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Superboy dies in the past—in the explosion that destroys Krypton. From Superman v.3 #25 (2013); art by Kenneth Rocafort.
Left: Superboy meets his predecessor—in the future—Jon Lane Kent. For reasons unknown, Beast Man and Rose Wilson insert Jon back into the Titans as Superboy. From Teen Titans Annual #2 (2013); art by Barry Kitson, Art Thibert, Jesus Merino, and Scott Hanna.
Left: Jon Kent learns of gthe future Legion from the Echo database. From Superboy #26 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin. Right: Superboy and his legion of super-heroes: Volt, Schiz, and Lodestone. From Superboy #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.
Other clones in stasis—who are destroyed. From Superboy v.5 #29 (2013); art by Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin.

Get ready for massive confusion! Talk of making the Legion difficult to follow, and of starting over... who's running this place?

There's a lot of stealthy future-building going on in the New 52. So far, the plan is completely unclear. I've compiled these events below, which involve the needlessly convoluted history of the New 52 Superboy—there are two already—and Kid Flash, who is also from the 30th century. And then there's the weird Legion allusions; so far it's all happening in the 30th century, which suggests that it's groundwork for the real Legion in the 31st century. But when we get there, is that Legion one that we'll find familiar?

Let me try to summarize this for you:

Superboy: The New 52 Superboy was actually the second Superboy, created in the spirit of Jon Lane Kent, a clone of Superman and Lois Lane from decades in the future. Jon Kent killed nearly all metahumans in that time period. When Superboy was thrown forward in time with the Teen Titans, the two met. Superboy was sucked away (to the "Krypton Returns" crossover), and Jon has secretly taken his place in the Titans. Meanwhile Jon learned about the future Legion of Super-Heroes and was inspired to create his own in the 30th century. Superboy then died in the past when Krypton exploded. Yeah. (Remember, the Titans also had a crossover with the Legion Lost team in the New 52).

Kid Flash: Kid Flash has no apparent connection to the Flash legacy. He was born Bar Torr in the 30th century and when his parents were killed by Science Police, he started a revolution. Eventually his sister Shira convinced him to stand down and he was placed in "witness protection" in the 21st century with his memory suppressed. When he returned to the future with the Titans, he was sentenced to life on Takron-Galtos.

For details about this Supeboy's timeline, read the New 52 Legion Chronology, Part 1.



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