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Vega is a "nearby star," being only 25.3 light years from Earth. It is notable for the fact that Earth's astronomers have discovered the existence of planetoid masses around this star. (Earth's closest stellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri is 4.39 light-years away and is the former home of the planet Rann. Polaris, now home to Rann and Thanagar, is 431 light years away.) In the DC Universe, Vega does indeed teem with life, whiche began eons ago.


The First Vegans

The Guardians of the Universe created Vega's first sentient inhabitants, the Psions. These former lizards were left on the Guardians' homeword of Malthus after they departed for Oa. As the Psions evolved, they sought constantly to emulate their creators in scientific achievement. (Ashamed of their savage origins, a Psion's tail is removed at birth.) When finally the Psions found their creators on Oa, the Guardians were appalled by the Psions' experiments. The Guardians mandated that the Psions should be banished to the Vegan sector of space to attempt to achieve their own greatness. For as long as the Guardians remained in power (until the first great Crisis), the Psions would be limited to only this small corner of the universe. It was there, in the Vegan star system, that their experiments would define the evolution of life. (OM 30)

Though 25 planets circled Vega, only two contained sentient life. These worlds were polar opposites: Okaara, the utopian, technologically advanced society; and Branx Emana home to primal savages. It was X'Hal, the gracious Okaaran who first greeted the Branx warriors. She was their host but soon became their prisoner. (Legends that X'Hal's was a warrior are false, the product of generations of storytelling.) The Psions were curious to find out which trait would be dominant if they bred an Okaaran with a Branx. They met with continual failure until finally discovering an inhibiting force within the Branx. Inside each warrior, the Psions discovered an "angel," a spirit of reincarnation which rose out of the dead and returned to animate the newly-born. The Psions successfully cleaved one of these angels from its Branx host, sending the being screaming into the void. This creature would later be known as the diplomat and Omegan, Nimbus. Once freed of its symbiote, the Branx was successfully mated with X'Hal. It is unknown whether these angels are still a part of the Branx race.

X'Hal gave birth to twins, one humanoid like herself, the other a black skinned monster. Shortly thereafter, X'Hal and her "mate" killed each other in a prisoners' rage. The Psions panicked; the twins needed a mother for their experiment to continue. They bombarded X'Hal with regenerative energies in an attempt to revive her. Return she did, with vigor. The energies gave her near omnipotent powers. She annihilated her captors, their lab, and the moon surrounding it, and returned to Okaara with her sons. There she was hailed as a goddess and her human son, Lambien, assimilated easily into peaceful Okaaran society. (OM 7)


The Citadel

Lambien's brother, however, having inherited the Branx's violent disposition, was a source of constant strife. He introduced the arts of war to Okaaran society, spawning those who would one day become the revered Warlords of Okaara. Their entire society grew more warlike and in time they developed nuclear weapons which destroyed the planet's surface. Over one million years before life began on other Vegan planets, this former utopia became a dead world. Some Okaarans went underground, others migrated to other Vegan worlds. This migration, coupled with the Psions' continued experimentation, resulted in the evolution of a multitude of Vegan races. (ToNTT 4)

X'Hal's evil son was banished from Okaara. He returned to the Psions' former laboratory world and built a fortress by reassembling the fragments of its moon into a ringed citadel. This "First Citadeller" would in time clone himself into an imperfect but powerful army. Many years later, he began to anticipate his mortality. To attain godlike immortality like his brother, he would eventually implant his consciousness into the very heart of the Citadel's computer core: the Complex-Complex. (OM 7)

The ruling family of Tamaran was one of the Citadel's early targets. There, King Korithus led his people in a hopeless battle and perished along with his sons, Korthus and Scrithus. When their mother, Talathus, was taken into slavery, only their son Mythus (later Myand'r) was left to rule Tamaran. In departing, Talathus urged Mythus to make whatever sacrifices necessary to save Tamaran from total destruction. (NTT 15)

X'Hal was enraged that the Okaarans had exiled her son, and destroyed three of Vega's 25 planets. This shocking display prompted a mobilization of Okaaran forces. Only after the sacrifices of hundreds of warriors was X'Hal finally contained. For their own safety, her worshippers now also became her jailers. Before her incarceration, X'Hal imparted Lambien with some of her powers. (NTT 25)


Young Vegans

On the planet Euphorix, the young farm boy, Pren, began manifesting various mental powers (considered evil by his people). His parents banished him to the Witchwood, where he was adopted by Lorlady Andren and her husband Jarr who renamed him Primus, or "one who leads." As he grew, so did his abilities and he was recruited by the royal palace guard. There this boastful youth met the young princess, Kalista.

During a Citadel attack, Primus became a hero when he valiantly dispatched the invaders by calling on earth-spirits to finish them off. Like all Vegan youths, Primus and Kalista were sent to Okaara for training with the Warlords. There, Primus first formed the idea for the "Omega Men," a rebel group to stand against the Citadel's aggression. He and Kalista fell in love, but Kalista's parents forbade them to marry. Regardless, Kalista took him to the royal arbor palace and they were married in secret (though she was betrothed to a young man named Rhoark). After their wedding, Primus left Euphorix to begin forming an army. Kalista became queen of Euphorix after her father was assassinated and her mother died of illness. Needless to say, this was during a politically turbulent time throughout Vega and everyone feared invasion by the Citadel or Psions. When Euphorix's statesman, Alonzo Dulak, returned from Okaara with advanced technology, he invented an inpenetrable force field which was erected around Euphorix. (OMANN 2)

Changralyn was home to a society of pacifists. Young Charis-Nar differed from his peers in that he alone questioned his elders' teachings. Many years hence, the elders had agreed to sacrifice newborns to the Citadel in exchange for protection. When Charis-Nar came of age, his marriage was prearranged, to Kattayan-Besh. Upon their child's birth the Citadel's foot soldiers, the Gordanians, came to collect the young. Charis-Nar could not bear this and slew the Gordainian in a rage. The guards retaliated by killing his newborn son, taking Charis-Nar prisoner, and taking his wife for a slave. This incident forever branded Charis-Nar an outcast and blasphemer. He removed the traditional tattoo from his brow. Though he is a pacifist at heart, Charis-Nar vowed to fight — a language the Citadel understood. Thereafter, Charis-Nar was known only by the name Broot. (OM 2)

On the planet Tamaran, King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r begin their family. Their firstborn daughter was Komand'r, who at an early age succumbed to an illness which robbed her of the ability to fly. All native Tamaraneans could convert solar energy to the power of flight, so this weakness branded Komand'r a cripple among her people. Soon thereafter, her sister Koriand'r was born and it was decreed that she would inherit the throne instead. Their brother, Ryand'r, was third-born. Like all Vegan children, Komand'r and Koriand'r were sent to Okaara for training in the arts of war. There they meet the young Kalista and Primus of Euphorix. During their training, Komand'r's pent-up hatred emerged and she attempted to take Koriand'r's life. The Warlords stopped Komand'r just in time and banished her from Okaara. Instead of returning home to Tamaran, Komand'r headed for the Citadel Homeworld, where she divulges all Tamaran's secrets. Five million people died In the ensuing attack on Tamaran. Remembering his mother's plea to save Tamaran at all costs, King Myand'r relinquished his own daughter Koriand'r to Gordanian slavers in hopes of sparing Tamaran the ravages of war.

Years later, the Citadel was attacked by the Psions, who captured both Tamaranean sisters. They were subjected to an experiment aimed at discovering the upper limits of Tamaranean solar absorption. When the machine overloaded, Koriand'r was freed and, in a moment of pity, freed Komand'r as well. Both sisters emerged from their torture with the ability to fire "starbolts" from their hands. Since Komand'r had remained longer in the machine, her power greater; she struck down Koriand'r and returned her to slavery. Komand'r was promoted within the Citadel ranks. (ToNTT 4)

On Aello (also known as Stormswift), another pair of sisters, A'Haarp and Demonia, were caught in a storm. Enthralled by the legends of Aello's winged heroes, A'Haarp set out to rescue an endangered child. Though her efforts were valiant, she was unable to complete the rescue without Demonia's help. Demonia transported the two to safety using an aircraft, but when they return, only A'Haarp is heralded as a planetary hero. Her reward: bioengineered wings which are attached to her back. (OMANN 1)

Also on Aello, a humanoid doctor concluded that his mind was too small for his thoughts. This lavendar-skinned humanoid persuaded his colleagues to implant circuitry into his head, drastically changing his anatomy. One day, the Omega Men would call him simply "Doc." (OM 19)


The Rebellion & Great Wars

At the "Siege of Alaran," Citadel forces are responsible for the death of Tigorr's wife, Ghanna. (GL 143)

For the right girl, the world of Raggashoon can bring money and power. Young Harpis and Demonia of Aello seek just that. Though Demonia is concerned only with power, Harpis fast becomes a favorite among visiting soldiers. Among others, she beds Tigorr, a commander in the Great Wars. It is Delengis (one of Tigorr's men), however, who ultimately captures her heart. Their romance is cut brutally short when the evil Komand'r comes to call. Komand'r singles out Harpis and others for genetic alteration. Mama's girls will be custom-designed for Komand'r's lieutenants. Demonia is also selected but unlike her sister is elated at the results. For three years, Harpis travels alongside her new mate. Ultimately, fate brings them to Tamaran and a clash with Tigorr's band of rebels. When she spots her former love, Delengis, leaps into battle alongside the rebels. When they are defeated, she and Demonia are jailed as well. (OM 11)

One planet would remain almost untouched by the Citadel's scourge. On Euphorix, the young inventor Alonzo Dulak has devised a force field technology which he brings before X'Hal on Okaara. The goddess is impressed and imbues his invention with some of her own power, in hopes that one of Vega's worlds would survive the coming wars. (OM 15)


The Omega Men

The Prison Planet begins to swell with captives. There the charismatic Primus meets the powerful Tigorr. Their combined leadership initiates a revolt, and 200 Citadel prisoners are freed. Despite this small victory, five times that number remain imprisoned; during their escape, over 70 more of them die. (Harpis believes her lover, Delengis, has also perished.) Among the escapees, X'Hal's son Lambien later sacrifices himself to ensure the Omegans' safe passage to Earth. Regarded as a god, Lambien becomes a martyr to the Omega Men, who safeguard his essence in hopes of his revival. The surviving Omegans arrive on Earth in Newfoundland, where they establish a base from which to plan their revenge. (GL 142)

A slave for years, the young Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran finally seizes her opportunity to escape. Traveling aboard the Gordanian slave ship Q'st'r, she slays her captors and flees in a shuttle ship towards Earth. The journey from the Vegan world of Hnyxx will take three months. On Earth, the young empath called Raven assembles a team of young heroes whom she one day hopes will defeat her father, Trigon. Raven alerts the Titans to Koriand'r's arrival and they twice battle the Gordanians for her freedom. The Gordanians leave her behind, vowing that the Citadel will later send a warfleet. (NTT 1)

When the Earth man Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) is laid off from Ferris Aircraft, he and his girlfriend Carol Ferris take a vacation in Newfoundland. There, they are discovered by Harpis, who returns with a warning to the Omega Men's hidden city. There, Primus reveals the obscured shape of "him," an Omegan who they hope will heal in time to help them return home. After an unsuccessful disguised attempt to divert Hal and Carol, they reveal themselves to the Earth couple. Though Broot, Tigorr, Demonia and Harpis disagree with Primus' decision to let them live, Harpis defends Primus' leadership abilities. Nonetheless, Demonia threatens to disobey orders and kill Hal and Carol. (GL 141)

Primus forcibly stops Demonia from killing the Earthlings as Nimbus backs him up, claiming to have encountered a Green Lantern before (see Notes). In disgust, Tigorr makes known his own aspirations to lead the Omega Men. Just as the Omegans are finally found by the Gordanians, the remaining power of Lambien evolves in the powerful being Auron. Auron claims that he is not Lambien, but a reincarnation of his power. (GL 142)

From Vega, the Complex-Complex directs the Gordanians to reform into a robotic giant. But Auron (claiming to have been reincarnated by X'Hal herself to become her personal destroyer) and Green Lantern propel the Omegan's to victory over the Gordanians. At the conclusion, a Citadel commander expresses heightened anger towards the planet Earth for harboring not only the Omegans, but also the renegade Princess Koriand'r. After a long six months, Primus finally vows to get the Omegans home and face the Citadel. (GL 143)

Unable to find Green Lantern (who has been banished to space for a year), the Omega Men seek out Superman for help to return home. Instead they find that the Man of Steel has been abducted and vow once again to put the needs of others ahead of their own. In the battle, Kalista is struck by a gun, but comments that it's effects are "rather limited" on her Vegan physiology. (Action 535)

Despite the protests of others, Primus agrees to try to help Superman regain half of his stolen powers. Once accomplished, Superman takes the Omega Men aboard the Justice League satellite, where he furnishes them with fuel and a ship to return home. Just then, Superman notices the New Teen Titan called Raven appear in space outside the satellite; he draws her inside. (Action 536)

Previously — also on Earth — the Citadel has sent the evil Komand'r to Earth in search of her escaped sister Koriand'r. She sends the Gordanians to make her powers go awry, and she is thus captured. To pursue them, the Titans enlist Aqualad to retrieve the ship in which Kory came to Earth. However, Komand'r's forces quickly spit the Titans into space, left to their death. It is there that Raven envelops them in her soul self and Superman brings them aboard the JLA satellite. (NTT 23)

Primus is surprised to hear of Princess Koriand'r, whom the Omegans had believed dead. Again he pledges the Omega Men's support, agreeing to transport the Titans to Vega to rescue her. This meets with the increased protests from Tigorr and Demonia. Raven correctly deduces "Demonia would betray us." At the Citadel homeworld, Komand'r is received by revered Lord Damyn, the high chieftain who led the raid on Euphorix, exiled X'Hal and conquered all other Vegan worlds. With some Psions in his service, he hatches a plan to kidnap X'Hal. Meanwhile, the Omega Men decide to seek help from the Warlords of Okaara. They are accompanied by Auron, who once on Okaara, pleads with his mother to kill him. Held captive by the Warlords, the goddess refuses his plea and instead uses him as her vengeful tool and destroys the incoming Citadel force. Changeling takes the form of a Gordanian to try to find Starfire. (NTT 24)

The Omega Men recount the origins of X'Hal to the Titans: how she was imprisoned by the Warlords so that her worshippers are safe from her wrath. X'Hal ultimately gives herself over to the Citadel to save her homeworld of Okaara from destruction. And Demonia secretly allies herself with the Citadel just as Komand'r kills Lord Damyn, claims his position, and captures the Titans. (NTT 25)

In rage, Koriand'r temporarily breaks free, but the sisters are separated by the Citadel officials. They mandate that the two must duel to the death. If Komand'r wins, she will command the Citadel; if Koriand'r wins, Tamaran will be spared the Citadel's wrath. In the end, it is Komand'r appears to perish. But unbeknownst to the sisters, a Psion double agent has planted a trigger within each of them. Upon their deaths, 300 quake bombs will detonate throughout Vega. X'Hal quickly intervenes and destroys all the bombs then disappears, leaving her son, Auron, free from her influence. Demonia's betrayal is never discovered and she walks away alongside the Omega Men. For the first time in years, Koriand'r is reunited with her family on Tamaran, but decides to return to Earth with the Titans. (NTTANN 1)
Following her apparent death, Komand'r is rescued by a Tamaranean named Dor'ion. The near-death incident left her blind and shaken to the core, and without the will to live. Dor'ion gradually brings her back to herself. He trains her in combat not to rely on her gradually-returning sight and convinces her that Tamaran needs a leader who will fight for their freedom. When at last he reawakens her killer instincts, he makes the ultimate payment; in her blind haste, she kills him with a starbolt before realizing it was he. His death solidifies her resolve to lead Tamaran. (NTT 16)

Around this time, while battle rages on the world of Slagg, the Spittroid Shlagen first encounters Omega Men. They believe that he has come seeking their help, when in fact he had been running away. (OM 19)


Elsewhere in Sector 2828

Following their success in liberating Koriand'r the Omegans retreat to a safe distance to prepare for their inevitable showdown with the Citadel. Outside Vegan space, they again encounter Hal Jordan, now on the planet Garon. In repayment of their debt to him, they free him from the Headmen (they had found him by monitoring Citadel transmissions). The Headman work for the Citadel's Lord Tiror. Tiror is contacted by one of the Guardians of the Universe, who claim that in capturing a Green Lantern, their treaty has been breached. Consenting, Tiror agrees no to assist the Headmen, who are left to a Psion attack just as Hal Jordan and the Omega Men escape. (GL 161)

Though the Guardians of the Universe have vowed noninterference with the Citadel in Vegan affairs, there is nonetheless a Green Lantern assigned to Vega's encompassing space sector. Known only as the Green Man, this Green Lantern hails from Uxor, a world where inhabitants are not given proper names. In his first recorded case, he encounters a band of space gypsies who have their own noninterference policy. In dire straits, the gypsies are bound by their beliefs to ever accept outside assistance. To solve this, the Green Man temporarily empowers one of their own with a power ring. (GL 164)

In his travels, the Green Man encounters a race of cybernetic drones from a distant civilization: the Spider Guild. Driving them back requires the efforts of several Green Lanterns including the horse-like Brin. (GL 167) Later, the Green Man falls battered to a different planet; the Spider drones have continued their advance. A clever ruse wins the ship's destruction, which he leaves to the natives to scavenge. (GL 172)


Citadel War

Once home, a short chain events quickly brought the Omega Men into direct confrontation with the Citadel. Primus first leads the Omega Men to Slagg, where they overthrow a Citadel's outpost. They kill the Imperial Commander and all his men, then begin setting up their own base. Morale boosted, Primus next charts a course for Changralyn, homeworld of Broot. Despite Broot's protests, Primus believes that an army of impervious allies will greatly help their cause. They soon discover, however, that the Changralynians are pacifists, and Broot is an outcast. Still determined, Primus, Tigorr and Nimbus travel into the city of Sharll, leaving the banished Broot with their ship. In a heated moment, Broot kills on of the Gordanians stationed there, inciting the Citadel to retaliate. The Branx commander destroys the city of Sharll with a nuclear bomb. (OM 1)

Protected by their Breathers, Primus and Tigorr fight to survive from the nuclear explosion. Tigorr manages to reach a Gordanian ship, killing its crew, and brings a new Breather to Primus just as his old one dies. Nimbus, unaffected by the blast, then discovers a shrine which details the legend of Broot's great fall from grace. When the Omegan's return to their ship, they find that Broot has given himself up to the Citadel in punishment for killing the Gordanians; Nimbus follows. Back on Slagg, Demonia hatches a traitorous plan to secure herself a position in the Citadel. She begins distributing mind-controlling medallions to gullible Shally and Chipwah. With Primus weak and minus one eye, Tigorr takes command of the Omega Men. Meanwhile, a Citadel commander makes new plans to invade Euphorix. (OM 2)

On Euphorix, a world unconquered by Citadel forces, the Citadel commander lays bombs all over the planet's impervious shield. But when the Euphorans detonate the bombs prematurely, the Citadel's troops are decimated. Seizing an opportunity, the Earth Man named Harry Hokum approaches the Citadel commander, offering the answer to Euphorix's defeat. They send a false broadcast of the planet's defeat to brings its queen, Kalista out of hiding. The ruse works, and Kalista leads a team of Omegans to her homeworld's rescue. When they arrive planetside, the Omegans are ambushed by bounty hunters Lobo and Bedlam, who cripple the crew. Bedlam delivers a critical blow to Harpis by ripping off her wings. Once in the Citadel's hands, Kalista is overtaken by the parasitic Greeshagurt, which assumes her form. In their struggle, they are blown out of the ship and onto Euphorix's shield. Primus and Tigorr return to Slagg. (OM 3)

The Citadel had hoped to secure Euphorix's secrets by stealing Kalista's memories via the Greeshagurt. However, once the beast and Kalista land on top of the planet's shield, the Euphorans open a temporary hole in the force shield, allowing the two to drop through. Euphoran officials quickly assess the situation and Kalista reverts back to her true form. On Slagg, Demonia's treachery has come to a head, as she entices Tigorr into mortal combat with Primus. Ultimately, Tigorr deduces her treachery and delivers a fatal blow to Demonia instead. Regardless, Primus is hobbled by the bout. Tigorr seizes the opportunity as leader to officially declare war on the Citadel. (OM 4)

Tigorr (still using the Gordanian ship stolen on Changralyn) first jumps to Euphorix in search of Kalista's Omegan mothership. He is unaware that the Citadel commander's ship is nearby. When attacked Tigorr brilliantly outmaneuvers Citadel forces, warping out of harms way on a course to the Citadel Homeworld. News of his bravery incites rebellion throughout Vega, and by the time he reaches his destination, allied ships are ready to aid him. (OM 5)

As Tigorr advances, the Citadel commander takes his time; he does not believe the Omega Men are a threat. On the battlefront, however, Tigorr unleashes an army of Balliwags who jump down to the Citadel Homeworld, planting bombs all along the protective ring. As Tigorr and Gepsen approach the Citadel command center, they are warned by Auron to go no further. Auron claims that "what you seek to gain is surpassed only by what you stand to lose." Ignoring the warning, they proceed and Gepsen is incinerated in a trap. More cautious, Tigorr pushes on finally meeting the Complex-Complex, the Citadel mastermind who has merged with its computer system. The Complex-Complex gives Tigorr the option of destroying him, but claims that in so doing, the Citadel wins. He reasons that once Vega had been pure, but upon his birth, aggression seeped into every corner of the solar system. Tigorr's ultimate act of aggression against the Citadel merely proves that even those Vegans who hold themselves in the highest virtue are no better than their enemy. Aggression had finally won over peace. On Slagg, an excited Primus accidentally breaks the new mechanical eye that Doc made for him. He has already fitted Primus with other synthetic internal organs. On Euphorix, the awakening Kalista is greeted by Alonzo Dulak, whom she'd appointed to her throne when she left. (OM 6)



With his dying "breaths," the Complex-Complex relates to Tigorr, Nimbus and Auron the true origins of X'Hal and the Citadel. Auron listens, rapt, as he hears his own true heritage for the first time. The truth overwhelms him, and he departs the Omega Men's company. (OM 7)

In celebration of the Omega Men's victory, Kalista sends her subject Rhoark to retrieve Primus from Slagg. She negotiates the return of her crown from her old friend Alonzo Dulak (Dulak invented Euphorix's impenetrable shield). Once, Dulak had pursued Kalista's affections, and with Primus' imminent return his sinister side to surfaces. In space, raiders attempt to take the Gordanian ship which houses Nimbus and Broot. Ever the diplomat, Nimbus negotiates a peaceful solution and returns with Broot to Euphorix in time for Kalista's coronation. And on the Citadel Homeworld, the commander and Harry Hokum hatch a plan for a new Citadel... (OM 8)

Hokum begins building his alliance by by offering client worlds the former Citadel's still-considerable resources (weapons, protection, troops, etc.). He then launches an attack on the now-defenseless Euphorix. Above Euphorix, he also seizes the Omegan's original mothership, which still houses the maimed Harpis. All it's inhabitants are taken prisoner. Tigorr is also captured when he unexpectedly stumbles into the Citadel's fleet. Captured, he is taken. Shlagen arrives too late to save his friends but runs into Lobo. The pair head planetside, where Dulak reactivates the shield and Lobo destroys the remaining ships. Broot displays an increasing reluctance to use force and does not join in the fight. The Omega Men decide to try to negotiate with the new Citadel and send Nimbus as their ambassador. But once on the Citadel Homeworld, Hokum traps him as well. Now desperate, Primus accepts Lobo's help, offering to give himself over to Lobo's payment. (OM 9)

Attempting to infiltrate the Citadel, Lobo brings the Omega Men to the Citadel as his "prisoners." There they are jailed alongside their enemies. Again Broot resists the use of force until a crucial moment. Their escape is clinched by Primus' use of Alonzo Dulak's force field. With it, Lobo kills Hokum's ally, the Citadel Commander. Hokum then threatens mass nuclear destruction, and Primus calls a truce. Despite Tigorr and Lobo's objections, they agree to let each world choose alliances for itself. All the Citadel's captive Omegans are finally released from prison. A new Citadel is formed with the Branx, the Gordanians, the Citadel Homeworld and Changralyn. The Omega Men fare poorly in the negotiations, losing even Euphorix when Kalista issues an ultimatum to Primus: Vega or Euphorix. He must decide soon because she intends to erect the force field again forever. (OM 10)



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