Infinity Man and the Forever People

New 52 Created by Keith Giffen and Dan DiDio


The Forever People of the New 52 were reconceptualized band of students from New Genesis. They studied under Headmaster Himon, who sent them to Earth on a mission. In this reality, Serifan was changed into "Serafina," the sister of Vykin.

Students are encouraged to be a light to the children of the multiverse. Serafina, Dreamer, and Mark Moonrider prepare for a mission but their Mother Box won't activate. Vykin and Azur Te come, he and Mark hate each other. Vykin Baldaur is Serafina's brother. Mark thinks HF controls the youth. Vykin's touch activates the Box. Headmaster Himon comes to see the team off, the Box is linked to Vykin inductee to Highfather's Elite Youth. Mark Moonrider, rebellious. Dreamer Beautiful, no records found, non-physical anomaly found. They're greeted by Big Bear in Venice Beach, California. He uses Kirby, a communal reconstruction bio engine to maintain an alien environment, an AI. Mantis and his minions attack a farm in Sudan run by billionaire Omar Bashri. (Infinity Man and the Forever People #1)

In her sleep, Dreamer conjures a form of Darkseid. She dreamt of a word, Taaru. Bear works with Kirby to puzzle why Feast of Eden, their project in the desert, went wrong. They go there, their contact is Omar Bashri. They're ambushed by Mantis' bug soldiers. Vykin, Orion Class 7 warrior with the ability to control his own Density. Moonrider possessor of the megaton touch, force of raw explosive power. Serafina Baldaur with bio-bursts to startle, confuse, and blind. Big Bear no much known before joining the academy. Has claws on his gloves and transforms into more animal like when aroused. He is 'hidden' among the people of NG. Has had prior teams on Earth. As Mantis attacks, the mother Box hums to life and transforms. They all sense something in common and recite the word Taaru unleashing great force and the Infinity Man.


After the IM leaves the Forever People awake back on Earth and their Mother Box is inert. The monitors around them repair automatically and broadcast a message from the Infinity Man. It warns of a corruption wrought by both Apokolips and NG trying to impose their own order, against the oppression of the 'two brothers.' He releases Mantis on them challenging them to show their worth. Mantis is revealed to be their ally, Bashri, who's evolved. Mark's power drives him off. In Dreamer's mind, she meets her power, an astral skull the Anti-Life. Her connection to it has drawn attention of others. It shows her a ceremony of Aagog trying to violate her. It invites her to rule with it. Himon is alerted by ?? about the Infinity Man's appearance. Himon ushers him out. He says to Azur Te that he had given them a defective Mother Box that Vykin fixed. Now she's ordered to go take care of things. On Earth, the FP's MB creates a massive explosion when they try to Boom. #3

Scarecrow in the country resembles the original Serifan's outfit. The Boom Tube deposits them somewhere else,Ventura California, where they meet Batcow, who seems to direct them the way home. It gives Serafina the scarecrow's hat. On NG, army is trained on the lantern corps. HF wants students recalled but Headmaster Himon argues the worth of the Earth mission. He's confronted by the IM accuses him of lying and attempting to prevent his return. IM is here to help HF. Azur Te is waiting for them. Mark turns to fight with Vykin and Serafina steps between. Doctor Skuba inspects their pool. Serafina also has Cosmic Cartridges, sends one at Skuba. Sweet Leilani watches them arrive too, report to Aagog. Guy Gardner arrives.


In the final day men threw themselves on the Promethean Wall as penance. When Yuga Khan died and Highfather and Darkseid proclaimed themselves New Gods. Izaya and Uxas, brothers, fought Yuga who held the Anti-Life and reanimated the gods they'd slain. Izaya firstborn. Uxas struck killing blow in the back so their race was born in betrayal. Aagog of NG preaches to others now that the resulting war between brothers was more devastating than that before. When questioned he strikes down the man with a small portion of Anti-Life. Aagog wants Yuga Khan to return to unite them again. Big Bear attacks Guy. Vykin is a direct descendant of the living atoms of Baldauur, pure bloodline of the New Gods, immune to red energy. Mark refuses to join the fight because it looks like Highfather's problem. As their MB begins to sing again, it's imprisoned by two Green Lanterns, Bd'g and


IM is called forth and turns Guy's power back on him, puts him to sleep. He pauses on King Faraday, who summoned him in some way, their lives will intersect soon. Bd'g approaches the FP saying the matter isn't about Highfather but the IM and their connection, offers help if they need it. Big Bear concludes that if they want to be free of the IM, they must kill HF.


Skuba emerged with water powers and fought Serafina. On New Years' Eve, Mark was down. They meet each other on the beach and share a kiss, then she leaves. Then he's approached by Sweet Leilani, a 'neighbor' on roller skates. She reveals herself as agent of Aagog then Thumpa Killsandra and Enchanthrax emerge as well. Leilani is leader of the Femmes Fatales.


Dreamer awakes fearing for Mark and the MB locates him. The Fatales present Mark to Aagog who tries to convert him. Anti-Life was Yuga's power to bring order. He orders Mark killed. Leilani and Killsandra were members of Darkseid's Elite squad. Dreamer saves Mark with her dark power, the Anti-Life and revives him from death. She dispatches the Femmes. Days later the Femmes are found by Granny Goodness in space with Lashina. The Femmes were once her finest. On Earth Bear is approached by IM who emerges from Kirby.


Before the IM's birth, continents of NG lay scorched and Izaya called into question. He began idealistic and valued life. Izaya and a doomed companion disguised themselves as Parademons to take out a Parademon horde nest. They dump their cargo and flee on aero discs. His bomb succeeded in destroying them but was dejected; their planet was a wasteland. Himon used his powers to take them to witness the Promethean Giants that stand at the edge of the multiverse, at the Source Wall. There a piece of rock floats with an obelisk, a Source shard, only remaining piece of the original Source Wall. There barrier is thinnest. It tells him something he says he cannot do trade his son for Darkseid's. He railed in anger. Avia's death. He is transformed by it into Highfather, a legacy. He is both merged with the shard and cleaved. Part of his peaceful essence becomes the avatar of the shard the Infinity Man the conscience he surrendered. One day it will take back "what is his". He encourages Big Bear to help Highfather, be a shepherd not a warrior. (#9)

Future's End

In the hypothetical future, five years later, Dreamer had become somewhat unhinged and used her powers over death to resurrect Mark Moonrider. They lived in the "Cadmus Singularity," and there was peace between Apokolips and New Genesis. The others had left them a year before after summoning the Infinity Man for the last time. (Infinity Man and the Forever People: Future's End #1)

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  • Infinity Man and the Forever People, 9 issues (2014–15)