NOTES: This version of the chronology omits pre-New 52 events that took place between the 21st and 30th centuries. It does include any event described in a regular Legion title. The retelling of the Legion's origin in Legion: Secret Origin did, for the most part, retain existing continuity. Legionnaire costumes were updated, however.

Some details of the Legionnaires' origins were revealed in the (very detailed) tales from Legion of Super-Heroes volume 4, and from the Legion Sourcebook, 2995. In general, I consider these "v.4" details beneficial to the history of the Legionnaires; they do not conflict with the rest of the timeline.

I have not changed the hard dates, but given the real world passage of time, these dates must certainly have to be adjusted. Otherwise, for example, Colossal Boy would now be over 50 years old.

Pre-30th Century

A significantly older Thom Kallor uses a Legion Time Bubble to travel back to 1951. He returns Jack Knight (Starman VIII) to his proper place in time. Thom reveals that he knows that he is destined to die the next day, upon his return to the 31st century. Jack suggests that Thom is the reincarnation of Brian Savage and Matt O'Dare.

Starman v.2 #79-80 (July/Aug. 2001)

21st Century: Earth is devastated by World War III, which culminates in a limited nuclear conflict. The population is cut nearly in half and it takes almost a century before order is fully restored. Many records of the 20th century are lost. NOTES: The existence of an atomic war in the Legion's timeline was first suggested by Saturn Queen in the Adult Legion story in Superman #147 (Aug. 1961).

History of the DCU #2 (Nov. 1986)

At some unknown time, Darkseid, lord of Apokolips, goes into suspended animation, where he remains until 2984. Apokolips later moves to Earth's dimension.

(Legion v.2 #287, May 1982)

23rd Century: "The Great Wars."

(Tales of the Legion #321-323, Feb.-May 1985)

23rd Century: A group of American Indians leave Earth to settle on the planet Starhaven at the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. NOTE: This was negated by R.E.B.E.L.S. v.2 #2 (May 2009), which says Starhaven was founded by ancient Anasazi people.

(Legion v.2 #305, Nov. 1983)

Earth-0: The Space Museum opens in Metropolis. Among its many exhibits are one of Rip Hunter's Time Bubbles and Brainiac 5's force field belt and flight ring.

Strange Adventures #104 (May 1959)

2452, Earth-0: Metropolis and other east coast cities recover from a devastating second invasion by the Khund, which is defeated by the United Planet Alliance.

Chronos #8 (Oct. 1998)

2462, Earth-0: Michael Jon Carter steals equipment from the Space Museum, including Brainiac 5's flight ring and force field belt, and travels to the 21st century to become the superhero Booster Gold.

(Booster Gold #6, July 1986), (Secret Origins #35, Jan. 1989)

25th Century, Earth-0: The criminal Eobard Thawne discovers a time capsule containing the uniform of Barry Allen—the 20th century Flash. Thawne modifies the uniform to give himself super-speed, becoming the evil Professor Zoom. NOTES: Later accounts added to the history between the Thawnes and Allens. Barry Allen allegedly had a lost twin brother, Malcolm Thawne, who became the villain Cobalt Blue. (Speed Force #1, 1997) Zoom is also often called the Reverse-Flash.

Flash v.1 #139 (September 1963)

2645, Earth-0: John Fox, the Flash of the 27th Century, consults with technicians (one of whom is named Vidar) at the National Academy of Science "chronolab" who send him back in time to aid three different Flashes. Notes: He returned in Flash v.2 #111-118. By Legion writer Mark Waid, so this character was likely a nod to the lineage of Universo and Rond Vidar. Fox later became a member of the far-future Justice Legion A.

Flash Special #1 (1990)

c. 2660, Earth-0: John Fox, is replaced by Speed Metal, robotic law officers.

Flash Special #1, Flash v.2 #111-118 (Mar.-Oct. 1996)

2754: On Earth Colony Petrus in the Massara System, the then current Flash, Blaine Allen, sacrifices his life for his son Jace Allen, who becomes the new Flash.

Speed Force #1 (Nov. 1997)

Early 29th Century, Earth-0: Solaris leads an army of sentient comets in an attack on Earth, only to be foiled by Superman, the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes. NOTE: It's unclear if this Legion of Superheroes predates the Legion we know, of if this involves members of the Legion travelling in time.

Superman: Man of Steel #1,000,000 (Nov. 1998)

c. 2684: The United Planets is created, made mostly up of planets colonized by Earth, along with Durla and Colu. NOTE: Date based on assertion that it was "327 years" ago.

Legion: Secret Origin #1 (Dec. 2011)

28th Century: The galaxy is ravaged by the Great Wars of the 28th Century. Although this era produces many technological advances, including anti-matter fusion power, nega-shielding, gamma-energy blasters, warping mists, and the Atomic Axe, the devastation of the wars causes many of these discoveries to be lost for more than 200 years.

(Superboy v.1 #210, Aug. 1975)

2729: A being known only as the Engineer constructs a mobile, artificial world populated by androids designed to amuse him and protect him from attack. After the Engineer's death, the androids continue to carry out their programming, periodically attacking anyone who approaches the planet.

(Legion v.2 #262, Apr. 1980)

Astronomers on Earth first detect the Sun-Eater, a monstrous, cloud-like creature that entirely consumes a distant galaxy.

(Adventure Comics #352, Jan. 1966)

2783: On Earth, World War VI culminates in an unsuccessful invasion of Metropolis. One of the invaders, Private Mike Essad, is left buried in suspended animation for 200 years.

(Superboy v.1 #210, Aug. 75)

The 30th Century

Mordru makes his first bid for galactic domination. For unknown reasons, he abandons his campaign and disappears from the public eye, later resurfacing as a humble apprentice wizard on Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. NOTE: The date is extremely speculative. According to Adventure Comics #369, Mordru tried to conquer the galaxy "decades ago" and was all but forgotten afterwards.

(Adventure Comics #369, June 1968)

2927: Iris Russell is born. Her parents, fearing a nuclear war on Earth, send her back in time to the 20th century, where she is adopted and raised as Iris West. NOTE: Iris's 30th century origins were revealed in Flash v.1 #203, (1971) and #350 (1985). Her date of birth was established by Flash Secret Files #1 (1997).

(Flash Secret Files #1, Nov. 1997)

Barry Allen (Flash II) is transported to the 30th century, where he rejoins his wife, Iris, still alive in a new body. NOTE: Date from Flash Secret Files #1 (1997).

Flash #350 (Oct. 1985)


Gim Allon (Colossal Boy) is born on Earth to Marte Ida Allon, a professor at Metropolis University, and Wynn Allon, an admiral of the United Planets fleet. NOTES: Colossal Boy's real name was first revealed in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967). His parents first appeared in Adventure #371 (Aug. 1968).


Stig Ah (Reflecto) is born on Rimbor. NOTES: Reflecto first appeared as a statue in the gallery of dead Legionnaires shown in the Adult Legion story in Adventure Comics #354 (Mar. 1967). His first app. in the normal Legion timeline was in flashback in Legion v.4 Annual #1 (1990).



Ren Daggle (born on Durla sometime after their Six Minute War), bears a son, Reep. He finds an old library containing tales of Superman, which inspires him to look starward. He ultimately finds a shape in his books that allows him to fly in space, and leaves Durla; he leaves his son, Reep, with his sister, Ji. Among humans, he takes the name "R.J. Brande," and contracts Yorrigan fever which locks him in human form. He makes money developing Durlan explosives technology, creating the "star-starter." He helps design a shape for Durlans that will ease their contact with humans. His prime mission is to pave a tolerant path for Durlans in the universe. To this end, he seeks to bring Superman from the past. He founds the Time Institute, hiring Circadia Senius and Brainiac 5. Eventually he secures passage for his son off Durla to try out for the Legion. NOTES: Durla was first named in a text feature in Adventure #316 (Feb. 1964). This story was greatly expanded in Legion v.4 #8 (June 1990), which suggested Brande was the Durlan from L.E.G.I.O.N. Adventure #516 eliminates this possibility.

(Secrets of the LSH #3, 3.81), (Adventure Comics #516, Sept. 2010)

Tinya Wazzo (Phantom Girl) is born to Byzjn Wazzo and noted attorney Winema Tinya Wazzo on the extra-dimensional world of Bgztl. NOTES: Phantom Girl's homeworld was first identified in a text feature in Adventure Comics #316 (Feb. 1964). Her real name was revealed in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967).

(Secret Origins #42, 0July 201989)

Luornu Durgo (Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel) is born on Carggg to Humre and Silvo Durgo. NOTES: Duo Damsel's real name was first revealed in Adventure Comics #354 (Mar. 1967). Her parents first appeared in Adventure #356 (May 1967).


Thom Kallor (Star Boy) is born to Fryd and Myra Kallor, astronomers on a Xanthu orbital observatory. He is born with the power to temporarily increase the mass of objects. NOTES: Star Boy's real name and the name of his homeworld were first revealed in his first app. in Adventure Comics #282 (Mar. 1961). His parents first appeared in Adventure #342 (Mar. 1966).


Nura Nal (Dream Girl) is born on the planet Naltor to High Seer Kiwa Nal. NOTES: The name of Dream Girl's home planet was first revealed in Adventure Comics #317 (Feb. 1964), her first app. Her real name was revealed in Adventure #342 (Mar. 1966). Her mother first appeared in flashback in Tales of the LSH #314 (Aug. 1984).


Lydda Jath (Night Girl) is born on Kathoon.



Intermittent conflict begins along the border between the United Planets and the Dominion. It continues for the next two decades.

(Adventure Comics #361, Oct. 1967)

After an atomic accident destroys the continent of Antillar on the planet Lallor, five children are born with unusual powers: Iishu Nor (Beast Boy), Ord Quelu (Duplicate Boy), Sev Tcheru (Evolvo Lad), Tal Nahii (Gas Girl), and Somi Gan (Life Lass). NOTES: Date is speculative, based on the Heroes of Lallor's apparent ages in their first app. Duplicate Boy's real name was first revealed in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967).

(Adventure Comics #324, Sept. 1964)

Birth of Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy). Although Rokk is born on Earth, his parents, Hu and Ewa Krinn, are natives of the planet Braal. NOTES: The Krinns' homeworld, Braal, was first named in Adventure #300 (Sept. 1962). Cosmic Boy's parents first appeared in Adventure #335 (Aug. 1965). His real name was first revealed in Adventure Comics # #357 (June 1967). His parents' names, and the fact that he was born on Earth, not on Braal, were revealed in Legion v.2 #297 (Mar. 1983).


Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) is born on Saturn's moon Titan. Saturn Girl's real name was first revealed in Adventure #337 (Oct. 1966). Her parents first appeared in Adventure Comics #356 (May 1967), but their names were never revealed.


Lyle Norg (Invisible Kid) is born on Earth. NOTES: Invisible Kid's real name was first revealed in Adventure #338 (Nov. 1966). His parents first appeared in Adventure Comics #356 (May 1967), but their names were never revealed.


Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy), son of industrialist Derek Morgna, is born on Earth. NOTES: Sun Boy's real name was first revealed in Adventure #302 (Nov. 1962).


Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad) is born on the planet Bismoll to Rall and Mitz Kem. NOTES: Matter-Eater Lad's real name was first revealed in Adventure #338 (Nov. 1965). His parents first appeared (behind the scenes) in Adventure Comics #356 (May 1967); their names were revealed in Action #381 (Oct. 1969).



Mysa Nal, daughter of High Seer Kiwa Nal and younger sister of Nura Nal, is born on Naltor. She is born without the Naltorian power of prophecy. While she is still very young, her mother dies, leaving Mysa alone.

(Legion v.2 #314, Aug. 1984)

Twins Garth and Ayla Ranzz (Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass) are born to Luc and Perla Ranzz on the planet Winath. They quickly earn the antipathy of their older brother Mekt, who, unlike most Winathian children, has no twin. NOTES: Lightning Lad's real name was first revealed in Adventure #350 (Nov. 1966). Lightning Lass's real name was revealed in Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967). A text feature in that story identified their homeworld as Amarta, rather than Winath.


Querl Dox (Brainiac 5), the descendant of the legendary Vril Dox, is born on the planet Colu. He inherits his ancestor's brilliant 12th-level "computer mind." Sometime during his childhood, both his parents die. NOTES: Brainiac 5's real name was first revealed in Adventure #356 (May 1967), which also established that he was an orphan. Brainy's home planet was sometimes called Yod, which later was described as the Coluan term for their world.


Jo Nah (Ultra Boy), the son of Crav and Mytra Nah, is born on the planet Rimbor. He grows up on the wrong side of the tracks, becoming a numbers runner and then a gang member, dating a local girl named An Ryd. NOTES: Jo Nah's real name and planet of birth were revealed in Superboy #98 (July 1962), his first app. His parents first appeared in Adventure #356 (May 1967). An Ryd's first first app. was Superboy & the Legion #239 (1978).


Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy) is born on Earth. NOTES: Bouncing Boy's real name was revealed in Adventure #301 (Oct. 1962), his first app. .


Dag Wentim (Stone Boy) is born on the planet Zwen. Like all natives of Zwen, he has the power to turn himself to stone.



Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet) is born to Arn Digby and his wife. Although both her parents are natives of the planet Imsk, she is born on Earth. NOTES: Shrinking Violet's homeworld was first named in Adventure #328 (Jan. 1965). The fact that she was born on Earth, not Imsk, was revealed in Who's Who in the LSH #6 (Oct. 1988).


Ral Benem (Chlorophyll Kid) is born on the planet Mardru.



Sussa Paka (Spider Girl) is born on Earth.


Staq Mavlen (Fire Lad) is born on the planet Shwar.



Jan Arrah (Element Lad) is born to Arn and Valla Arrah on the planet Trom. NOTES: Element Lad's real name was revealed in Adventure #307 (Apr. 1963), his first app. . Although his homeworld first appeared in that story, it was not named until Adventure #356 (May 1967)


Val Armorr (Karate Kid) is born in Tokyo to Kirau Nezumi, the notorious supervillain Black Dragon, and American bounty hunter Valentina Armorr. Shortly after Val's birth, Japanese superhero the Sensei (Toshiaki White Crane) kills the Black Dragon and adopts Val after his mother is murdered by the Black Dragon's organization. NOTES: Karate Kid's real name was first revealed in Adventure #359 (Aug. 1967). The Sensei first appeared in Adventure #367 (Apr. 1968). The Black Dragon was first mentioned in Superboy #210 (Aug. 1975) and Valentina Armorr was first mentioned in Who's Who in the LSH #4 (Aug. 1988).


Projectra (Princess Projectra, later called Sensor Girl), the daughter of King Voxv and granddaughter of Queen Hagga, is born on Orando. Her grandmother grants her the power to create magical illusions. NOTES: Projectra's homeworld was named in Adventure #346 (July 1966), her first app. . King Voxv first appeared in Adventure Comics #362 (Nov. 1967), Hagga in Legion v.2 #288 (June 1982).


Brin Londo (Timber Wolf) is born to Dr. Mar Londo and naturalist V'Layla Keely on the planet Zuun. NOTES: Timber Wolf's real name, his planet of origin, and his father's name were revealed in Adventure #327 (Dec. 1964). In that story, the name of the planet was spelled "Zoon."


Brek Bannin (Polar Boy) is born on Tharr. NOTES: Polar Boy's real name and planet of origin were revealed in Adventure Comics #306 (Mar. 1963), his first app. . His parents first appeared in Superboy #148 (June 1968).



Nyuen Chun Ti seizes the Atomic Axe, a relic of World War VI, from a man named Wolf Behbach. He becomes an underworld enforcer and assassin known as the Persuader.

Who's Who in the LSH #2 (June 1988)

Birth of Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass), daughter of Tarnia Tolarn and granddaughter of Sarven Mallor, the champion of Talok VIII. NOTES: Shadow Lass's real name was first revealed in Adventure #369 (June 1968). Her mother first appeared in Legion v.2 #263 (May 1980), her grandfather (as a ghost) in Secret Origins #8 (Nov. 1986).


Drake Burroughs (Wildfire) is born on Earth. An orphan, he is later adopted. NOTES: The fact that Drake was an orphan was revealed in Legion v.2 #283 (Jan. 1982). The fate and identity of his parents was never revealed.


Ulu Vakk (Color Kid) is born on the planet Lupra.



Realizing that his "cousin" Doyle (Theg) is becoming corrupt and lazy, R.J. Brande hires Marla Latham to run Brande Industries for him. NOTES: Doyle's role uncertain in Earth 0 continuity.

(Legion v.4 #8, June 1990)

After a month of happiness with Iris, Barry Allen disappears into the timestream, never to return. He never learns that Iris is pregnant.

Crisis #3 (June 1985)

Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad) and his twin brother Douglas are born on Earth to holo-vid star Luiza Karamonte and Andrew Douglas Nolan, heir to the Interplanet Mines fortune. Hideously disfigured, the boys are raised outside the public eye. NOTES: Ferro Lad's real name and the existence of his brother were first revealed in Adventure Comics #354 (Mar. 1967). The identity of their mother was established in Who's Who in the LSH #2 (June 1988), their father in Secret Origins #47 (Feb. 1990).


Birth of Rond Vidar, the son of Vidar, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (who later becomes Universo). NOTES: Rond Vidar first appeared in Adventure Comics #349 (Oct. 1966), but his real name was not revealed until Adventure Comics #360 (Sept. 1967)



Condo Arlik (Chemical King) is born on Phlon. A mutant, Condo manifests the power to disrupt chemical reactions. Abandoned by his parents, he is raised in isolation on Earth while he learns to control his powers. NOTES: Chemical King's real name was revealed in Adventure Comics #371 (Aug. 1968), his first app. . His history was revealed in greater detail in Secret Origins #47 (Feb. 1990).


Troy Stewart (Tyroc) is born on the dimension-shifting city of Marzal.


Peter Dursin (Porcupine Pete) is born on Earth.


Prince Evillo becomes sovereign ruler of Tartarus.


Marak Russen (Atmos) is born on Xanthu.



Dawnstar is born on Starhaven to Mist-Rider and Moonwalker. Like most inhabitants of Starhaven, genetic manipulation and selective breeding cause her to be born with wings, superhuman tracking and navigational skills, and the ability to survive and travel through interstellar space. NOTES: Dawnstar's parents and homeworld first appeared in Superboy and the LSH #240 (June 1978).


Drura Sepht (Infectious Lass) is born on Somahtur. Like all Somahturiots, she is a carrier for a wide array of microbes and viruses that make her a walking biological hazard to humanoids from other worlds.



Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid II) is born on Earth.



Following the death of her mother, Mysa Nal leaves Naltor to study magic with the teachers of Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. She meets Mordru, who has not yet begun his bid for power.

(Legion v.2 #315, Sept. 1984)

Ganglios (Tellus) is born on Hykraius.


Pol Krinn (Magnetic Kid), younger brother of Rokk Krinn, is born on Braal. NOTES: Pol Krinn first appeared in Adventure Comics #335 (Aug. 1965). His name was first revealed in Adventure Comics #357 (June 1967).



Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid), grandson of Sarven Mallor and the cousin of Tasmia Mallor, is born on Talok VIII.



Bobb Kohan (Crystal Kid) is born on Earth. NOTES: Crystal Kid first appeared in Amazing World of DC Comics #14 (Mar. 1977). He was created by Robert Cohen of Calgary, Alberta. He originally was called Rondo Kane, from the planet Zelar, but his name and homeworld were changed when he made his first comic book appearance in Legion v.2 #272 (Feb. 1981).



Rokk Krinn becomes a champion Magno-Ball player.

(Legion v.2 #297, Mar. 1983)

While Tinya Wazzo is away at boarding school, her doting father, Byzjn Wazzo, dies of a heart attack. Her mother, Winema, soon marries attorney Khard Wlessey.

(Secret Origins #42, July 1989)


Doyle Brande, having been bought out of Brande Industries by his "cousin," begins making threats on R.J. Brande's life.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968)

On Zerox, Mordru transforms Mysa Nal into the Hag, convincing the Council of Teachers that she is really the evil sorceress Xola Aq. She falls in with Prince Evillo and joins his Devil's Dozen. Afterward, Mordru overthrows the Council of Teachers and assumes dictatorial control of Zerox. NOTES: The date is approximate; Mysa was a teenager when she became the Hag.

(Legion v.2 #315-316, Sept.-Oct. 1984, Who's Who #9, May 1991)

On Colu, Querl Dox, the young Brainiac 5's father Kajz Dox (Brainiac 4), reclaims the title of their notorious ancestor. Querl was his mother's great great grandfather's name. When the Legion forms, R. J. Brande will contact Kajz hoping the boy will join. NOTES: Brainiac 5 is the seventh generation after the first Brainiac. This means Coluans are exceptionally long-lived. Previous accounts describe the Brainiac title as "coveted."

(Adventure v.2 #8, Apr. 2010)

Imra Ardeen sets out for Earth to apply for the Science Police Academy.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968), (Secrets of the LSH #1, Jan. 1981)

On the planet Korbal, Garth, Ayla, and Mekt Ranzz are attacked by Lightning Beasts, giving them electrical powers. After the three return home to Winath, Mekt disappears. Garth decides to go to Earth to enlist the aid of the Science Police in locating his brother.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968)

Legion Year 1

Origin, original telling: Rokk Krinn sets out for Earth to find work to support his destitute family. En route, he meets Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen. Together they use their superhuman powers to save tycoon R.J. Brande from assassination by men working for his "cousin" Doyle. At Brande's suggestion, the three youths become Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl and form the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion computer names Cosmic Boy the first leader.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968)

Origin, concurrent telling: Outside UP space, at Anatrom, Starfleet officers discover the population massacred. first app. Captain Dajone and M'Tobo. They and Admiral Allon seek help from scientists on Colu, who put their best mind on it: Brainiac 5. While there, he is surprised by the first appearance of a Bgtzlian, Tinya Wazzo, who came through a wormhole and crossed a dimensional barrier to warn the U.P. of invaders. First appearance of the covert tribunal, the Security Directorate (Mycroft of Earth, Zarl Jax of Colu, and Anisa of Naltor). When three youths save Brande's life and form the Legion, this Council orders the Science Police to leave them alone. Mycroft visits Brande, who agrees to have them monitor the Legion. The wormhole and the attempts on Brande's life are later revealed as the machinations of the Time Trapper. NOTE: Purchase of this comic qualified buyers to a plastic Legion Flight Ring. This series disrupts very little of existing continuity. It does change the Legionnaires' original costumes, and the "behind the scenes" story of their formation, before they met Superboy.

Legion : Secret Origin #1 (Dec. 2011)

In battle, the Legionnaires struggle to perfect the use of their powers. Saturn Girl trains with Science Police Sgt. Esquivel, who is killed by Zaryan's (a Khundian warlord) thugs. After a night of partying, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl sleep together. In the morning, she erases the memory from his mind and vows celibacy. Brainiac 5 and Circadia Senius unveil their Time Bubble. NOTE: There's mention of upcoming tryouts.

(Adventure Comics #517, Oct. 2010)

In their first case, the Legionnaires recover the Quintile Crystal and are deputized by the Science Police. NOTE: This event is referenced in Legion: Secret Origin #2 (2011).

(DC Super-Stars #17, Nov./Dec. 1977)

Tinya Wazzo stows away on a Bgztl freighter bound for Earth. She breaks up a spy ring led by Meglaro and applies for Legion membership. NOTE: Meglaro first appeared in Adventure Comics #303 (1962). The latter part of this story somewhat negated by Legion: Secret Origin.

(Secret Origins #42, July 1989)

The Legion inducts Triplicate Girl (Luornu Durgo of Cargg). (Superboy #147) The Directorate mentions that Cargg has only a handful of survivors. (Legion: Secret Origin #1) NOTES: This story has been told only in flashback, first in Superboy #147 (1968). Legion membership order does not coincide with actual first appearances.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968), (Legion: Secret Origin #1, Dec. 2011)

Gim Allon attends the Science Police Academy on Mars with Gigi Cusimano. He is exposed to radiation from a falling meteor and gains the power to increase his size. He and Gigi capture Char Burrane (who later becomes Starfinger II). Gim applies to join the Legion. first app. of Legion reject Calcu-Lad. NOTES: Gigi Cusimano first appeared in Legion v.2 #301 (July 1983), Char Burrane in Legion v.3 #29 (Dec. 1986).

(Legion v.3 #39, Oct. 1987)

Former child prodigy Lyle Norg invents an invisibility serum and decides he wants to join the Legion.

(Superboy v.1 #176, July 1971)

The Legion's first club house is built. Triplicate Girl has joined. Saturn Girl senses yet another attempt on RJ Brande's life, which the youths quickly put down—and a third. Brainy has "access to devices his ancestors acquired and never shared." Tinya says the monsters attacking Anotrom are like those that attacked Bgtzl and probably came through the same wormhole. She was sent through to warn people and she has a rare genetic gift. Gim Allon contacts his father, the Admiral, and says he wants to check out the Legion.

(Legion : Secret Origin #2, Jan. 2012)

The wormhole begins moving away from Anotrom and Brainiac 5 warns it could be a sign of a warship coming through. It resists all firepower until Brainy suggests a plan that destroys it. Phantom Girl visits the Directorate, giving them all Bgtzl's knowledge on the hostiles on the other side. Bgtzl moved itself out of their reach. The Legion gets new cruisers. Cosmic Boy reviews applicants and Brande chooses a holo of his son, Reep. Another attempt is made on his life, but his new bodyguard, Lyle Norg, saves him.

(Legion : Secret Origin #3, Jan. 2012)

While talking with Brainiac 5, Tinya Wazzo sees the Legion, seeks them out, and is admitted as the fifth member, Phantom Girl. NOTES: Shown in flashback in Superboy #147. Legion membership order does not coincide with actual first appearances.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968), (Legion: Secret Origin #3, Jan. 2012)

Astronomers watch the Sun-Eater devour the uninhabited galaxy 15702. The United Planets decides not to inform the public, fearing a panic, but establishes early warning stations at the edges of U.P. space to monitor the monster's course.

(Adventure Comics #352, Jan. 1966)

The Legion defeats Lucifer-7 and captures his secret weapon, the Concentrator. NOTES: The Concentrator first appeared in Adventure Comics #321 (June 1964).

(Secrets of the LSH #1, Jan. 1981)

Chameleon Boy (Reep Daggle of Durla), Colossal Boy (Gim Allon of Earth), and Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg of Earth) join the Legion. NOTES: This story was told only in flashback. Their place in membership order does not coincide with their first appearance, as established in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978). Their first appearance in print, Action #267, is a story that involves Supergirl, and is out-of-continuity.

(Secrets of the LSH #1, Jan. 1981), (Legion: Secret Origin #4, Feb. 2012)

The Green Lantern Corps attempts to stop Metropolis's Time Institute from viewing the birth of the universe with a new Time Viewer designed by Chronarch Circadia Senius and Brainiac 5. Vidar, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, tries to view the Dawn of Time himself, but is stopped by the Legion. He is expelled from the Green Lantern Corps and later becomes the villain Universo. Earth is declared off-limits to the Green Lantern Corps. NOTES: Vidar (Universo) first appeared in Adventure Comics #349 (Oct. 1966).

(Legion v.2 #295, Jan. 1983)

Brainiac 5 meets but declines an assistant's position at the Time Institute with Circadia Senius. He also refuses Phantom Girl's invitation to join the Legion. Tinya learns she can disrupt electronics. The S.P.s request the Legion's help when the wormhole expands again, but the teens worry about their power level. Phantom Girl suggests they use Brainy's time travel technology to retrieve Superman from the past!

(Legion : Secret Origin #4, Mar. 2012)

Jo Nah is swallowed by an "ultra-energy beast," giving him super powers. After helping Phantom Girl against Sugyn he decides to leave Rimbor and his girlfriend An Ryd to join the Legion. NOTES: Sugyn's first app. was in Adventure Comics #350 (Nov. 1966), and An Ryd first appeared in Superboy & the LSH #239 (May 1978).

(Superboy v.1 #98, July 1962)

Ultra Boy (Jo Nah of Rimbor) joins the Legion. NOTES: The original tale involved his initiation test—to travel back in time and discover Superboy's secret identity—on which he was accompanied by Brande's aide, Marla Latham. Ultra Boy's place in the membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in the roll call of All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

Superboy v.1 #98 (July 1962)

The founders attempt recruit Superman in the 20th century, but are flung back home by the Time Trapper before they can succeed; the Bubble is greatly damaged. The Legion brings its newest powerhouse member, Ultra Boy, in to help battle warships at the wormhole. Mycroft becomes an agent of the Trapper, who cannot manifest himself fully in that era. NOTE: Shrinking Violet erroneously appears on the cover of this issue.

(Legion: Secret Origin #5, Apr. 2012)

Chameleon Boy stops Mycroft from killing Brande, and meets the Time Trapper. Brainiac 5 uses the broken Time Bubble to release unstable chronal energy and destroy the wormhole. Phantom Girl volunteers to pilot it. This also breaks the Time Trapper's link to the 31st century and he is withdrawn. He fixes the flaw in the Time Bubble and Saturn Girl renews her mission to recruit Superman.

(Legion: Secret Origin #6, May 2012)

The Legion of Super-Heroes—Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn of Braal), Lightning Boy/Lad (Garth Ranzz of Winath) and Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen of Titan)—"borrow" the new Time Sphere from the Time Institute in order to bring young Clark Kent back to the 30th century, where he becomes the tenth member of the Legion. They encounter xenophobes. Brainiac 5 (an employee of the Institute) is angered by the theft. NOTES: In the original tale only, Lightning Lad was called Lightning "Boy," and the Legionnaires wear costumes that are unique to this appearance. Those costumes are not a part of this tale in current continuity, but might be the outfits they wore when they first met and saved R.J. Brande. Other Legion members are shown only in the background. The original coloring depicted them all as Caucasian, but the Legion Archives recolored one member as green. The original tale says the Legion lives in the 30th century, although some subsequent stories stated "2first" century instead. Most Legion stories are supposed to take place exactly 1,000 years in Superman's future (not Superboy's). The Superman: Secret Origin story erroneously mentions Mordru and the Time Trapper and depicts flight rings—none of which have been introduced yet.

Adventure Comics #247 (Apr. 1958), (Action Comics #858, Late Dec. 2007), (Superman: Secret Origin #2, Dec. 2009)

A 75th century hero calling himself Anti-Lad joins the Legion. After Superboy fails his first membership trial, Anti-Lad convinces the others to give him another chance. Afterwards, Anti-Lad erases the Legionnaires' memories of his appearance and returns to his own time.

(Superboy v.1 #204, Sept./Oct. 1974)

ORIGINAL CONTINUITY ONLY: The three founding Legionnaires invite Supergirl to the 30th century try out for the Legion, but she is disqualified when red kryptonite temporarily turns her into an adult. Supergirl digs the first tunnel of the Earth's subterranean core tube transit system. She meets Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid (first apps. in print). NOTES: The revised tale of Supergirl's joining does not include these events. Cosmic Boy dons a new, permanent costume in this story. Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid are shown to have already joined the Legion. This story was the Legion's third appearance, and shows the Legion clubhouse to be located in Metropolis, rather than in Smallville, as was shown in the Legion's first appearance. In the original tale, the Legionnaires said they were the children of the Legionnaires Superboy knew. This revelation was later ignored, and was edited out of some reprints of this story.

(Action Comics #267, Aug. 1960)

Professor Zaxton Regulus tries to kill Dirk Morgna by trapping him in an atomic reactor. Instead of killing him, the radiation gives Dirk super powers. He later becomes Sun Boy.

(Adventure Comics #348, Sept. 1966)

Chuck Taine accidentally swallows a "super-plastic fluid" that gives him the power to inflate himself into a ball. He dubs himself Bouncing Boy.

(Adventure Comics #301, Oct. 1962), (Secret Origins #49, June 1990)

On Colu, young Brainiac 5 unwittingly releases malicious Brainiac technology from a vault. The Legionnaires are called to help cleanse the planet and save a young child—a rarity on Colu (they are long-lived and reproduce rarely). Brainiac 5 then joins the Legion. Thief Tharok runs afoul of Coluan sentries, who transform him in some way. 1st app. Arvid Wix, Dorvl. NOTE: Brainiac 5's original joining (Action #276) involved Supergirl, and appears to be excised completely from continuity.

(Legion v.7 #0; Nov. 2012)

Applicants Bouncing Boy (Chuck Taine of Earth), Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby of Imsk), and Sun Boy (Dirk Morgna of Earth) are rejected.

Action Comics #276 (May 1961)

The Legion travels to the 20th century to invite Supergirl, who joined alongside Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox). NOTES: This has been negated by Legion: Secret Origin #6, but it was also referenced in Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, which might also now be out-of-continuity. Supergirl's status in the Legion is once again a mystery. first app. in print of Phantom Girl, and Triplicate Girl (joined previously). Sixth Legion app.

Action Comics #276 (May 1961), (Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

A malfunction in her space ship causes Supergirl to be transported to the 31st century where the Legion greets her. Brainiac 5 protests, citing dangers to the timestream. They're in the midst of Legion tryouts. She remains there for over a month, participating in several missions. She uncovers ancient artifacts such as Excalibur, and helps stop a kryptonite meteor shower. NOTE: Supergirl's New 52 status in the Legion is a unknown. Sun Boy appears. This tale reconfigured Supergirl's first appearances with the Legion, and the timing of her joining. Events from Action #276 appear.

(Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

Clark visits the 30th century for the second time. The Legionnaires dub him "Superboy" for the first time. He flies in space for the first time. NOTE: Ultra Boy does not appear. This is the first time in Earth-0 continuity that Clark Kent is called "Superboy." In Silver Age tales, his second future visit was not until Adventure #300.

(Adventure v.2 #12/515, Aug. 10)

16-year-old Thom Kallor is caught in the radioactive tail of a comet, gaining Kryptonian/Daxamite-type super-powers in addition to his mass-increasing abilities.

(Secrets of the LSH #1, Jan. 1981), (Legion v.2 #306, Dec. 1983)

Dr. Mar Londo begins injecting his son Brin (Timber Wolf) with Zuunium in an effort to give him super-powers.

(Legion v.4 Annual #3, 1992)

Star Boy joins the Legion. NOTES: Star Boy's first appearance was Adventure #282 (Mar. 1961), a 20th century tale in which he had already joined. His place in membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in the roll call of All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

(Secrets of the LSH #1, Jan. 1981)

Applying for a second time, Sun Boy and Shrinking Violet join the Legion. NOTES: As shown in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978), Sun Boy and Shrinking Violet's places in membership order does not coincide with their first apps.

(Secrets of the LSH #2, Feb. 1981)

Applying for a second time, Bouncing Boy is admitted to the Legion NOTES: His place in membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

(Adventure Comics #301, Oct. 1962)

Supergirl saves the Earth from the Positive Man and foils the Chameleon Men impersonating the Legion. NOTES: This event is shown in the Supergirl Annual. Bouncing Boy is shown as having already joined the Legion. This story shows the Legion in the 2first century rather than the 30th. In pre-Crisis continuity, this was the first appearance of Whizzy, descendant of Supergirl's cat Streaky.

Action Comics #287 (Apr. 1962), (Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

After several weeks working with the Legion, Supergirl is admitted as its fifteenth member. NOTE: Supergirl's New 52 status in the Legion is a unknown.

(Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

The Legion and Science Police pursue Zaryan to Naltor, where young Nura Nal has a vision of a Legionnaire's death (and another of her joining the team). She tells Beren, the High Seer and they send a message to the Legion. Brainiac 5 investigates a "ghost" (Mon-El) that haunts the clubhouse and speaks to Superboy in the Superman Museum. There, Superboy also learns about his own death.

(Adventure Comics #518, Oct. 2010)

The Legion stays for a visit in the 20th century—they are also monitoring the original Brainiac's first probe (Brainiac Zero) arriving on Earth. The Espionage Squad trails Zaryan.

(Adventure v.2 #519, Dec. 2010)

Saturn Girl invents Serum XY-4, which allows Mon-El to temporarily leave the Phantom Zone. Mon-El helps the Legion defeat Urthlo, an android built by Lex Luthor, and is granted honorary membership. He returns to the Phantom Zone, awaiting a permanent cure. NOTES: This was the Legion's first use of anti-gravity belts instead of jet packs. first 30th century app. of Mon-El. This story states"2first" century rather than 30th. With this issue, the Legion becomes Adventure Comics' main feature.

Adventure Comics #300 (Sept. 1962)

Bouncing Boy encourages Legion applicants with the story of how he joined. First appearance of Legion applicants Lester Spiffany (rich boy with no powers) and Storm Boy (Myke Chypurz of Earth), who is the first applicant to be rejected because his powers were based on an external device. NOTES: This is the first Legion story in which Superboy did not appear at all. The story again shows the Legion in the 2first century rather than the 30th.

Adventure Comics #301 (Oct. 1962)

Sun Boy leaves the Legion when he temporarily loses his powers, but he regains them in time to defeat Kranyak. NOTES: The Legion is again shown in the 2first century.

Adventure Comics #302 (Nov. 1962)

Matter-Eater Lad (Tenzil Kem of Bismoll) joins the Legion. He is accused of betraying the Legion to the alien spy-master Meglaro, but is cleared when Brainiac 5 reveals the real Legion infiltrator — a miniaturized spy implanted in Lightning Lad's leg by Dr. Landro, one of Meglaro's accomplices. first app. of the Science Police.

Adventure Comics #303 (Dec. 1962)

On a mission to Takron-Galtos, Star Boy loses his enhanced powers. He defeats a group of escaped criminals with his original powers, but he is badly injured and spends several months in the hospital. NOTE: He is sent on the mission by Cosmic Boy, but Saturn Girl is leader when he recovers.

(Legion v.2 #306, Dec. 1983)

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