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Superboy dies in the past—in the explosion that destroys Krypton. From Superman v.3 #25 (2013); art by Kenneth Rocafort.
Left: Superboy meets his predecessor—in the future—Jon Lane Kent. For reasons unknown, Beast Man and Rose Wilson insert Jon back into the Titans as Superboy. From Teen Titans Annual #2 (2013); art by Barry Kitson, Art Thibert, Jesus Merino, and Scott Hanna.
Left: Jon Kent learns of gthe future Legion from the Echo database. From Superboy #26 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin. Right: Superboy and his legion of super-heroes: Volt, Schiz, and Lodestone. From Superboy #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.
Other clones in stasis—who are destroyed. From Superboy v.5 #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.

Get ready for massive confusion! Talk of making the Legion difficult to follow, and of starting over... who's running this place?

There's a lot of stealthy future-building going on in the New 52. So far, the plan is completely unclear. I've compiled these events below, which involve the needlessly convoluted history of the New 52 Superboy—there are two already—and Kid Flash, who is also from the 30th century. And then there's the weird Legion allusions; so far it's all happening in the 30th century, which suggests that it's groundwork for the real Legion in the 31st century. But when we get there, is that Legion one that we'll find familiar?

Let me try to summarize this for you:

Superboy: The New 52 Superboy was actually the second Superboy, created in the spirit of Jon Lane Kent, a clone of Superman and Lois Lane from decades in the future. Jon Kent killed nearly all metahumans in that time period. When Superboy was thrown forward in time with the Teen Titans, the two met. Superboy was sucked away (to the "Krypton Returns" crossover), and Jon has secretly taken his place in the Titans. Meanwhile Jon learned about the future Legion of Super-Heroes and was inspired to create his own in the 30th century. Superboy then died in the past when Krypton exploded. Yeah. (Remember, the Titans also had a crossover with the Legion Lost team in the New 52).

Kid Flash: Kid Flash has no apparent connection to the Flash legacy. He was born Bar Torr in the 30th century and when his parents were killed by Science Police, he started a revolution. Eventually his sister Shira convinced him to stand down and he was placed in "witness protection" in the 21st century with his memory suppressed. When he returned to the future with the Titans, he was sentenced to life on Takron-Galtos.

For details about this Supeboy's timeline, read the New 52 Legion Chronology, Part 1.

Hundreds of Years Ago: Kryptonians begin making clones to serve in space travel. A clone named Kon (meaning "abomination") leads their rebellion. NOTE: The New 52 Superboy never premanently used the name "Conner Kent," but assumed it for an undercover mission in Superboy #22.

Superboy v.5 #0 (Nov. 2012)

The New 52 Superboy

An unnamed human Colonel arrives from the 30th century. Calling himself Harvest, time travel has eaten away his body and expended his chronal energy, trapping him in the 21st century. He attempts to cure his adopted son, Jon Lane Kent, by creating a second Superman clone using three DNA strands. Harvest builds armies of Ravagers to serve in his war against metahumans. The clone is released without Harvest's intervention and becomes Superboy. NOTES: Harvest first appeared in Superboy v.5 #7 (2012).

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

At the paramilitary N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the clone, Superboy II frees himself. He's aided by Dr. Caitlin Fairchild, and classmate/protector Rose Wilson. NOTES: The original Superboy clone first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993); Caitlin Fairchild in Wildstorm's Deathmate Black (Feb. 1994); Rose Wilson in Deathstroke #15 (1992).

Superboy v.5 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Superboy meets Supergirl. When they touch he is infused with the knowledge and language of Krytpon. When he tells her he's a clone, she calls him "Kon-El": an abomination in the house of El. She says he's destined to become a killing machine.

Superboy v.5 #6 (Apr. 2012)

Superboy effectively adopts the name Kon-El, when Wonder Girl inquires about his his "real" name.

Superboy v.5 #10 (Apr. 2012)

Krypton Returns

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami brings Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy to Krypton before its destruction. Their quarry, H'el has killed Jor-El and set out to rule Krypton. NOTE: H'el first appeared in Supergirl v.6 #13 (2012).

Action Comics v.2 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 2: One week before Krypton's destruction, Superboy uses his newly-enhanced powers to connect with the fabric of Argo City.

Superboy v.5 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns, part 3: Superboy pushes the Eradicator through a portal, where he lands in Smallville.

Supergirl v.6 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Krypton Returns Part 4: Superboy launches Argo City into space and saves the life of Kara Zor-El. He dies as Krypton explodes. Superman and Supergirl return to Earth.

Superman v.3 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Forever Evil: The Teen Titans avenge the Justice League's alleged deaths at the hands of the Crime Syndicate. Johnny Quick uses Kid Flash's unique vibrational frequency to incite a temporal reaction. It sucks the Teen Titans (Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Kid Flash, Solstice, and Raven) into the timestream.

Forever Evil #2 (Dec. 2013)

Krypton Returns, part 1: A temporal tsunami sends Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy back in time, to Krypton.

Action Comics v.2 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)

Harvest summons Jon Lane Kent (Superboy II) from the 30th century to the 21st.

Superboy v.5 #29 (May 2014)

Superboy is resurrected by the Oracle, and becomes his herald, patrolling the timestream. The Teen Titans face off with Harvest, whose powers all come from his armor. His facility is totally destroyed and he's believed dead.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #3 (July 2014)

The Future

The son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Lane Kent, dies from complications of his genetics. Superman and Lois disappear. A human from the 30th century (eventually known as Harvest) arrives and uses his knowledge to bring Jon back to life. Jon is taught to hate metahumans but his body eventually begins to fail again. Harvest jumps back several decades, to a time when he can use Superman's DNA to cure Jon.

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

The adolescent Jon Lane Kent kills nearly all the metahumans on Earth. The Teen Titans emerge from Johnny Quick's time storm in the future, where they meet Beast Man. He and Rose Wilson have formed a new team of Titans: Rose Wilson's daughter, Stonehenge (Oliver), Blur (Harlan), and Irony (Irene). The Titans' Superboy is attacked by Jon Kent, who gives him a massive mental transmission that ignites Superboy's powers. Superboy impales Jon on the Watchtower and then disappears through a mysterious portal. Beast Man finds Jon ourside, and for his own reasons, clothes him in a Superboy uniform and sends him off with the Titans as their Superboy (II). NOTE: Superboy's story continues in Action Comics Annual #2 (2013); this is the end of his Titans involvement.

Teen Titans v.4 Annual #2 (Dec. 2013)

The 30th Century

Late 30th Century: Twelve years prior, a war begins between humans and metahumans. A Colonel loses his son to metahumans and takes his fight into the timestream. He uses new technology from Echo, a division of the Science Police, to travel backwards in time, to the 21st century. NOTE: Echo first mentioned in Legion: Lost v.2 #9 (July 1912)

Superboy v.5 #19 (June 2013)

Science Police Functionaries kill the parents of Bar Torr on Altros Prime. At age eight, he rescues his baby sister Shira and leaves her with the Sisterhood of the Word. Bar enlists with the Purifiers, who do the Functionaries' dirty work, and on a space mission, his ship crashes and he wakes with the ability to run at super-speed. He leads a rebellion against the Functionaries. He ultimately turned himself in at the request of Shira, was sentenced to "witness protection," and placed in the past as Bart Allen.

Teen Titans v.4 #26 (Feb. 2014)

2933: Kid Flash and Solstice appear in the 30th century, where he begins recovering his memories. NOTE: Superboy #26 (2014) is the only issue that names a date, while others say "latter half of the 30th century."

Teen Titans v.4 #24 (Dec. 2013)

After Bar Torr (Kid Flash) enters "witness protection," his followers retreat to a corner of the galaxy called Backlands. Kid Flash finds them but he's soon captured by Brain 3 (a Coluan), field commander of Echo Chronal Authority.

Teen Titans v.4 #25 (Jan. 2014)

Superboy II (Jon Lane Kent) begins receiving telepathic commands from a strange alien who calls the boy a killer. Superboy accesses information that say his greatest achievement is helping to form the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Superboy v.5 #26 (Feb. 2014)

Jon admits he's weaker since Superboy attacked him. He's seeking a cure for the flaw in his genetics. Bar/Bart is put on trial but his rebellion frees him.

Teen Titans v.4 #27 (Mar. 2014)

Late 30th century: The alien telepath interferes with his mission to form a legion of heroes. His first recruit is Schiz, a powerful telepath who attacks him. He learns that she and dozens of others were created in the same manner as Superboy. They were all eventually put in stasis pods for decades.

Superboy #27 (Mar. 2014)

Shira convinces Bart to turn himself in and he's sentenced to life on Takron-Galtos. Solstice can't accept it, and kills one of his judges.

Teen Titans v.4 #28 (Apr. 2014)

Superboy and Schiz free Volt and Lodestone. They were made by using alien DNA from Braal, Titan, and other worlds.

Superboy v.4 #28 (Apr. 2014)

Superboy and his legion break into an Echo weapons facility. Superboy knows the future Legionnaires' names and tells Schiz to calls herself "Imra" and her friends "Garth" and "Rokk." Superboy secretly destroys all the remaining clone stasis pods and blames it on Echo, to stoke anger in his new allies. Superboy is pulled to the 21st century by Harvest and tells his Legion that he will direct them in ways to alter time in their favor. He plans for this Legion to also be his secret weapon against Harvest. NOTE: Some doomed stasis-people resembled Mon-El and Phantom Girl.

Sueprboy v.4 #29 (May 2014)

Solstice is also sentenced to Takron-Galtos. She and Kid Flash are launched in separate cells toward the planet. Brain 3 sends the remaining Titans home to the 21st century.

Teen Titans v.4 #29 (May 2014)



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