Issue #

Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen begin as writer & penciller

While visiting Medicus One to have Dr. Gym'll perform plastic surgery on Brin's face, Timber Wolf and Light Lass defeat Organus. Karate Kid and Projectra begin a leave of absence and Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel return to reserve status.

Legion v.2 #284 (Feb. 1982)

The Legion battles Khunds on Nullport, Earth's orbital starship yards, and meets Nullport's manager, H'Hrnath. Projectra's father, King Voxv, dies of a heart attack, making Projectra queen of Orando. Dream Girl has a solo mission on Naltor. NOTES: 1st app. of the new Mark 594 Legion cruiser.

Legion v.2 #285 (Mar. 1982)

Shrinking Violet is kidnapped by Imskian terrorists and replaced by a Durlan actress named Yera.

(Legion v.2 #304, Nov. 1983)

While the rest of the Legion battles Dr. Regulus, Chameleon Boy leads Shrinking Violet and Timber Wolf on an unauthorized Espionage Squad mission to Khundia. Projectra's claim to the throne of Orando is challenged by her cousin Pharoxx.

Legion v.2 #286 (Apr. 1982)

During a ceremony to award medals to all of the Legionnaires born on Earth, President of Earth Marte Allon is turned to glass by an accomplice of the now-deceased Tarik the Mute. NOTES: This mostly reprint digest has a featurette showcasing new Legion costume designs by George Pérez. Only those for Blok, Cosmic Boy, Duo Damsel, Projectra, Shadow Lass and Timber Wolf were eventually used.

Best of DC Digest #24 (May 1982)

Lightning Lad resigns as leader and is replaced by Element Lad. Colossal Boy and Saturn Girl are shot down on an unauthorized rescue mission to Khundia. The Espionage Squad confronts the Khundian warrior Kharlak. Meanwhile, Mon-El and Shadow Lass investigate a mysterious, uncharted planet and unknowingly awaken Darkseid. NOTES: 1st app. of the distorter. First 30th century appearance of Darkseid, although he is not named. Darkseid's 1st app. was in Jimmy Olsen #134 (Dec. 1970).

Legion v.2 #287 (May 1982)

After defeating her cousin Pharoxx and her grandmother, the sorceress Hagga, Projectra becomes Queen of Orando. She and Karate Kid opt for reserve status. On Khundia, the lost Legionnaires are reunited and Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet (Yera) share an intimate moment. Earthgov erects the polymer shield around the Earth.

Legion v.2 #288 (June 1982)

The lost Legionnaires are rescued. On Apokolips, Darkseid creates his five Servants of Darkness: twisted clones of his sons Orion and Kalibak, Superboy, a Guardian of Oa, and Shadow Lass's ancestor Lydea Mallor. Brainiac 5 removes Matter-Eater Lad from the asylum to treat him personally. NOTES: In this issue only, Blok wears the costume from Best of DC Digest #24 (1982). 1st app. of the Legion's transparent space suits (transuits).

Legion v.2 #289 (July 1982)

Science Police Chief Kimball Zendak appoints Shvaughn Erin as Legion liaison. Brainiac 5 uses Computo to try to cure Danielle Foccart of a rare neurological disorder. Instead, Computo possesses her mind and seizes control of Legion HQ. Danielle's brother, Jacques Foccart, takes Lyle Norg's invisibility serum in order to defeat Computo and joins the Legion as Invisible Kid II. One of Darkseid's servants is destroyed by Earth's defenses. NOTES: This story contains the first reference to Earthgov's "no Green Lanterns" policy.

Legion v.2 Annual #1 (1982)

Legion Year Eleven


Darkseid's Servants of Darkness steal mystic artifacts from Earth and Talok VIII: the Wand of Mentachem, the sword Excalibur, and the Orb of Oranthax. Chameleon Boy is arrested and charged with starting a war with the Khunds. Lightning Lad is hospitalized. Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl get new costumes. 1st apps. of Antonio Stefanacci (curator of California's Museum of Mystic Arts) and Metropolis tour guide Oli-3 Queen (a descendant of Green Arrow). NOTES: The Wand of Mentachem belonged to the villainous Matter Master, first app. Brave & Bold #35 (1961). Supergirl unearthed the sword Excalibur in Action #276. In this issue only, Invisible Kid appears in a white costume (instead of yellow).

Legion v.2 #290 (Aug. 1982)

The Legion learns that one of Darkseid's servants is a clone of Shadow Lass's ancestor, Lydea Mallor. On Avalon and Takron Galtos, Darkseid and his servants steal power from Mordru and the Time Trapper. Superboy returns home to celebrate his parents' wedding anniversary. Dream Girl is elected leader and enlists the help of the White Witch. NOTES: This is the first reference to Lydea Mallor. Invisible Kid's costume changes permanently to yellow in this story. After this, in the 20th century, Superboy debuts publicly as Superman.

Legion v.2 #291 (Sept. 1982)

Chameleon Boy is convicted of treason and sent to Takron-Galtos. On Zerox, the Legion battles three of the Servants of Darkness. Mon-El realizes who Darkseid is, but is left comatose. By probing his mind, Darkseid learns of Daxam. The Council of Teachers casts a spell to defeat the Darkness: a mysterious child appears.

Legion v.2 #292 (Oct. 1982)

R.J. Brande visits Chameleon Boy on Takron-Galtos. Darkseid seizes control of the population of Daxam, which he exchanges with Apokolips, putting Daxam under a yellow sun. The Legion learns who their opponent really is.

Legion v.2 #293 (Nov. 1982)

Just as Darkseid begins terraforming Daxam, Booster Gold is sent there from the past to secure the Helmet of Fate. He frees the Emerald Empress from a Daxam prison. He rescues a non-Daxamite girl named Rani, bringing her back to the 21st century. All other non-Daxamites perish that day.

(Booster Gold v.2 #32, July 2010)

Darkseid's Daxamite army is unleashed on the United Planets. The Legion calls on their reserve members, Supergirl, the Substitute Heroes, the Heroes of Lallor and the Wanderers for help. On Takron-Galtos, Chameleon Boy is stalked by Ol-Vir. The mysterious child magically matures into Highfather (first 30th century app.), who restores the Orion-clone to his true form. Darkseid destroys Orion, but loses control of the population of Daxam and is forced to retreat. White Witch joins the Legion. Light Lass decides to leave the Legion and Supergirl returns to the past. NOTES: Highfather and Orion first appeared in New Gods v.1 #1 (1971).

Legion v.2 #294 (Dec. 1982)

Light Lass resigns. Timber Wolf and Blok watch a tape of the Legion's first encounter with the Green Lantern called Vidar (who later became Universo).

Legion v.2 #295 (Jan. 1983)

Mon-El and Shadow Lass visit the Science Asteroid in the Asteroid Archipelago. Brainiac 5 cures Matter-Eater Lad's insanity, Karate Kid proposes to Projectra, and Chameleon Boy is pardoned, only to discover that he has lost his powers. Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy's family is the victim of "fireballing," a terrorist nuclear attack. NOTES: The statue of the dead Shadow Woman that appeared in the Adult Legion story in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967) said she died defending the Science Asteroid.

Legion v.2 #296 (Feb. 1983)

Cosmic Boy and Night Girl learn that Rokk's mother, Ewa Krinn, is dead and his father and brother are hospitalized. Matter-Eater Lad returns to Bismoll to resume his political career.

Legion v.2 #297 (Mar. 1983)

Colossal Boy marries Yera, who is still disguised as Shrinking Violet. Duplicate Boy has a violent confrontation with Colossal Boy. He backs off when realizes that "Violet" isn't who she appears to be, but he does not tell anyone that she's an imposter. Blok, Dawnstar, Invisible Kid, White Witch, and Wildfire battle Kharlak on the Asteroid Archipelago. Invisible Kid vanishes. Blok adopts a new costume. Element Lad gets close to Shvaughn Erin, while Chameleon Boy and R.J. Brande prepare to return to Durla to restore Cham's powers. NOTE: Contains 1st app. and preview to the new series, Amethyst. Amethyst's Gemworld is eventually tied to the 30th century Sorcerer's World (Zerox).

Legion v.2 #298 (Apr. 1983)

The White Witch defeats Kharlak. Invisible Kid and Wildfire find themselves in another dimension, where they meet a figure claiming to be Lyle Norg (Invisible Kid I). Invisible Kid II realizes that he can teleport; he and Wildfire reappear on Orando. The Heroes of Lallor and Dev-Em help to repair Weber's World after the Daxamite attack. On the Science Asteroid, Shadow Lass puts on Caucasian body makeup and calls herself "Shadow Woman."

Legion v.2 #299 (May 1983)

Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar attempt to cure Ferro Lad's twin brother, Douglas Nolan, who has paralytic visions of alternate realities. He ultimately vanishes into one of those realities. Shadow Lass and Mon-El defend the Science Asteroid from a Khundish Stalker, a unique humanoid starship. NOTES: First in-continuity appearance of Douglas Nolan, who first appeared in the Adult Legion story in Adventure #354-355 (1967). Also the first glimpse of his disfigured face. This issue established that most events depicted in the Adult Legion stories were those of an alternate universe/timeline.

Legion v.2 #300 (June 1983)

Chameleon Boy and R.J. Brande return to Durla, where Cham regains his powers; Brande decides not. Karate Kid announces his imminent wedding. Proty II films the rededication of Legion HQ. Supergirl decides to spend some time in the 30th century, and the Legion meets Science Police officer Gigi Cusimano, an old friend of Colossal Boy. Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Element Lad, Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, and Timber Wolf get new costumes.

Legion v.2 #301 (July 1983)

Dream Girl takes a team to help rebuild Daxam. Lightning Lad battles Lightning Lord, Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin travel to Imsk looking for information about Shrinking Violet, and the Legion battles the Emerald Empress on Weber's World.

Legion v.2 #302 (Aug. 1983)

The Legion defeats the Emerald Empress on Weber's World and captures Ontiir, who is revealed as a Dark Circle agent. Sun Boy's jaw is broken. Ultra Boy resigns as deputy leader.

Legion v.2 #303 (Sept. 1983)

Karate Kid and Queen Projectra are married on Orando and resign from the Legion. En route to the wedding, several Legionnaires are thrown back in time to Earth in 210 B.C., where they encounter Durlans posing as the Roman gods. Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin miss the wedding. NOTES: Dream Girl prophecies that the nuclear war that ravaged Durla would take place soon.

Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983)

Legion Academy students Comet Queen (Grava of Colony Extal), Crystal Kid, Shadow Kid, Jed Rikane, Lamprey, Laurel Kent, Magnetic Kid (Pol Krinn), and Nightwind apply for the Legion, but are rejected. Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin reveal to Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy that "Shrinking Violet" is an imposter. Dawnstar takes a leave of absence to search for her soul-mate. NOTE: 1st app. of Academy student Urk, who was named in Great Darkness Saga trade paperback, which printed a key to the 1984 Giffen Legion poster.

Legion v.2 #304 (Oct. 1983)

On Imsk, Yera's impersonation of Shrinking Violet is revealed. The Legion rescues the real Violet from Micro Lad, Sun Emperor, and a group of terrorists operating on Imsk. Colossal Boy decides to stay with Yera despite her deception.

Legion v.2 #305 (Nov. 1983)

Legion Year Twelve

Star Boy recounts his early days to Wildfire. Element Lad is elected leader; Dream Girl becomes deputy.

Legion v.2 #306 (Dec. 1983)

Peace talks between the U.P. and the Khunds are disrupted by the mysterious Prophet. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl tell Cosmic Boy that Imra is pregnant. 1st app. of the Gil'dishpan race.

Legion v.2 #307 (Jan. 1984)

The Prophet battles the Legion on Khundia and tries to explain his origin and purpose. Colossal Boy introduces Yera to his parents.

Legion v.2 #308 (Feb. 1984)

Omen arrives on Khundia. On Earth, Brainiac 5 struggles to free Danielle Foccart from Computo, while on Orando, Projectra and Karate Kid battle Projectra's cousin, Pharoxx.

Legion v.2 #309 (Mar. 1984)

The Legion battles Omen on Khundia. Blok is injured and disfigured. Brainiac 5 continues trying to cure Danielle Foccart. Lyle Norg apparently returns from a parallel dimension that he believes was hell.

Legion v.2 #310 (Apr. 1984)

Brainiac 5 finally cures Danielle Foccart, destroying Legion HQ in the process. The HQ immediately reconstructed, now with a tamed Computo as its majordomo. Flynt Brojj makes a brief visit. Meanwhile, Wildfire goes to Starhaven looking for Dawnstar.

Legion v.2 #311 (May 1984)

Shrinking Violet returns to active duty, sporting a new costume. Superman and the Legion help the Science Police apprehend a mad bomber.

Legion v.2 #312 (June 1984)

The Legion helps the Science Police investigate a threat against Marte Allon, the President of Earth. Meanwhile, other Legionnaires help to rebuild the planet Daxam, Danielle Foccart displays the first signs of super powers, and Shrinking Violet dumps Duplicate Boy, angry that he did not reveal his knowledge that Yera was impersonating her.

Legion v.2 #313 (July 1984)

Supergirl, Brainiac 5, and Sun Boy escort Ontiir for trial, but he escapes by teleporting into Dark Circle territory. Back on Earth, Blok watches a holo-tape about the history of the White Witch. NOTES: Legion v.2 changes its title to Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes with this issue.

Tales of the Legion #314 (Aug. 1984)

As the Legionnaires battle the Dark Circle. S.P. Chief Zendak kills Ontiir when he refuses to surrender. Supergirl returns again to the past. On Earth, Blok continues learning about the White Witch's past.

Tales of the Legion #315 (Sept. 1984)


Vacationing on Ventura with Star Boy, Dream Girl foresees the death of a Legionnaire. The Legionnaires battle Micro Lad and Radiation Roy, while Ol-Vir frees Chameleon Chief, Sun Emperor, Zymyr, Terrus, and other villains from Takron-Galtos.

Legion v.3 #1 (Aug. 1984)

The new Legion of Super-Villains steals Earth's polymer shield and transfers it to Orando, where they defeat Projectra and Karate Kid. 1st app. of the teen Cosmic King (Laevar Bolto of Venus). Saturn Girl goes into labor. NOTES: An adult version of Cosmic King first appeared in Superman #147 (1961). Who's Who in the LSH #4 (1988) indicates that the Legion did meet older versions of Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, and Saturn Queen, who were apparently from an alternate future timeline.

Legion v.3 #2 (Sept. 1984)

Lightning Lad defeats Lars Hanscom (Starfinger). The Legion is temporarily reunited on Zerox, where they prevent a group of Mordru's followers from freeing the wizard from his imprisonment. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's son, Graym Ranzz, is born on Medicus One. Graym's twin, Garridan Ranzz, is teleported from Imra's womb by Darkseid, who sends him back in time and transforms him into Validus. Garth and Imra are unaware that they have a second son or that he has disappeared. NOTE: Imra is shown with the baby in the next issue.

Tales of the Legion Annual #3 (1984)

Light Lass is captured by Lightning Lord. The LSV, led by Nemesis Kid, warps Orando out of Earth's dimension. Marte Allon announces her resignation as President of Earth.

Legion v.3 #3 (Oct. 1984)

Light Lass regains her original lightning powers. Mortally wounded by Nemesis Kid, Karate Kid sacrifices his life to destroy the LSV's dimension-warping equipment.

Legion v.3 #4 (Nov. 1984)

The LSV is defeated. Projectra kills Nemesis Kid and resigns from the Legion, choosing not to return Orando to Earth's dimension. Element Lad, Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, and Shrinking Violet are lost between dimensions.

Legion v.3 #5 (Dec. 1984)

Cosmic Boy, Night Girl, and the Substitute Heroes are almost lost in space, but are rescued by the Legion Academy students. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl take a leave of absence. Invisible Kid and Lyle Norg return to the dream dimension where Jacques found Lyle. Blok learns how Mysa became the Hag.

Tales of the Legion #316 (Oct. 1984)

Wildfire appears in the Dream Dimension with Jacques and Lyle. "Lyle" is revealed to be a demon, not the real Lyle Norg; Jacques and Wildfire narrowly escape its dimension. Meanwhile, Dev-Em infiltrates the Dark Circle, and the Heroes of Lallor help Duplicate Boy regain his confidence after being dumped by Shrinking Violet.

Tales of the Legion #317 (Nov. 1984)

While the Legionnaires on Earth search for their missing comrades, Mon-El and Shadow Lass go to Talok VIII to help Grev Mallor against the Persuader and Lady Memory, who forces Mon-El to relive his millennium in the Phantom Zone.

Tales of the Legion #318 (Dec. 1984)

The Legion defeats Lady Memory and the Persuader on Talok VIII, and Dev-Em makes his next move against the Dark Circle. NOTE: I own a piece of original comic art from this issue.

Tales of the Legion #319 (Jan. 1985)

Ayla Ranzz defeats Lightning Lord and decides to rejoin the Legion, once again calling herself Lightning Lass.

Legion v.3 #6 (Jan. 1985)

Lightning Lass rejoins the Legion. The lost Legionnaires (Element Lad, Chameleon Boy, Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, and Shrinking Violet) find themselves on a planet in limbo, where a Controller is building a new Sun-Eater. A Metropolis private detective is murdered. The Science Police discovers that he was a descendant of the Batman.

Legion v.3 #7 (Feb. 1985)

Universo hires Magpie (Merg Gaterra of Angtu) to steal his Hypno-Stone from Legion headquarters.

Tales of the Legion #320 (Feb. 1985)

Laurel Kent is shot. The lost Legionnaires destroy the Controller's world and the immature Sun-Eater.

Legion v.3 #8 (Mar. 1985)

The five lost Legionnaires return home. R.J. Brande meets with a group of Proteans, and Timber Wolf learns that he is the heir to Karate Kid's estate. The bullet used to shoot Laurel Kent is discovered to be Kryptonite. 1st app. of Legion Academy student Ganglios (later called Tellus).

Legion v.3 #9 (Apr. 1985)

Dawnstar and Brainiac 5 crash on the planet Exile. Dawnstar finds herself drawn to a native priest called Jhodan. Brainiac 5 finds evidence that Exile may have been settled by 24th-century Terrans.

Tales of the Legion #321 (Mar. 1985)

Brainiac 5 finds more 24th-century Terran artifacts on Exile, while Dawnstar runs afoul of the natives. The Dark Circle discovers Dev-Em's attempt to infiltrate their ranks.

Tales of the Legion #322 (Apr. 1985)

Brainiac 5 and Dawnstar leave Exile after realizing that the germs they carry are causing an epidemic. Dawnstar bids a sad farewell to Jhodan, promising to one day return. The Dark Circle captures Dev-Em.

Tales of the Legion #323 (May 1985)

Near the borders of the Dark Circle Alliance, the Legion battles powerful new Dark Circle warriors who they quickly discover are clones of Dev-Em.

Tales of the Legion #324 (June 1985)

The Legionnaires rescue Dev-Em from the Dark Circle; the White Witch destroys his clones. Ontiir is revealed to be one of the masters of the Dark Circle: the Ontiir killed earlier was apparently one of his clones. Dev-Em adopts a new costume and declines an invitation to join the Legion. NOTES: This was the last all-new issue of Tales…. It then began reprinting stories sequentially from LSH v.3.

Tales of the Legion #325 (July 1985)

Election day on Earth: the Legion protects the candidates from Khundian attackers and Mojai Desai becomes President of Earth, unaware that his aide, Vid Gupta, is secretly Universo. Invisible Kid's mysterious teleportation power accidentally kills the Khund warrior Wharlik. Cosmic Boy takes leave of absence and Timber Wolf meets with the Sensei to discuss Karate Kid's last wishes.

Legion v.3 #10 (May 1985)

The three Legion founders release the men who originally tried to assassinate R.J. Brande. Superman discusses rejoining. Bouncing Boy tells him that history records that he never returned to active membership. Comet Queen tells Bouncing Boy how she got her powers. NOTE: This is the last time Superman sees the Legion until much later, after the "Crises."

Legion v.3 #11 (June 1985)

The Legion of Substitute Heroes visits Bismoll, where they help Tenzil Kem defeat Pulsar Stargrave and manage to thoroughly humiliate Gigi Cusimano, their new Science Police liaison officer. Polar Boy has second thoughts about the Substitute Heroes.

Legion of Substitute Heroes Special (1985)

Legion Year Thirteen

Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy resign. Element Lad is re-elected leader, Timber Wolf gets a new costume, and Flynt Brojj makes his third visit to Legion HQ.

Legion v.3 #12 (July 1985)

Following the instructions in Karate Kid's will, Timber Wolf and the Sensei go on a quest to the savage planet Lythyl, where they meet its overlords, including Myg (who later becomes Karate Kid II). The Legion holds try-outs for applicants, including Energy Boy (Sharles Gluck of Ventura), and Blok gets a new costume.

Legion v.3 #13 (Aug. 1985)

Magnetic Kid, Polar Boy, Quislet, and Tellus (Ganglios of Hykraius) join the Legion. Comet Queen, Mentalla (Deyla Castill of Titan), and Power Boy (Jed Rikane) are rejected. Saturn Girl asks the Legion to trust her and admit the masked Sensor Girl (Projectra). Dev-Em declines an offer of membership. NOTES: Polar Boy's eventual membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes was foretold in the Adult Legion story in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967). Paul Levitz originally intended for Sensor Girl to be Supergirl, until his editor squashed the plan.

Legion v.3 #14 (Sept. 1985)

Timber Wolf and the Sensei leave Lythyl after fulfilling Karate Kid's last request, taking Myg with them. They pay their respects to Karate Kid on Shanghalla. The Legion battles Dr. Regulus.

Legion v.3 #15 (Oct. 1985)

After descendants of Hawkman are murdered on Thanagar and someone tries to kill Oli-3 Queen (a descendant of Green Arrow) and Don and Dawn Allen (children of the Flash), Brainiac 5 deduces that these crimes, the murder of the private detective (a descendant of Batman), and the shooting of Laurel Kent are being carried out by the Justice League's old foe, Professor Ivo. NOTES: Professor Ivo first appeared in Brave and the Bold #30 (1960).

Legion v.3 Annual #1 (1985)

The Legion attends the baptism of Graym Ranzz. Rond Vidar and Circadia Senius comfort Brainiac 5, who mourns the fact that he cannot save Supergirl from her death in the past. Brainy laments the inevitable paradoxes that would result if he were to try to change history to save her.

Legion v.3 #16 (Nov. 1985)


The positive-matter universe is threatened by waves of anti-matter. Dawnstar is drawn to the 20th century to join the Monitor's army.

Crisis #1 (Apr. 1985)

All eras of history are swept by waves of anti-matter. Legion reservist Kid Psycho is killed.

Crisis #3 (June 1985)

Various time eras to overlap. The Legion helps to stem the tide of chaos.

Crisis #5-6 (Aug.-Sept. 1985)

A team of the most powerful heroes, including Superman, Mon-El, and Wildfire, takes the battle to the Anti-Matter Universe. NOTES: The pre-Crisis Supergirl died in this issue, in destroying the Anti-Monitor's body.

Crisis #7 (Oct. 1985)

On Qward, Flash II (Barry Allen) manages to destroy the cannon at the cost of his own life. Straining his speed to its limits, he ricochets backwards through time before he dies.

Crisis #8 (Nov. 1985)

Leland McCauley hires assassins to kill R.J. Brande after Brande holds a secret meeting with Proty II. Brande opts to disappear and take up a quieter life. Brainiac 5 analyzes Invisible Kid's teleportation powers.

Legion v.3 #17 (Dec. 1985)

An army of super-villains, including Cosmic King, Dr. Regulus, Lightning Lord, Mano, Persuader, and Validus, attempts to conquer Earths.

Crisis #9 (Dec. 1985)

Time paradoxes caused by the Crisis on Infinite Earths begin to affect people's memories. Kid Psycho is buried on Shanghalla, but the Legionnaires don't remember how he died. Takron-Galtos is hit by a wave of anti-matter. While trying to shield their time from the Crisis, Rond Vidar and Brainiac 5 accidentally summon the Infinite Man. The White Witch returns him to human form, but the loss of his power leaves the 30th century more vulnerable to the changes in history.

Legion v.3 #18 (Jan. 1986)

The Spectre battles the Anti-Monitor at the Dawn of Time. The universe fades to white and is recreated with a new, unified history. NOTES: Many 20th century people and events, including the original Superman and Supergirl are completely recreated in the new universe. This event originally removed Superboy and Supergirl from Legion involvement. After the Infinite Crisis this was reversed, and they have been reinstated.

Crisis #10-11 (Jan.-Feb. 1986)

Chameleon Boy, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Ultra Boy are kidnapped by the Controllers, who tell them they must destroy Tyrraz, home of Tyr. The baby Sun-Eater they recently destroyed was to have been used to stop the war-world. On Earth, Invisible Kid asks Dr. Gym'll to remove his uncontrollable teleportation powers. NOTES: The Legionnaires destroyed the Sun-Eater in issue #8.

Legion v.3 #19 (Feb. 1986)

The Legionnaires manage to stop Tyrraz without destroying it. Colossal Boy and Yera throw a Halloween party.

Legion v.3 #20 (Mar. 1986)

The Emerald Empress frees the Persuader. Mon-El realizes that his anti-lead serum is losing its potency. Wildfire learns more about new Legionnaire Quislet.

Legion v.3 #21 (Apr. 1986)

Labyrinth becomes the U.P.'s new prison planet. The Restorer attacks the Time Institute, seriously injuring Rond Vidar. The villain is defeated by the Legion, but his mind is wiped before he can reveal the identity of his master — Universo.

Legion v.3 #22 (May 1986)

Mentalla, a student at the Legion Academy, mysteriously disappears. The Emerald Empress recruits Flare (Ray Sah of Rimbor) to join her new Fatal Five. Element Lad asks Sensor Girl to reveal her true identity, but she refuses. Lightning Lass and Timber Wolf agree to remain friends, although their romantic relationship is over.

Legion v.3 #24 (July 1986)

The Legion faces the new Fatal Five: Emerald Empress, Flare, Mentalla, the Persuader, and Caress (Chi Tsan of Earth). Sensor Girl is revealed as Projectra.

Legion v.3 #25 (Aug. 1986)

Mentalla helps the Legion against the Fatal Five and is killed by the Emerald Empress. Projectra defeats the Persuader and explains why she became Sensor Girl. Meanwhile, the White Witch departs to return to the Sorcerer's World.

Legion v.3 #26 (Sept. 1986)

Circadia Senius discovers the remains of Rip Hunter's Time Bubble, containing remnants of Brainiac 5's force field belt and flight ring. Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, and Ultra Boy travel back to 20th-century Metropolis to investigate and meet Booster Gold. Brainy deliberately leaves his belt and ring in the past, where they will eventually find their way into the Space Museum, to avoid changing history. NOTES: These events take place concurrently with Legion v.3 #27 (1986) and Cosmic Boy's visit to the 20th Century (Cosmic Boy #1-4).

Booster Gold #8-9 (Sept.-Oct. 1986)

Projectra abdicates the throne of Orando and is officially readmitted to the Legion as Sensor Girl. Colossal Boy and Yera visit the Allons, while Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin visit Trom. On Zerox, the White Witch and the Council of Teachers free Mordru and strip him of most of his power.

Legion v.3 #27 (Oct. 1986)

The Legion battles Ol-Vir and Validus on Rimbor. Saturn Girl realizes that Validus is her son and pleads with Darkseid to restore him to normal. Darkseid turns Validus back into Garridan Ranzz then destroys Ol-Vir. NOTE: Verified in Legion v.6 #1; Saturn Girl mentions Darkseid's intervention. It's unclear how both Garridan and Validus now exist simultaneously. Ol-Vir later returns, too.

Legion v.3 Annual #2 (1986)

Atmos, the new champion of Xanthu, mysteriously disappears. Star Boy resigns and returns to Xanthu to take his place.

Legion v.3 #28 (Nov. 1986)

Lars Hanscom, the original Starfinger, is murdered by Starfinger II. Ambassador Relnic, under the control of Universo, asks Mon-El, Ultra Boy, and Blok to accompany him to peace talks with the Dominion.

Legion v.3 #29 (Dec. 1986)

Tellus, Quislet, the White Witch, and Wildfire visit Hykraius to investigate Atmos's disappearance. Brainiac 5 is told that Rond Vidar has died in the hospital.

Legion v.3 #30 (Jan. 1987)

Sensor Girl relates an old adventure she had with Ferro Lad and Karate Kid. NOTES: A statue of Supergirl is seen among the Legion memorials. This is presumably an editorial mistake; at the time of its publication, Kara Zor-El never existed.

Legion v.3 #31 (Feb. 1987)

Legion Year Fourteen


Part 1: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, and Saturn Girl wake up to find themselves prisoners on an unknown planet along with other heroes, including Gas Girl, Energax (Hisshkul of Chisshagh), Mibel, Silver Sword (Trebia Rijleigh of Buenapar), Xera (Xera Kharindot of Manna-5), and a Green Lantern from Xudar. Meanwhile, Universo seizes control of Earth and disbands the Legion.

Legion v.3 #32 (Mar. 1987)

Part 2: The Legionnaires free their fellow prisoners, including Atmos, from Universo's control and stage an escape. Ambassador Relnic, also under Universo's control, tries to provoke a war between the U.P. and the Dominion.

Legion v.3 #33 (Apr. 1987)

Part 3: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, and Saturn Girl return to Earth and discover Universo's plot. Mon-El, Ultra Boy, and Blok are returned to Earth from Dominion space.

Legion v.3 #34 (May 1987)

Part 4: The four Legion escapes are forced to fight their comrades, all of whom are under Universo's domination. Saturn Girl singlehandedly defeats Universo, breaking his hypnotic control. She rejoins the Legion.

Legion v.3 #35 (June 1987)

Legends: Attempting to return home from their ill-fated vacation in the 20th century, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl find themselves at the End of Time, where they narrowly escape minions of the Time Trapper. The Trapper lets them return to their own era, but warns them against further attempts. NOTES: These events directly follow those of Cosmic Boy #3 (Feb. 1987), set in the 20th century.

Cosmic Boy #4 (Mar. 1987)

Saturn Girl reveals that Universo planned to attack Oa with a super-powered army. Element Lad resigns as leader; Polar Boy is elected in his place. Brainiac 5 mourns the apparent death of Rond Vidar, while Quislet teaches Wildfire how to contain his energy without his suit. Cosmic Boy and Night Girl return from their 20th century "vacation" with grim news: with the malleability of time following the first Crisis, the Time Trapper has removed Superboy from the Legion's history. First appearance of Metropolis Tonight holo-vid reporter Marella Tao. NOTES: Polar Boy's tenure as leader was referenced in Adventure v.3 #3/506 (Dec. 2009). This temporary removal of Superboy from the Legion's history could arguably be the modern explanation of the entire post-Crisis (Jan. 195) continuityi.e., the Time Trapper removed Kal-El from the Legion's history, just as it happened post-Crisis. In the current timeline, however, the Legion managed to "correct" that tampering.

Legion v.3 #36 (July 1987), (Legion of Three Worlds #4, June 2009)


The Legion attempts to break through the Iron Curtain of Time to confront the Time Trapper. He instead diverts them into a "Pocket Universe" in the 20th century, where he has quarantined Superboy and his entire history. He blackmails Superboy into capturing the Legion, by threatening to destroy Earth.

Legion v.3 #37 (Aug. 1987)

In an altered 20th century—Superman's time—Blok, Brainiac 5, Invisible Kid, and Sun Boy discover that history isn't as they know it, and Superman doesn't recognize them. Superboy arrives from the past to captures them all for the Time Trapper.

Superman v.2 #8 (Aug. 1987)

The Legionnaires and Superman travel to the Pocket Universe's Smallville, where they bring Superboy back to his senses. He confesses that he is being blackmailed by the Time Trapper. NOTE: This story first revealed how the Trapper created the Pocket Universe.

Action Comics #591 (Aug. 1987)

Superboy and the Legionnaires confront the Time Trapper. Superboy betrays the villain and sacrifices himself to save his "Pocket Universe"; he dies in Mon-El's arms after returning with the Legion to the 30th century. He is buried on Earth, his funeral attended by billions. NOTE: The Time Trapper's alterations remain in effect for some time, until the Legion reverses its effects (#50). His death is the motivation for the conspiracy that follows...

Legion v.3 #38 (Sept. 1987)

Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Mon-El and Duo Damsel form a pact to get revenge on the Time Trapper, even if it costs their lives.

(Legion v.3 #50, Sept. 1988)

Gigi Cusimano is promoted to chief of the Science Police's Mars detachment and recalls her Academy days with Gim Allon (Colossal Boy).

Legion v.3 #39 (Oct. 1987)

Cosmic Boy organizes a new Legion of Substitute Heroes, including Bouncing Boy, Comet Queen, Duo Damsel, Myg (now Karate Kid II), and Night Girl. They thwart a Dominion plot to destroy Weber's World. First app. of Visi-Lad (Rhent Ustin of Earth), the Westerner (Timthy Santoza of Earth), and other unnamed Academy students. NOTES: This event is referenced in Legion of 3 Worlds #4.

Legion v.3 Annual #3 (1987)

Star Boy aids when Legion headquarters is attacked by Starfinger II. A team travels to Tharr following another attack.

Legion v.3 #40 (Nov. 1987)

The Legion clashes with Starfinger II and his super-powered minions, Starlight and Starbright. Colossal Boy is wounded.

Legion v.3 #41 (Dec. 1987)

Millennium: Laurel Kent is revealed to be a Manhunter android, intent on destroying the Chosen selected in the 20th century as the next step in mankind's evolution.

Legion v.3 #42 (Jan. 1988)

Millennium: Laurel Kent self-destructs after learning that there is no longer any trace of the Chosen on Earth. Chameleon Boy disguises himself as Rimborian "Mo Seh" and sets out to infiltrate Starfinger's organization. Atmos comes to join the Legion.

Legion v.3 #43 (Feb. 1988)

Wildfire and Quislet visit Quislet's native (and hostile) dimension, Teall, where Quislet explains how he came to Earth. On Ventura, the Luck Lords monitor the Ranzz family. Atmos demonstrates his powers for the Legion. NOTES: Bogus Luck Lords appeared in Adventure Comics #343 (Apr. 1966). This was the first appearance of the genuine article.

Legion v.3 #44 (Mar. 1988)

The Luck Lords review the ill-starred life of Garth Ranzz and manipulate Lightning Lord into trying to kill him. The Legionnaires review Atmos's application for membership. NOTES: Oversized 30th anniversary issue with guest art by Schaffenberger, Swan, Cockrum, Grell, Giffen and Giorrdano.

Legion v.3 #45 (Apr. 1988)

Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl touch base on their conspiracy to avenge Superboy. As "Reefej," Chameleon Boy gets closer Starfinger by joining his gang. Polar Boy sends a team after him. They find him on Rimbor, but Phantom Girl leaves him alone. Atmos is rejected by the Legion. Tellus discovers evidence of the conspiracy from Saturn Girl's mind. NOTE: Guest pencils by Pat Broderick.

Legion v.3 #46 (May 1988)

Tellus warns Magnetic Kid and Sensor Girl of the conspiracy within the Legion. Sensor Girl confronts Brainiac 5 about it. On Rimbor, Chameleon Boy gets closer to Starfinger. Colossal Boy leaves without word, also after Starfinger. Mon-El intercepts a Khund ship at Nullport. NOTE: Guest pencils by Pat Broderick. Unnamed Academy members appear: purple brute, white hair, aquagirl, helmet girl, purple mask, and Mandalla.

Legion v.3 #47 (June 1988)

The Wanderers are murdered by the deranged wife of the Controller Clonus and her mutated clone children.

(Wanderers #5, Oct. 1988)

The Controller Clonus discovers the dead bodies of the Wanderers. He creates clones of all of them except Celebrand, each possessing the memories of the originals, but with upgraded powers. Some of them adopt new identities: Dartalg becomes Dartalon, Elvo becomes Elvar, Immorto becomes Re-Animage and Ornitho becomes Aviax. Re-Animage becomes the group's new leader.

Wanderers #1 (June 1988)

Lightning Lass, Wildfire, and the White Witch meet the new Wanderers.

Wanderers #3 (Aug. 1988)

Brainiac 5 nearly destroys Legion HQ when he attempts to harness the power of white dwarf star. Chameleon Boy discovers Colossal Boy trying to infiltrate Starfinger's lair.

Legion v.3 #48 (July 1988)

Sensor Girl learns the purpose of the Legion conspiracy. She seeks the aid of Rond Vidar, who is still alive. Rond and the rest of the Legion join the conspiracy's efforts to break the Time Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time. Starfinger attempts to destroy the Legionnaires through their flight rings. He uncovers Chameleon Boy and Colossal Boy in his headquarters.

Legion v.3 #49 (Aug. 1988)

The conspirators and Rond Vidar use a Time Cube to recreate the Infinite Man from brain-dead body of Jaxon Rugarth. The White Witch resigns in disgust over the violation of Rugarth's body. At the end of time, they confront the Time Trapper and Rond reveals that he has been a Green Lantern for some time. Mon-El is severely wounded and Duo Damsel's second body is killed. Brainy and Rond defeat the Time Trapper by confronting him with the Infinite Man, and save themselves using Rond's ring. In defeating the Time Trapper, the timestream is restored, and Superboy's place in the Legion with it. The Legionnaires do not see Kal-El again for years. NOTE: The events in the original story must have somehow occurred differently in current continuity. In original continuity, the Legion's Superboy remained dead, and the post-Crisis Superman was never a Legionnaire. This battle was verified for current continuity in a flashback in Legion of Three Worlds #4 (2009). It is unclear how Duo Damsel's second body was returned to life, as revealed in Countdown #41 (2007), as Una.

Legion v.3 #50 (Sept. 1988)

The Legion frees Chameleon Boy and Colossal Boy from Starfinger II, whose origin is revealed. Starfinger II escapes by disappearing into his ring. Dream Girl leaves the Legion and goes to Xanthu with Atmos.

Legion v.3 Annual #4 (1988)

The Wanderers solve the mystery of their own murders. They are deputized as agents of the United Planets.

Wanderers #5 (Oct. 1988)

Brainiac 5 is acquitted by his peers of causing Jaxon Rugarth's death. He resigns to return to Colu. Before he leaves, he creates a humanoid body for Computo and gives Luornu Durgo his force field belt. Grev Mallor leaves the Legion Academy to return to Talok VIII, and Phantom Girl gets a new costume. First appearance of Garak of the Glow.

Legion v.3 #51 (Oct. 1988)

Shadow Lass accompanies Mon-El to Daxam, seeking treatment for his injuries. She marries him in a Talokian ritual. The Legion confronts a Gil'dishpan called Hywyndr on Braal and Blok gets a new costume.

Legion v.3 #52 (Nov. 1988)

The Legion prevents Hwyndyr from reshaping the planet Braal. Shadow Lass and Mon-El leave Daxam and are attacked by Khund warriors. Garak of the Glow is transported to Labyrinth.

Legion v.3 #53 (Dec. 1988)

Polar Boy distributes new uniforms to all Legionnaires. The Legion tries to thwart a prison break on Labyrinth, but Garak succeeds in freeing the Emerald Empress. Luornu sends the force field belt back to Colu. Cameo: Visi-Lad.

Legion v.3 #54 (Winter 1988)

On Zerox, the White Witch meets Harlak, a young Khundish apprentice. 1st app. of the sorcerer Sarvisa. The Coluan government forbids Brainiac 5 from experimenting with time travel. Meanwhile, seeking knowledge about his people, Blok is captured by the Inquisitor. NOTES: The average lifespan of a Coluan is said to be 600 years.

Legion v.3 #55 (Holiday 1988)

The Legion battles the Emerald Empress on Manna-8. Blok escapes the Inquisitor with the help of Shadow Lass and Mon-El. Blok's physical form begins to change. Magnetic Kid bristles at Lightning Lass' advances. The Inquisitor also captures Shadow Lass and Mon-El. With Blok, they escape.

Legion v.3 #56 (Jan. 1989)

The Inquisitor is revealed to be a servant of the Emerald Empress, who kills him for failing to discover the secret of immortality. The Legion battles the Empress on Earth, while Sarvisa of Zerox leaves an urgent message with Antonio Stefanacci of the Museum of Mystic Arts. Invisible Kid visits his sister in Agni, a newer city in Africa. The Empress gravely injures him.

Legion v.3 #57 (Feb. 1989)

Emerald Empress destroys Quislet's ship, forcing him to return to Teall. The villain asks Sensor Girl to hide her existence from the Emerald Eye. When she does so, the Empress dies of apparent old age.

Legion v.3 #58 (Mar. 1989)

The Wanderers create a clone of Celebrand, but vanish into a mysterious space-warp before the clone matures. They are never seen again.

Wanderers #13 (Apr. 1989)

Legion Year Fifteen

Sensor Girl is elected leader; Timber Wolf becomes deputy. Invisible Kid intuits a tale from his predecessor, an adventure involving he and the late Chemical King.

Legion v.3 #59 (Apr. 1989)


Part 1: The Arch-Mage, imprisoned deep within Zerox, exerts its influence on the galaxy. Science begins to fail across the galaxy and Sensor Girl receives a dire warning from Sarvisa, a mage from the Sorcerer's World. With Quislet gone, Wildfire must return to the use of his containment sute.

Legion v.3 #60 (May 1989)

Part 2: Sensor Girl and Sarvisa temporarily restore technology and wound the Arch-Mage. Projectra makes contact with the Legion's dead, and also senses the Emerald Eye. The Legion struggles to contain the catastrophes caused by the failure of technology. In space, lack of life support causes Mon-El's vital signs to flatline.

Legion v.3 #61 (June 1989)

Part 3: Magnetic Kid sacrifices his life to allow the Legion to reach Zerox. Appearances by the Heroes of Lallor, Brainiac 5.

Legion v.3 #62 (July 1989)

Part 4: Dream Girl leaves Atmos and Xanthu, and reunites with Star Boy and the Legion. Brainiac 5 and the White Witch also return to aid the Legion against the Arch-Mage. Most Sorcerers escape Xerox, then the spirit of Amethyst comes to advise the White Witch. She bids Mysa to let Zerox die. The Arch-Mage destroys the planet, but in doing so, destroys the source of his own power; he fades. Appearance by the Substitute Heroes. Cosmic Boy learns his brother's death. NOTES: Final issue of Legion of Super-Heroes v.3.

Legion v.3 #63 (Aug. 1989)

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