The SW6 Legionnaires

Catspaw + Computo + Dragonmage


This page covers teenage Legionnaires who joined the SW6 Legion during Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 4 (aka the Legion 1.5 era). Their adventures appeared primarily in the Legionnaires series. All Legion 1.5 history is presumed invalid on any parallel Earth.


Catspaw fights the Khunds. From Legionnaires #11 (1994); art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.
Catspaw card from DC Cosmic Teams #101 (1993); art by Jason Pearson and Karl Story.

Name and aliases: April Dumaka of Earth

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #33 (Sept. 1992)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

Little is known about April Dumaka's past. During the Dominator occupation of Earth, she was kidnapped and experimented on in their underground chambers, where her metagene was activated, turning her into a cat-like girl, with claws, heightened senses, superhuman agility, and making her quite sexually aggressive toward men.

Fortunately her chamber was near Danielle Foccart's. Danielle could "talk" to computers and sensed their impending destruction. She freed them along with Xao Jin and Bobb Kohan, and the four of them escaped death in the chambers. (Legion v.4 #33)

While seeking shelter, they encountered the SW6 Legionnaires, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, who took them to their command post. There April got accustomed to her new self and when Reep Daggle decided to help establish the SW6 team on New Earth, he brought April into the group. He gave her the super-hero code name of Catspaw. (#41) There she was content to chase the boy Legionnaires like mice.

This era of post-Crisis Legion continuity ended with the coming of Zero Hour. Catspaw vanished just before the end. (Valor #22) The v.4 Legion's timeline is no longer valid, on any parallel Earth.

Legion 2: Earth-247

The Catspaw of Earth-247 made only a cameo appearance. She was seen as a candidate under review by Leland McCauley as a prospective member of his Workforce. (Legionnaires #69)

This universe was destroyed during Infinite Crisis, and Catspaw along with it (though the Legionnaires survived).


Tom Bierbaum said that Catspaw was created by artist Jason Pearson, and added:

"At one point he and we were trying to work out a "Legionnaires" fill-in that would have given more of her background, but we didn't start thinking about that possibility until our time there was almost up. Basically, Catspaw was just a woman on Earth when the Dominators were secretly nabbing people and experimenting on them. There was a boyfriend character (from the Legionnaires story where they meet all the Protys on Antares, I think his name was Ansis) who was supposed to have somehow betrayed her and been the cause of her being kidnapped by Earthgov/Dominators."

Computo II

Computo invades Danielle. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 Annual #1 (1982); art by Keith Giffen and Bruce Patterson.
Danielle displays a sign that she might have super-powers. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #312 (1984); art by Keith Giffen and Karl Kesel.
The Computo card , #99, from DC Cosmic Teams (1993); art by Ty Templeton.

Name and aliases: Danielle Foccart of Earth

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 Annual #1 (1982)

Legion 1: Earth-0

Danielle Foccart was about eight years old when she contracted some sort of nervous disorder. Her brother Jacques brought case to the attention of the Legin's Brainiac 5.

After studying Danielle's condition, Brainy decided that it was curable with the help of one of his previous inventions — the renegade super-computer called Computo. Brainy thought he would be able to control Computo but he was mistaken, and Computo took over Danielle's mind. To fool Computo, Jacques ingested the late Invisible Kid's invisibility serum and became the second Invisible Kid II. He fooled Computo and saved Danielle and the Legion (and possibly the world) from certain doom. (Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 Annual #1)

Brainiac 5 became possessed by the challenge to free Danielle Foccart from Computo's taint. (Legion v.2 #309-310) He did succeed, but destroyed Legion's headquarters in the process. But this he had planned for; the HQ was immediately reconstructed, with the added bonus of the original Computo being "tamed." Afterwards, it served as the team's majordomo. (#311) Danielle was released to her brother's care, but as she exited the electronic portal, her body created a disruption in the field... the first sign that she had gained super-powers. (#312)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

After returning to Africa, Danielle's life was normal for many years. When the Dominators infiltrated the Earth, they started kidnapping Earthlings for experimentation and, if they could produce metahuman powers in them, used them as soldiers. Danielle was one of these subjects. The Dominators discovered that she had the power to mentally communicate with and partially control computers. Her power also made her aware of the Dominator's atrocities outside her prison chambers. When she sensed that a resistance soldier had set the chambers to self-destruct, Danielle made the computer system free her and three others near her. She, Bobb Kohan, Xao Jin, and April Dumaka escaped the blast and made their way through the Dominator's tunnels until they came across two Legionnaires from Batch SW6. (Legion v.4 #33)

The Legionnaires gave them shelter while the war continued. Earth was liberated from the Dominators but was also destroyed in part by its destruction. A network of cities was shepherded into orbit, becoming New Earth. (#38-39) She was reunited with Jacques, who became New Earth's president. When he learned out about her powers, he suggested to Chameleon Boy that she join the Legion. Cham instead convinced her to join and help set up the SW6 Legionnaires on New Earth. When the team held its first meeting, she was chosen by Cosmic Boy to be their vice-chairperson. (Legionnaires #1) She has assumed leadership duties when young Cosmic Boy was incapacitated. (#9)

Computo played a vital role in the SW6 but the team was not active for long before the effects of Zero Hour caused the Legion's entire timeline to disappear. Computo vanished just before this era of post-Crisis Legion continuity came to an end. (Valor #22) The v.4 Legion's timeline is no longer valid, on any parallel Earth.

Legion 2: Earth-247

A very young Danielle also appeared in Earth-247 continuity. She was shown only in flashback, as part of her brother, Jacques', tale. (Legionnaires #66)

This universe was destroyed during Infinite Crisis, and Danielle along with it (though the Legionnaires survived).


Tom Bierbaum credited Mary Bierbaum for transforming Danielle into Computo. He added:

"Mary consistently suggested we bring her back … I liked the idea because most of my ideas tended to focus on the Legion's earlier days and I really wanted our Legion to draw on and tie together all eras of the book's great continuity. … Michael Eury wanted a new character to be involved in the group's leadership, and Danielle seemed a natural for deputy leader … and [she] had the best combination of assertiveness and intelligence among the new characters."


Dragonmage helps the Proteans restore their race. From Legionnaires #11 (1994); art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.
Dragonmage card from DC Cosmic Teams #100 (1993); art by Jason Pearson and Karl Story.
Dragonmage of Earth-247 summons the witch Mysa.. From Legionnaires #46 (1997); at by Jeff Moy and Phil Moy.

Legion 1: Earth-0

The Dragonmage of the current Earth-0 has never actually appeared. He was only mentioned by the evil sorcerer Mordru, as one of the magicians he'd killed and absorbed. (Legion of Three Worlds #2)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

Name and aliases: Xao Jin of Earth

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #33 (Sept. 1992)

Xao Jin was born in China and his sensitivity to the forces of magic was apparent shortly after his birth. His powers seriously threatened his family's safety during the Magic Wars (Legion v.3 #60-63), he became the apprenticed to Chu Hua, a master magician. He studied under him until the Dominators took him and his teacher captive.

Xao escaped the Dominators' underground chambers thanks to Danielle Foccart, who sensed their impending destruction and freed him, along with April Dumaka and Bobb Kohan. (Legion v.4 #33)

His spells, which usually manifested with dragon-shaped holograms, proved useful while the four were on the run. But he was not completely trained in the use of his power, and was easily rattled. Nonetheless, he was inducted into the New Earth team of Legionnaires upon its formation, where he worked to master his concentration and skills. (Legion v.4 #41)

He gained confidence from helping the Legionnaires restore Kid Quantum. Xao used magic to help the Protean race revive Quantum, and to stabilize him while he restored the Proteans he held within his form. Kid Quantum would have died without Dragonmage's help. Instead, Quantum was fully restored after the procedure. Dragonmage's magic also made Quantum's time-stasis powers powers internalized (they had previously been the product of technology). (Legionnaires #11)

This era of post-Crisis Legion continuity ended with the coming of Zero Hour. (Legion v.4 #61 #22) The v.4 Legion's timeline is no longer valid, on any parallel Earth.

Legion 2: Earth-247

Name and aliases: Xao Jin of Earth

First appearance: Legionnaires #43 (Dec. 1996)

Xao Jin of of Earth-247 (the post-Zero Hour Legion), was a master of the mystic arts. As Dragonmage, he tried out for Legion membership, shortly after seven Legionnaires were thrown back in time by the Emerald Eye of Ekron. He was rejected for membership because the Eye had made the Legionnaires leery of anything magical. He left angrily, vowing to show the Legionnaires the full power of his magic. (Legionnaires #43)

He discovered magical power emanating from a recently-vacated crypt on the planetoid Yuen, but before he could tap into it, he was caught by the witch Mysa. She knew of the crypt's former prisoner, the sorcerer Mordru. (#46) Xao went to try and warn the Legion about Mordru's coming, but they ignored him because of his hysterics; he left with a contempt for the disbelievers. (#47) Jin returned to Mysa to help her prepare to fight Mordru (#48), and both of them ultimately joined forces with the Legion. (#49)

Dragonmage drained some of Mordru's power during the battle, but Mordru lashed out at him, injuring him badly. Mysa finished the job and then took Xao Jin as her apprentice. She was especially fond of him because he resembled a man she once knew and loved. (#50-52)

On the Sorcerers' World, Mysa instructed Dragonmage to regain control of his power. But Dragonmage was impatient and sought a more expedient path. He discovered scrolls which described the power of "Elementals" that were imprisoned on the planet Zyzan. Xao went to tap their powers and ignored the warnings other sorcerers. (#70) The Elementals were too powerful for Dragonmage to control, and they escaped. Mysa found Dragonmage unconscious and brought him to Legion headquarters on Earth to heal, while she and the Legionnaires battled the Elementals. (#71)

When Dragonmage awoke, Star Boy was there and told him what the Elementals had done. They argued, but a mystic blast from Dragonmage restored Star Boy's powers to normalcy, so they made peace. Dragonmage transported them to asteriod JS-1967, where the two of them were instrumental in stopping the Elementals. Dragonmage was severely injured again. (#73) While recovering, Dragonmage admitted his responsibility for unleashing such evil, and vowed to redeem himself. He turned himself over to United Planets authorities for punishment, of which Mysa approved. (#74)

The Earth-247 universe was destroyed during Infinite Crisis — and Dragonmage and Mysa along with it (though the Legionnaires survived).


Co-creator Tom Bierbaum said of Dragonmage:

"We had a pretty involved back story for him, but he's basically just a very talented mystic, born with so much power that the problem was never not having enough power but always having too much and trying to harness it. … Dragonmage was pretty strongly based on a couple characters we'd created earlier for fan fiction projects)."

And more:

"He's actually a version of a Franklin Richards character from a story Mary was involved in her early apa days. Later Mary and I updated that "New Fantastic Four" into our "Vagabond IV" apa fiction series."


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