Legion Time Comments Issue #
Jan 17 Earthgov brings Tyroc's home city of Marzal back to Earth's dimension and then destroys the city, painting its reappearance as a Khundish sneak attack. Tyroc (Troy Stewart), Marzal's only survivor, escapes and becomes a anti-Earthgov resistance fighter. NOTES: The fact that Marzal was returned to Earth deliberately was revealed in the 2995 Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook. (Legion v.4 #16, 3.91)
Mar 3 Anton Relnic is elected chairman of the United Planets Council. *
Former Legionnaire Ganglios of Hykraius (Tellus) joins the Dark Circle. *
Jun 27 Lauren Gand is born to Laurel and Rond Vidar. *
Aug Salu Digby is sent to the stockade for her continued protests of Imsk's use of the Damper. (Legion v.4 #1, 11.89)
Sep 13 On Tartarus, Prince Evillo marries Eve Aries (Saturn Queen) and takes possession of the Hypno-Stone of Ouranos. (Legion v.4 #14, 1.91)
Oct 19 Dev-Em escapes from a Interstellar Counter-Intelligence Corps safe world on Drake VI, where he has been confined since displaying psychological instability in the wake of Glorith's destruction of Daxam. *
Oct 23 Reep Daggle meets with Rokk Krinn on Braal and announces his intention to reform the Legion. Cham meets Rokk's friend Loomis and bribes the Imskian occupation forces to let Rokk leave Braal. Salu Digby is dishonorably discharged from the Imskian army. Dominator agents help Roxxas escape from Labyrinth. Legion v.4 #1 (Nov. 1989)
Nov 2 Earthgov holds its first elections since 2991. Tayla Wellington is reelected President. (Legion v.4 #30, 6.92)
Lydda Jath resettles on Kathoon. On Rimbor, Kaston and Algronsk, assassins hired by the Khunds, kill Jo Nah's girlfriend Ginny and try to kill Kono (Brita An'nan) and Jo. Circe, Earth's SP commander and Dirk Morgna's lover, searches for incriminating evidence on Shvaughn Erin. Vi joins Ayla Ranzz on Winath. Legion v.4 #2 (Dec. 1989)
Nov 21 On Tharn, Rond Vidar is captured by Mordru and his vampiric servant Vykros. Mordru destroys his Green Lantern ring. Cham and Rokk Krinn join Jo Nah, Kono, and Furball (who they are unaware is actually Brin Londo) on Rimbor. They decide to free Mysa Nal from Mordru. Roxxas murders Blok on the Puppet Planetoid and delivers his body to the Ranzz farm on Winath. The Time Trapper revives Mon-El. Glorith reality: Valor is not dead, nor does the Legion know of the Time Trapper's existence at this time. Legion v.4 #3 (Jan. 1990)
Nov 29 A new timeline is created in which the Legion never formed. In its absence, Mordru conquered the galaxy in 2974. A group of conspirators led by Rond Vidar cast a spell to install Glorith of Baaldur in the Time Trapper's place. History is recreated with Glorith playing the Trapper's role in the previous timeline. NOTES: The events of this story result in the beginning of the Glorith timeline. All subsequent events are part of that timeline unless otherwise noted. Legion v.4 #5 (Mar. 1990)
Dirk Morgna hires Celeste Rockfish (Celeste McCauley) to track down Roxxas. Accompanied by Daily Planet reporter Devlin O'Ryan and Bounty II, Celeste travels to Trom to enlist the help of Jan Arrah. Cham, Rokk Krinn, Jo Nah, Kono, and Furball attempt to free Mysa Nal from Mordru, and Laurel Gand prepares to rescue Rond Vidar. Legion v.4 #6 (Apr. 1990)
Laurel Gand rescues Rond Vidar from Vykros, who is apparently destroyed by Mysa Nal. Rokk Krinn persuades Mordru to let them go and take Rond and Mysa with them. In a fit of pique, Mordru strands them on Grocz, on the fringes of U.P. space. Meanwhile, Bounty, Celeste, Devlin, and Jan set out for Winath, followed by a mysterious green energy burst. Legion v.4 #7 (May 1990)
Marla Latham narrates the story of his first meeting with the Durlan who would become R.J. Brande, and the founding of the Legion of Super-Heroes. First appearance of Lar Gand as Valor (as an image only). Rokk Krinn learns that Laurel and Rond have a baby daughter, Lauren Gand. Legion v.4 #8 (June 1990)
Roxxas reviews the origin of Laurel Gand. Legion v.4 #9 (July 1990)
Brainiac 5, Bounty, Celeste Rockfish, Cham, Furball, Jan Arrah, Jo Nah, Kono, Mysa Nal, and Rokk Krinn join Garth, Imra, Ayla, and Mekt Ranzz, along with Vi (Shrinking Violet) on Winath, where they are attacked by Roxxas. Celeste, Cham, and Mekt are badly injured and Jo Nah is apparently disintegrated. His friends are unaware that Roxxas's "chronal howitzer" has thrown him back in time. On Earth, Tenzil Kem and Calorie Queen arrive to get Brek Bannin (Polar Boy) out of jail and Devil O'Ryan and Iris Allen publish an article in the Daily Planet linking Roxxas to Earthgov. Legion v.4 #10 (Aug. 1990)
Dec 5 Tenzil Kem unearths the ruins of the Batcave for a TV special and, with the help of his assistant, Taryn Loy (Calorie Queen), secures Brek Bannin's release from prison. NOTES: Calorie Queen first appeared in Superboy v.1 #212 (Oct. 1975). Legion v.4 #11 (Sept. 1990)
The origin of Ultra Boy is recounted. Legion v.4 Annual #1 (1990)
Dec 5 The mysterious green energy heals the mortally wounded Celeste Rockfish, although it temporarily turns her green. Roxxas is captured by Ayla, Vi, and Jan. Devlin O'Ryan and Iris Allen prove that he was hired by Earthgov to kill the former Legionnaires. NOTES: This issue reveals that Celeste is Leland McCauley IV's cousin. Legion v.4 #12 (Oct. 1990)
Dec 10 On Quarantine, former Legionnaire Kent Shakespeare clashes with the Persuader, who is trying to kill Char Burrane Jr., son of Char Burrane (Starfinger II). Legion v.4 #12 (Oct. 1990)
Dec 14 The Legion of Super-Heroes officially reforms. Cham issues new uniforms. Legion v.4 #12 (Oct. 1990)
Dec 15 Monica Sade is captured by the Science Police and the Dominion after trying to assassinate the Dominion ambassador to Earthgov. *
  Kent Shakespeare and Gim Allon, now a Science Police officer, defeat and arrest the Persuader. Kent leaves Quarantine for Winath to rejoin the Legion, forcing him to leave his young friend Ivy. In the Darzyl system, Mano is forced to tell his new boss, Molock Hanscom (Starfinger III), that the Persuader has failed to kill Char Burrane Jr., the son of Char Burrane, Starfinger II. On Baaldur, Glorith apparently destroys the final remnants of the Time Trapper, but is forced to recreate his Pocket Universe in order to maintain the proper course of history. NOTES: Molock Hanscom is presumably Molock, the crimelord who first appeared in Adventure Comics #320 (May 1964). The 2995 Sourcebook indicates that Molock was also the original Starfinger's brother and that Molock ordered the murder of the Burranes to avenge Char Burrane's murder of Lars Hanscom in 2986 (seen in Legion v.3 #29, Dec. 1986). This issue mentions that Lallor, Sklar, Tsauran, and Rann have all been conquered by the Khunds. Legion v.4 #13 (Nov. 1990)
Dec 27 Tenzil Kem, Brek Bannin, and Calorie Queen stop off on Tartarus, where Tenzil destroys Prince Evillo's "underworld" and frees Sugyn and Evillo's ex-wives. Brek stays on Tartarus as a teacher for Evillo's daughters. The government of Bismoll, believing Tenzil dead, drafts Calorie Queen to replace him in the Senate. Legion v.4 #14 (Jan. 1991)
Dec 28 The Legion establishes a new headquarters in a former brothel on the asteroid world Talus. NOTES: Talus first appeared in Action Comics #386 (Mar. 1970). Legion v.4 #14 (Jan. 1991)
Jan 3 Tenzil Kem rejoins the Legion. *
Jan 12 Brainiac 5 realizes that Jo Nah is lost in time. Orando, Venegar, Talok VIII, Preztor, and other U.P. planets are attacked by the Khunds, armed with the Red Terror. Projectra is captured. The Legion agrees to help the U.P. forces. Vi loses her leg in the battle on Venegar, but Cham manages to obtain a sample of the Terror from a Khundish spy, Orlak. The U.P. militia academy on Xolnar is attacked. Chuck and Luornu Taine, Jed Rikane (Power Boy), and Berta Haris (Nightwind) join the battle; Berta is killed. Valor and Shadow Lass come to the defense of Talok VIII and Jo realizes that he's 5,000 years in the past. Legion v.4 #15 (Feb. 1991)
Feb 4 Sade is transferred to the Weisinger Chambers. *
Brainiac 5 discovers that the Khunds are using lost technology from the Great Wars of the 28th Century. Mysa Nal and Kent Shakespeare are sent to Xolnar to help Chuck and Luornu Taine. Vi gets an artificial leg. The Legion discovers that Glorith is posing as the Khunds' "Demon Mother" and that the invasion is a cover for her to obtain mystical artifacts. On Earth, Jacques Foccart's resistance fighters, including Tyroc and former Substitute Heroes, ally themselves with Universo and his henchman Grinn. Legion v.4 #16 (Mar. 1991)
Mar 13 On Xanthu, Roon Dvron arrests Sussa Paka (Spider Girl) for trying to steal the Stancio Dazzle Gem. Sussa claims to have been framed by Benn Pares, her former partner. (Legion v.4 #23, 10.91)
Mar 22 Jed Rikane dies on Xolnar. Mysa Nal casts a spell to protect the survivors on Xolnar from the Khunds. On Khundia, Laurel Gand and Vi defeat Glorith with a chronal howitzer, trapping her at the end of time. Legion v.4 #17 (Apr. 1991)
Mar 29 Earthgov executes Don and Dawn Allen. Notes: This story contains the first reference to Don's son Barry Allen II, a.k.a. Bart Allen (Impulse). Legion v.4 #17 (Apr. 1991)
On Orando, the Dark Circle attempts to assassinate Projectra. Valor and Shadow Lass dismantle the Dark Circle cult on Orando and Carggg. Vi gets a Probe leg. Still lost in the past, Jo Nah makes his way to ancient Earth. Legion v.4 #18 (May 1991)
Apr 11 Time and Time Again Phase 7: Dev-Em, now thoroughly insane, clashes with the Legion of Super-Heroes on Earth's moon. Superman, still lost in time, meets the Legion again and learns of the fate of Superboy. The Legion discovers a Dominator installation on the moon and learns the full extent of the Dominion's control of Earthgov. Dev-Em accidentally triggers the Dominators' "Triple Strike" contingency program, destroying Luna and starting a devastating chain reaction on Earth. Superman vanishes once again into time. NOTES: Saturn Girl relates the Glorith-reality version of the Legion's encounter with Superboy in this story, including the Legion's belief that the Time Trapper they encountered in 2987 was Glorith in disguise. Superman's appearance in this story follows his experience in medieval England, as seen in Superman v.2 #55 (May 1991). Following this story, he appears in next in Action Comics #665 (May 1991), reappearing in 20th century Metropolis only hours after his original disappearance. Adventures of Superman #478 (May 1991)
Earth is devastated by Triple Strike and the destruction of Luna. Medicus One is destroyed. Dr. Gym'll and Jaxon Rugarth are believed to be among the casualties. NOTES: The apparent demise of Gym'll and Rugarth was mentioned only in the Sourcebook, and even there, both are only presumed dead. Neither death was ever canonically confirmed, although the obituary for Gym'll implies that he was at least declared legally dead. Legion v.4 #19 (June 1991)
Apr 12 Nabu sends Jo Nah back from ancient Egypt to 30th century Winath, the point from which he originally disappeared. Legion v.4 #19 (June 1991)
Apr 13 Two Dominion fleets, led by Pinnacle Command, are sent to Earth. Science Police units begin open revolt. Dirk Morgna is hideously burned by his own powers and Devlin O'Ryan is exposed to null radiation. The duplicate Legion, Batch SW6, is accidentally released from the Weisinger Chambers. Rokk Krinn recalls the events of Venado Bay. Meanwhile, Mysa Nal is contacted by the spirit of Amethyst, the son of Char Burrane (Starfinger II) is murdered, and Circe turns against Earthgov. Garth and Imra Ardeen's children Dacey and Doritt Ranzz are born on Winath. Legion v.4 #20 (July 1991)
  The Dominion institutes martial law on Earth. Darkseid sends a probe duplicate of Lobo to capture Aria Campbell on Zuun. On Earth, the Dominators dispatch B.I.O.N., an android based on Computo and possessing the powers of all the Legionnaires, to recapture Batch SW6. B.I.O.N. kills Atmos. Devlin O'Ryan meets the duplicate Legion's Shrinking Violet. Legion v.4 #21 (Aug. 1991)
Apr 17 Furball and Aria contact Brainiac 5 for help. Brainy tells Aria that Furball is really Brin Londo. The probe-Lobo captures Aria. Valor discovers Dark Circle files concerning Operation Doppelganger, a plan to clone the Legion. Legion v.4 #22 (Sept. 1991)
Celeste McCauley manifests powers related to the green energy she absorbed. Brainiac 5 realizes that Darkseid is involved in Aria's kidnapping. Meanwhile, Valor heads for Earth, Laurel Gand and Bounty confer with Circe, and the SW6 Shrinking Violet takes Devlin O'Ryan to meet her friends. Legion v.4 #23 (Oct. 1991)
The Legion confronts Darkseid, who completes the Genesis Matrix experiment, merging Aria and her brother Coda into Gemini. Darkseid destroys the probe-Lobo and restores Furball to human form. Gemini apparently erases Darkseid from existence. On Earth, B.I.O.N. attacks Laurel Gand, mistaking her for her SW6 counterpart, and Devlin O'Ryan meets the SW6 Legionnaires (first full appearance). Legion v.4 #24 (Dec. 1991)
The Dark Circle reviews the life and career of Valor. Legion v.4 Annual #2 (1991)
The SW6 Legion is forced to seek help from Universo. Devlin O'Ryan, exposed to null radiation, manifests energy-reflection powers. Legion v.4 #25 (Jan. 1992)
Universo convinces the resistance forces to attack the chambers. B.I.O.N. pursues Laurel Gand to Talus. Legion v.4 #26 (Feb. 1992)
  The subjects in the Weisinger Chambers, including Monica Sade, are freed. Jacques Foccart and Tenzil Kem meet the SW6 Legion. Spider Girl appears, carrying a mysterious cannister. On Talus, B.I.O.N. is defeated by Kono after badly injuring Laurel Gand. Notes: The chamber occupants who have been mind-wiped are listed as Absorbancy Boy, Black Mace, Caress, Chocheta Drisden, Flynt Brojj, Myg (Karate Kid II), Polecat, and Squire Burroughs. Those listed as not mind-wiped are Crystal Kid, Quake Kid, Radiation Roy, Sade, and Visi-Lad. Cohcheta Drisden is the daughter of Grimbor, Squire Burroughs the cousin of Drake Burroughs (Wildfire). Legion v.4 #27 (Mar. 1992)
The Subs discover the horribly burned Dirk Morgna in a Dominator pod. Dirk is tormented by flashbacks of his life. Legion v.4 #28 (Apr. 1992)
Apr 30 On Talus, Brainiac 5 studies B.I.O.N. Valor suggests that the adult Legionnaires may be clones. On Earth, Universo, the SW6 Legion, and the Subs battle mind-wiped Dominator agents, including Flare, Elasti-Kid 5, Alloy 12, and Ghost 6. President Tayla Wellington is assassinated by the Dominion during a live broadcast. Legion v.4 #29 (May 1992)
Dominion control of Earthgov is exposed. The U.P. fleet prepares to liberate Earth, while the Khunds plan an invasion of the Dominion homeworld. Legion v.4 #30 (June 1992)
Apr 30 Aria tries to take the dying Brin Londo back in time to prevent his father from administering the first Zuunium injection, but accidentally dumps them both in the 20th century. The Legionnaires attend the christening of Dacey and Doritt Ranzz on Winath. Legion v.4 Annual #3 (1992)
May 2 Ayla Ranzz learns that Garth is really Proty, inhabiting her brother's re-animated body. Rokk Krinn and Lydda Jath's son, Pol Jath Krinn, is born. Legion v.4 Annual #3 (1992)
May 2 Shvaughn Erin reveals to Jan Arrah that "she" is really Sean Erin; he changed his sex with a drug called Profem. Valor meets the SW6 Legion and Leland McCauley IV contemplates his latest toy: the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Legion v.4 #31 (July 1992)
May 15 Cham begins a search for R.J. Brande. On Earth, Circe and Bounty capture Spider Girl. Grinn sets off a self-destruct mechanism that destroys all the chambers. The SW6 Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid, and Princess Projectra are killed fighting Dominion troops. Elia, the Dominion homeworld, is overrun by the Khunds. Legion v.4 #32 (Aug. 1992)
Cham learns the true story of former Legionnaire Kid Quantum and discovers that he is still alive. Cham fights the Hunter. Cham, R.J. Brande, Kid Quantum, and the Proteans are captured by the Emerald Eye. On Earth, Bobb Kohan (Crystal Kid), April Dumaka (Catspaw), Danielle Foccart (Computo), and Xao Jin (Dragonmage) are released from the chambers. Legion v.4 #33 (Sept. 1992)
Sade kills Grinn. Leland McCauley IV offers to help free Earth from the Dominion. Universo kills his Dark Circle contact. Full-scale war erupts between the U.P. and Dominion fleets in Earth orbit. Laurel Gand captures Pinnacle Command. Legion v.4 #34 (Oct. 1992)
May 17 The crippled Dirk Morgna encounters his SW6 counterpart. The Dominion fleet is defeated by the U.P. militia with the aid of the SW6 Valor. Pinnacle Command orders his troops to surrender. Earth is liberated and Jacques Foccart is named the new President of Earth. On Gallan, Universo and Leland McCauley raise a toast to their imminent conquest of Earth. Legion v.4 #35 (E11.92)
May 19 Circe kills Dirk Morgna and then takes her own life. Bounty is badly wounded in a fight with Sade. The Bounty entity leaves its host body, who the Legionnaires realize is Dawnstar. Legion v.4 #36 (L11.92)
Imra Ranzz is kidnapped from Winath. On Naltor, Thom Kallor (Star Boy), now married to Yvyya Val and coaching the Naltor Dreamers batball team, is reunited with Nura Nal (Dream Girl). The SW6 Valor attempts to return to 2978 to discover the true origins of the SW6 Legion. His time bubble vanishes in a flash of lightning. NOTES: This issue reveals that Chameleon Boy's old flame Aplynn Jeryl, first seen in Superboy and the LSH #249 (Mar. 1979), is now co-chair of the U.P. Council. The SW6 Valor appears next in Valor #17 (Mar. 1994). Legion v.4 #37 (E12.92)
Jun 4 The Great Terran Disaster. The Earth explodes, killing the two billion people who could not be evacuated in time. 94 cities survive being launched into space, protected by environmental domes and joined together in the moon's former orbit as Earth-0. Legion v.4 #38 (L12.92)
Leland McCauley adds Cham, R.J. Brande, Kid Quantum, and the Proteans to his "collection," which includes Dev-Em. The SW6 Legionnaires rescue them. Dev-Em escapes on his own. R.J. Brande vows to rebuild the Earth. Legion v.4 #39 (Jan. 1993)
  Universo frees the mind-wiped Dominator agents, including Karate Kid II and Squire Burroughs, brother of Wildfire, of their mind control. Devlin O'Ryan joins the Legion. The adult Legionnaires meet the SW6 Legion. J'Onn J'Onzz visits Mysa Nal. Legion v.4 #40 (Feb. 1993)
Jun 11 Jacques Foccart resigns the presidency of Earth-0 to rejoin the Legion. Troy Stewart (Tyroc) becomes President. Chameleon Boy resigns from the adult Legion to work with the SW6 Legionnaires, based in the rebuilt, original Legion clubhouse. Catspaw (April Dumaka), Dragon Mage (Xao Jin), and Computo II (Danielle Foccart) join the SW6 Legion. The SW6 Duo Damsel discovers that she has all three of her bodies. Some of the SW6 Legionnaires adopt new code names. Sean Erin becomes Chief of the Science Police for Earth-0. Legion v.4 #41 (Mar. 1993)
Jun 13 The Legionnaires are deputized by Earthgov and the United Planets. Computo II stops the Djakarta dome from colliding with the Melbourne dome. Cosmic Boy is elected leader and names Computo deputy. The Legion battles Mano. Legionnaires #1 (Apr. 1993)
Luornu Durgo, Rond Vidar, and Brainiac 5 are kidnapped by the same armored figure who kidnapped Imra Ardeen. She is Luornu's second body, regrown as a servant of Glorith. Luornu discovers that Brainy has given her force-field powers. She defeats Glorith and reclaims her second body. Legion v.4 #42 (Apr. 1993)
The Legionnaires defeat Mano. X-Bomb Betty, Cera Kesh, and Plaid Lad apply for the SW6 Legion. On Takron-Galtos II, Leland McCauley IV and a new Emerald Empress (Ingria Olav) release the Persuader's Atomic Axe. The Legionnaires battle Mordecai. Legionnaires #2 (May 1993)
Drura Sepht-Foccart (Infectious Lass) moves in with Jacques Foccart. Spider Girl seeks the Legion's help with the package she stole for Starfinger. Mysa Nal is possessed by the spirit of Amethyst and attacks Mordru on Tharn, despite J'Onn J'Onzz's efforts to stop her. Legion v.4 #43 (May 1993)
The Legionnaires battle Mordecai, who disappears before he can be subdued. The Atomic Axe frees the Persuader from Takron-Galtos II and the Emerald Eye transforms Cera Kesh into Emerald Empress III. Legionnaires #3 (June 1993)
  Mysa Nal is defeated by Mordru, who begins raising the dead. The Legion, aided by J'Onn J'Onzz and the spirit of Amethyst, moves to stop him. The U.P. forces the Legion to accept four new Khundish members: Firefist, Veilmist, Blood Claw, and Flederweb. Legion v.4 #44 (June 1993)
The Persuader frees Mano to join Leland McCauley's new Fatal Five, along with Mordecai, Emerald Empress II, and a revived Tharok. Meanwhile, Cera Kesh attacks the Legionnaires with her Emerald Eye. Legionnaires #4 (July 1993)
Mordru reanimates all the dead Legionnaires on Sklar. Roxxas uses Mordru's spell to raise the dead inhabitants of Trom, who attack Jan Arrah. Legion v.4 #45 (July 1993)
The Legionnaires meet the U.P. vice-chair and battle the new Fatal Five. Emerald Empress III (Cera Kesh) kills Emerald Empress II (Ingria Olav). Legionnaires #5 (Aug. 1993)
  Blood Claw dies fighting Mordru's zombies. Jan Arrah escapes from Trom. Mordru's spell is broken on Sklar. Legion v.4 #46 (Aug. 1993)
On Earth-0, the Legionnaires defeat the Fatal Five, while Gossamer, Dragonmage, and Triad confront Leland McCauley on Gallan. Emerald Empress III seizes control of both Emerald Eyes and frees the Fatal Five. Legionnaires #6 (Sept. 1993)
  The Legion faces Mordru on Tharn. Firefist is accidentally killed by Devlin O'Ryan. Legion v.4 #479 (Sept. 1993)
While Mordru's zombies attack Talus, Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar bring Timber Wolf back to the 30th century, accompanied by the annoying Jamm. Legion v.4 #Ann 4 (1993)
Vacationing in Atlantis, the Legionnaires encounter the long-lost Devil-Fish. Legionnaires #7 (Oct. 1993)
Mysa Nal defeats Mordru with the help of Devlin O'Ryan and Amethyst, stripping Mordru of most of his power. Roxxas tends to the injured Jan Arrah. Veilmist and Flederweb return to the Khundish Empire. Legion v.4 #48 (Oct. 1993)
The SW6 Brainiac 5 leaves the Legionnaires to join the Coluan government — which refuses to let him leave when he changes his mind, claiming he is the property of Colugov. Legionnaires #8 (Nov. 1993)
Tenzil Kem, Brek Bannin, and Prince Evillo's daughters prevent Evillo from enslaving the population of Tartarus with the Hypno-Stone. Legion v.4 #49 (E11.93)
  Drake Burroughs possesses Dirk Morgna's body and returns to the Legion. The Legionnaires battle B.I.O.N. Tenzil Kem marries Eve Aries (Saturn Queen). Universo accuses the Legion of collaborating with the Khunds. Legion v.4 #50 (L11.93)
Several SW6 Legionnaires battle the Khunds. In Metropolis, Cham holds a recruitment drive and rejects Accordian King and Barber Boy. Inferno cozies up to Legion groupie Sadi. While quelling food riots in Acapulco, Live Wire accidentally fries Cosmic Boy. Legionnaires #9 (Dec. 1993)
Grimbor attempts to rescue his daughter, Cocheta Drisden, from Quarantine, and is defeated by Ivy's "Lil Legion": Garridan Ranzz, Ivy, Lynk, Mara Williams, Scales, and Spunge. Legion v.4 #51 (E12.93)
Timber Wolf reflects on his past and the events of Black Dawn. The Legion goes to Baaldur to confront Glorith. Legion v.4 #52 (L12.93)
On Antares II, some of the Legionnaires defend the Proteans from the Khunds and discover that the Khunds are holding Kid Quantum. In Acapulco, the SW6 Brainiac 5 resuscitates Cosmic Boy and a boy named Mayf ("Kid Psycho II"). Kono joins Cham to stop the Sklarian pirates whose raids sparked the food riots. Legionnaires #10 (Jan. 1994)
The Legion battles Glorith on Baaldur. Brainiac 5 is aged by Glorith; Devlin O'Ryan, Kent Shakespeare, Mysa Nal, and Ayla Ranzz are made younger. Celeste Rockfish is apparently killed. Afterwards, Glorith is attacked and nearly destroyed by the Time Trapper. The death of Valor in the 20th century has enabled him to reassert himself. Meanwhile, the U.P. Council calls for the Legion's arrest on charges of aiding the Khunds. Legion v.4 #53 (Jan. 1994)
On Antares II, the Legionnaires learn that Kid Quantum's purpose was to house the Soul of Antares. Dragonmage helps the Proteans revive Quantum, internalizing his time-stasis powers. He easily defeats the Khunds and returns with the Legionnaires to Earth-0. Mayf manifests bizarre powers. Legionnaires #11 (Feb. 1994)
Celeste Rockfish returns as a green energy form. Universo's accusations force the Legion to disband and take new identities. Spider Girl joins the Legion. Vi becomes the leader. Rokk Krinn gets power gauntlets to restore his magnetic powers. Legion v.4 #54 (Feb. 1994)
Kid Quantum joins the SW6 Legion, which combats anti-alien riots in Paris, only to be nearly killed by a super-powered Dominator girl. Saturn Girl breaks up with Livewire. Cham assigns Matter-Eater Lad to help Kono infiltrate the Sklarian raiders. Legionnaires #12 (Mar. 1994)
The disguised Legionnaires fight the Dragins. On Starhaven, Dawnstar defeats the Bounty entity. Legion v.4 #55 (Mar. 1994)
Invisible Kid confronts "Kid Psycho's" reality-warping powers. Matter-Eater Lad is infected with Grandin Gender-Reversal Disease; he infiltrates the Sklarian raiders as a girl. The SW6 Legionnaires discover Grimbor is behind the trouble in Paris. Legionnaires #13 (Apr. 1994)
The Legion reveals that Rimbor's chairman has sold out to the Khunds. Rokk Krinn's gauntlets make him mentally unbalanced. Nura Nal dreams that the Time Trapper has returned. Legion v.4 #56 (Apr. 1994)
The Dominator girl helps the SW6 Legionnaires defeat Grimbor. Matter-Eater Lad (Lass?) is exposed as a spy by the Sklarians. The Legionnaires are ensnared by "Kid Psycho." Legionnaires #14 (May 1994)
On Xolnar, Chuck and Luornu Taine train new applicants Jagged, Dragonfly, R327, Shift, Ringtoss, Cupid, and Ramjet. Starfinger III is killed by the Khunds. The Legion discovers that they were framed for treason by Universo and Chameleon Chief. The Khunds plan to destroy Weber's World. Valor and Laurel Gand fight Dev-Em on Daxam and notice bizarre time fluctuations: Dev-Em is replaced by his pre-Crisis counterpart. Rond Vidar and Circadia Senius discover that the timestream is unravelling. Legion v.4 #57 (May 1994)
Vi reads Ayla an Elseworlds tale of the Legion of Oz. Legion v.4 #Ann 5 (1994)
"Kid Psycho's" powers force the Legionnaires to confront their worst fears, but they manage to subdue him and bring his powers under control. Legionnaires #15 (June 1994)
  Dawnstar returns to the Legion, which battles the Khunds on Weber's World. Veilmist is killed by Firefist. Laurel Gand is badly injured by a Khund bomb. On Tharn, Glorith strikes an alliance with Mordru and restores his power. Legion v.4 #58 (June 1994)
The older Rokk Krinn battles the Khunds near Earth-0. Time distortions cause new "SW6" versions of Bouncing Boy, Dream Girl, and Star Boy to materialize. The SW6 Legion discovers historical anomalies related to Valor. Legionnaires #16 (July 1994)
D.O.A.: A group of SW6 Legionnaires travel back to Valor's time to find the source of the anomalies. They witness Valor's death from lead poisoning. The SW6 Valor appears out of the timestream and is forced to take his younger self's place. The SW6 Legionnaires return to the 30th century with no memory of what has happened. Notes: These events take place concurrently with Legionnaires #16 (July 1994). Valor #13-18 (Nov. 1993-5.94)
  Valor and Shadow Lass rejoin the Legion, which is cleared of treason charges. Infectious Lass captures Universo. Laurel Gand apparently dies of her injuries. The SW6 Legionnaires try to stop Rokk Krinn from endangering Earth-0 while the adult Legion goes to Shanghalla to mourn Laurel. The time anomalies get worse: Circadia Senius vanishes and Celeste Rockfish becomes a Darkstar. Jo Nah takes a time bubble to search for Tinya Wazzo in the 20th century. Legion v.4 #59 (July 1994)
An Elseworlds tale of the Legion. Legionnaires #Ann 1 (1994)
  Part 1: Time anomalies create problems at Laurel Gand's funeral on Shanghalla. Glorith and Mordru attack the Legion with villains from other timelines: Satan Girl, Urthlo, Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Beauty Blaze. Rokk Krinn is kidnapped by Glorith and Mordru. Dawnstar ceases to exist. Notes: The cover incorrectly identifies this as the conclusion of "End of an Era." Legionnaires #17 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 2: R.J. Brande tries to replace the destroyed Earth with its Pocket Universe counterpart, but the Pocket Universe Earth proves unstable. Catspaw, Tyroc, and Computo disappear. Valor #22 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 3: Mordru and Glorith reveal that Rokk Krinn's destiny is somehow linked to the Time Trapper. They trap him in the Infinite Library on Baaldur and attack Talus to capture the Legion's Time Beacon. The SW6 Leviathan is killed, causing the older Gim Allon to vanish. Spider Girl and Kid Quantum disappear. Mordru and Glorith summon the Infinite Man and divide his power between them. Legion v.4 #60 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 4: Kono, Devlin O'Ryan, and Timber Wolf disappear. Mysa Nal separates Glorith and Mordru and then disappears. Rokk Krinn studies Glorith's Infinite Library and comes face-to-face with the Time Trapper. Legionnaires #18 (Sept. 1994)
  Part 5: Valor defeats Glorith with the help of Superboy. Mordru is vanquished and entombed beneath the Pocket Universe Earth. Superboy rallies the Legion and then disappears. Shadow Lass disappears. A moment later, Valor does, too. The Time Trapper explains to Rokk Krinn how he created the SW6 Legion and reveals that he is Rokk! Notes: This was the final issue of Valor. Valor #23 (Sept. 1994)
  Part 6: The surviving Legionnaires and SW6 counterparts are reunited. Lydda Jath disappears. The Time Trapper restores Tinya Wazzo. The Legionnaires allow the Trapper to merge them with their temporal duplicates in hopes of saving the universe. The Legion ceases to exist. The 30th century fades to white. Legion v.4 #61 (Sept. 1994)
Sep 1 Zero Hour: The Time Trapper is stripped of his power and slain by Parallax (Hal Jordan). The universe is recreated at the dawn of time, resulting in a new 30th century timeline. Zero Hour 1-0 (Sept. 1994)

Postscript: Keith Giffen has been quoted, saying that the pre-boot Legion (v4) was "the one story I wish I could have finished up right." He intended to reveal the SW6 Legionnaires as the real Legion, while the adults would be revealed as clones. The creators had planned a "hat trick" in which the writers would randomly select some characters (as if drawn from a hat) to die in a massive battle involving both Legions against a common enemy. The adult team would then have left United Planets space and called themselves the Omega Men, getting their own spin-off book.

After this, Legion continuity was "rebooted" in the aftermath of Zero Hour.