve. Her team includes Syonide II, Fauna, Windfall, Dervish and Spectra. This team is easily decimated by the Eradicator's group and Syonide is killed. When Eve calls Kobra for help, he requests that they turn themselves in rather than commit suicide. Dervish and Eve are imprisoned. Windfall, who had been duped by Spectra, rejoins the Outsiders. Spectra herself escapes. Fauna is spirited away and punished by her father, Felix Faust. NOTE: Fauna and Syonide were lovers. Kobra was busy menacing the Flash in Flash v.2 #100. OUT2 #16 (Mar. 1995)
Geo-Force comes to blows with Arsenal and Green Lantern when he demands to meet their mysterious teammate Terra (who resembles his dead sister). Darkstar Donna Troy intervenes and convinces Terra to talk to Geo-Force. Terra convinces Brion that she's not his sister, but is then captured by a Markovian group of scientists who seek to duplicate her powers. After her rescue, the two "siblings" form a bond. Geo-Force later visits the original Tara's grave and says that he feel closer to his "new" sister than he ever did to the original. Felix Faust attacks Halo and Faust. OUT2 #17 (Apr. 1995)
Dishonor Thy Father, Part 1: The two teams finally come together after Halo's serious injuries. They use Faust's belongings to teleport themselves to Felix Faust's lair. There, their imprisoned teammate reveals his origins and sets the Outsiders after a mystical bell and wheel. Felix tricks Wylde into doing his bidding by promising to restore the beast's humanity. OUT2 #18 (May 1995)
Dishonor Thy Father, Part 2: Felix Faust uses Wylde and his daughter, Fauna, as muscle against the Outsiders. Wylde goes over the edge, but is tamed by Fauna, who eventually turns him into a normal bear and locks him in a zoo. Halo stops Felix's spell, then the team destroys the mystical wheel and bell artifacts. OUT2 #19 (June 1995)
  Deathstroke #49-50
While in Paris, the team encounters a renegade entity which turns out to be Metamorpho. They save him from the Skull, who intend to use Rex to create plutonium. OUT2 #20 (July 1995)
The Outsiders follow the trail of a woman who breaks into their headquarters. It leads to Russia, where they run face-to-face into Darkseid. 1st app. of warrior princess Battleax (Princess Norka of Nekrome). OUT2 #21 (Aug. 1995)
DeSaad and Steppenwolf kidnap a town of Earth people, which the Outsiders rescue. Darkseid mentions that he is too busy battling Wonder Woman and the Amazons to bother with these events. OUT2 #22 (9.95)
Battleax recruits the Outsiders to aid in the liberation of her homeworld from mass possession by Eclipso. They reach Nekromnian space, but Technocrat is secretly possessed by Eclipso during the battle. Also, Technocrat's armor is merged with an alien firearm. Meanwhile, Battleax tries to take Geo-Force as her mate. OUT2 #23 (10.95)
Geo-Force is critically injured as his powers ebb far from Earth. When Superboy, Supergirl and Steel intercept the Outsiders in search of Eradicator, they throw in against Eclipso. Battleaxe dies. The team returns to Earth just in time for Brion's marriage to Denise. NOTE: Bruce Wayne, Jefferson Pierce and Metamorpho also attend the wedding. Last issue of third series. OUT2 #24 (11.95)
Batman summons Katana, Geo-Force, Black Lightning and Metamorpho together to stop Fuse, who is kidnapping people and turning them into H-Bombs by implanting uranium. He offered this service to rogue nations. The Outsiders stop him but some of the human bombs escape. Afterwards, Fuse is kept comatose in a secret government facility and the former Outsiders pay periodic visits to the H-Bombs. NOTES: Katana and Geo-Force wear their uniforms from this era. Placement in continuity is uncertain. It could have been any time during the second team's era. OUT3 #26-27 (9-10.05)

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