Created by Paul Levitz and Steve Lightle

(name unpronounceable) of Teall


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #14 (September 1985)



During his Legion tryout, and the effects of his powers.
From Legion v.3 #14 (1985). Art by Steve Lightle.

The creature known as Quislet is a tiny energy-being from a dimension whose name is roughly pronounced Teall. In that dimension, matter is malleable and energy is substantial, hence the ability of Teallians to enter and reshape matter at will. (This ability erodes the molecular bonds within the inhabited matter, a problem limited only to non-Teallian objects).

Teall is ruled by a group mind, in which all beings have common thoughts. Individualism is rare among them, and no Teallian had more of it than Quislet. This quality is what made him the choice for Teall's first (and thus far, only) exploration program. The Teallians created a ship out of the matter of their dimension, and Quislet used it to flee his oppressive home. It came to Earth.

After learning to communicate with the locals, Quislet set off in search of fun. In doing so, it accidentally ran afoul the Science Police, who were kind enough to explain the rules of Earth life to him. When the next open call for Legion applicants was announced, Quislet took the SP's advice and applied for membership by demonstrating his power in minor combat. It joined the Legion immediately (Legion v.3 #14), and soon became one of their most valuable members in the field, and one of their most boisterous partiers away from it.

fter the death of the Legion's benefactor, R. J. Brande, Quislet joined a new assembly of the Espionage Squad and traveled back to the 21st century in order to shepherd the hero Mon-El on to his destiny. In Metropolis, he took shelter in one of Lexcorp’s inventions, a “Hover Cam” (designate MTSP02). (Superman #678) From within this machine, Quislet served as the eyes and ears for Chameleon Boy (also undercover with the Science Police). He and Cham were forced to reveal themselves after a bomb destroyed Science Police headquarters. (#696–697)


Paul Levitz on Quislet: Writer Paul Levitz credits the creation of Quislet to artist Steve Lightle. In essence, Levitz asked him "what kind of character would you like to draw?" Legion of Substitute Podcasters (episode #70)

Legion 1.5 (Post-Crisis)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Quislet was forced to abandon his ship and return to his home dimension…

Quislet's nature drew the attention of his fellow Legionniare, Wildfire, who was also composed of pure energy. Quislet trained with Wildfire in hopes of teaching him how to control his energies without the aid of a containment suit. (Legion v.3 #21, 36) The two became friends, and when Quislet was apprehended by its fellow Teallians for treason, Wildfire was drawn there too, and helped it escape. (#44)

Quislet was soon forced to return permanently to Teall when the Emerald Empress destroyed his ship. (#58)

+ Powers

Quislet is a being of pure energy who can inhabit any non-organic matter and animate it from within. When he vacates that matter, it disintegrates. He can only survive for a limited time on Earth outside of his special ship.

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