A note about this version of the Legion Chronology:

This chronology is edited assuming that Glorith was the mastermind behind much of the Legion's pivotal history, and that the 20th century hero, Valor, was both the Legion's inspiration and greatest member.

Legion Time


Issue #

  At some unknown point in pre-history, the Time Trapper steals a single instant-long "slice" of the real universe, eliminates all inhabited worlds except Earth and Krypton, and later prevents the creation of all superheroes except for Superboy. (Action #591, 8.87), (Adventures of Superman 444, 9.88)
Four billion years ago On the planet Oa, Krona's forbidden experiment to witness the birth of creation causes the universe to split into the multiverse and unleashes a wave of evil into the cosmos. Krona is banished for his crime. His fellow Oans become the Guardians of the Universe. NOTES: This is the first chronological appearance of the Guardians of the Universe, whose first appearance in print was in Green Lantern #1 (July 1960). (Green Lantern #40, 10.65)
  A faction of the Guardians, dissatisfied with their colleagues' tactics in the war against evil, splits off to become the Controllers. NOTES: The Controllers first appeared in Adventure Comics #357 (June 1967). Their connection to the Guardians was revealed in Crisis. (Crisis #7, 10.85)
Three billion years ago The Guardians devise a corps of warrior androids dubbed Manhunters. After the Manhunters rebel, they are disarmed and exiled from Oa. Over the coming millennia, the Manhunters secretly conspire against their former masters. (Justice League of America #141, 4.77), (Secret Origins #22, 1.88)
  The Guardians of Oa organize a new force to battle evil throughout the universe: the Green Lantern Corps (1st chronological appearance). The first Green Lantern is Rori Dag of the planet Rojira. NOTES: The Green Lantern Corps first appeared in Green Lantern v.2 #11 (Mar. 1962) (Green Lantern #67, 3.69)
c. One million B.C. Imsk, a planet around the star Irulan and the eventual homeworld of Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet), is colonized by the Krill. Eleven years after the colonists' arrival, they discover that the planet itself shrinks for a period of 90 days every ten years. To enable them to survive the shrinkage, an Imskian scientist finds a way to use the energies of radioactive Imskian rock to let all Imskians change their size at will. The ability is passed on to subsequent generations, but all Imskians must be exposed to the radiation once per year or they will die. (Superboy & the Legion #234, 12.77)
c. 5000 B.C. The native humanoids of the planet Rimbor (eventual homeworld of Jo Nah, Ultra Boy) become extinct. (Legion v.4 #15, 2.91)
c. 2000 B.C. A time-lost Jo Nah (Ultra Boy) falls in love with a woman called Asherya, who is actually a Lord of Chaos. Nabu the Wise (Dr. Fate) sends him back to the 30th century. Legion v.4 #19 (June 1991)
1243 B.C. Searching for Universo, Shrinking Violet visits Gizeh (Giza), Egypt. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
c. 210 B.C. On their way to the wedding of Karate Kid and Projectra in 2984, Cosmic Boy, Dream Girl, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, and the White Witch are cast back in time to 20th century Earth, where they discover a group of Durlans masquerading as the Roman gods. Dream Girl predicts that Durla will be ravaged by a nuclear war within a year. Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983)
c. 209 B.C. The civilization of the planet Durla is nearly wiped out by a nuclear conflict called the "Six-Minute War." The inhabitants survive only through their shape-changing powers. Their original form is unknown. NOTES: The date was established by Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983). (Legion v.2 #301, 7.83)
c. 500 A.D. The Guardians shrink the warrior giants called Djinn to tiny size and imprison them in bottles of green energy. (Legion v.2 #267, 9.80)
693 A.D. Colossal Boy tracks a time-traveling Universo to 7th century England, where, unable to control his growth power, he is attacked by medieval warriors who believe him to be a threatening giant. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
1280 A.D. Pursuing Universo, Brainiac 5 travels to Shang-Tu, China, where he encounters the legendary Kublai Khan. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
1300 A.D. In pursuit of Universo, Chameleon Boy appears in the Peruvian city of Cuzco, capitol of the Inca empire, where he is nearly slain by the jealous Inca god-king. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
c. 1600 A.D. The island of Marzal is colonized by escaped slaves. The island fades into another dimension to return for 30-year periods every 200 years. (Legion v.2 #265, 7.80)
1812 A.D. A time-traveling Saturn Girl visits Paris, where she encounters Napoleon and is nearly slain by a French aristocrat under the hypnotic control of Universo. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
The Silver Age 20th Century
35 Eorx, 9998 (Kryptonian calendar)
February 29 (Earth date)
In the Pocket Universe, Kal-El, the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, is born in Kryptonopolis, capitol of the planet Krypton. Notes: In the mainstream universe Kal-El was conceived in vitro on Krypton, but was not technically born until he landed on Earth. Superman's home planet was not named until the first episode of the Superman newspaper strip in January 1939. World of Krypton #2 (Aug. 1979)
3 Ullhah, 9999 (Kryptonian calendar) In the Pocket Universe, Jor-El discovers the Phantom Zone, which Krypton's Science Council decides to use as a prison for Kryptonian criminals. Its inmates later include General Zod, Faora Hu-Ul, and Quex-Ul. NOTES: The date was given in World of Krypton #2 (Aug. 1979). As first established in Adventure Comics #323 (Aug. 1964), the Phantom Zone is apparently the same dimension as, or contiguous to, the Bgztl Buffer Region. Kryptonians of the mainstream DC universe did not use the Zone as a prison. (Adventure #283, 4.61)
  Moments before Krypton's destruction, two-year-old Kal-El is launched into space aboard a tiny starship, bound for Earth. (Action #1, 6.38)
  In the Pocket Universe, Kal-El lands in Smallville, where he immediately gains super powers under Earth's yellow sun. He is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and given the name Clark Kent. NOTES: Superman's foster parents first appeared in Superman #1 (Sum.39). Action Comics #1 (June 1938) said only that he was found by "a passing motorist." Jonathan Kent was first named in Adventure #149 (Feb. 1950), Martha Kent in Superboy #12 (Feb. 1951). (Superman v.1 #1, Sum.39)
  The radioactive boulders that renew Imskians' shrinking powers are consumed by a race of space dragons. Afterwards, the people of Imsk must periodically hunt the dragons and remove some of their scales, which emit the radiation necessary for the Imskians' survival. (Superboy & the Legion #234) (Dec. 1977)
  In the Pocket Universe, Jonathan and Martha Kent fashion their adopted son's Kryptonian blankets into an invulnerable costume. Notes: In the mainstream universe, as first mentioned in Man of Steel #1 (June 1986), Superman's costume is partially protected by his own invulnerability, but it is not indestructible, nor is it made of fabric from Krypton. (Superboy v.1 #78, 1.60)
  In the Pocket Universe, 8-year-old Kal-El goes into action as Superboy. Note: In the mainstream universe Superman did not begin his costumed career until adulthood. More Fun #101 (1-2.45)
  The infant Iris Russell appears from the 30th century and is adopted by the West family. NOTES: Iris West and Barry Allen (Flash II) are the parents of Don and Dawn Allen, the 30th Century "Tornado Twins." Iris first appeared in Showcase Comics #4 (Oct. 1956). Don and Dawn Allen first appeared in Adventure Comics #373 (Oct. 1968). (Flash v.1 #350, 10.85)
  In the Pocket Universe, Superboy meets Lana Lang. Note: In the mainstream universe Lana Lang and Clark Kent were childhood friends, but Clark had no career as Superboy. Superboy v.1 #10 (Oct. 1950)
  In the Pocket Universe, Krypto arrives on Earth and is reunited with his master. Note: In the mainstream universe Krypto is a normal dog adopted as a puppy by Superman's friend Bibbo Bibowski. He was first seen in Adventures of Superman #501 (L6.93). Adventure #210 (May 1955)
  Superboy finds Smallville threatened by waves of anti-matter. The Time Trapper offers to save Smallville for a price: Superboy must help him eliminate the Legion. NOTES: These events were shown in flashback in Legion v.3 #38. (Legion v.3 #38) (Sept. 1987)
  Superboy leads the Legionnaires back to his own era, where he unexpectedly turns on them. While Brainiac 5, Blok, Invisible Kid, and Sun Boy attempt to return to the 30th century, the others are attacked by Superboy. Legion v.3 #37 (Aug. 1987)
  Blok, Brainiac 5, Invisible Kid, Sun Boy, and the mainstream universe's Superman appear in Smallville, where Superman clashes with Superboy and Krypto. Krypto loses his powers trying to expose Superman to Gold Kryptonite, which has no effect. Superboy confesses that he is being blackmailed by the Time Trapper. NOTES: This story first revealed how the Trapper created the Pocket Universe. Action #591 (Aug. 1987)
Superboy defies the Time Trapper and sacrifices himself to save the Pocket Universe. He carries the Legionnaires back to the 30th century and dies in Mon-El's arms. The residents of the Pocket Universe are unaware of his fate. This is the Legion's first encounter with the Time Trapper. They believe him to be Glorith in disguise. Notes: Saturn Girl describes these events in Adventures of Superman #476 (May 1991). Legion v.3 #38 (Sept. 1987)
  The Pocket Universe's Jonathan and Martha Kent die after Superboy's disappearance from Smallville. The Jonathan and Martha Kent of the mainstream universe are still alive and well. (Superman v.1 #161, 5.63)
In the Pocket Universe, Lex Luthor arrives in Smallville and is tricked into releasing the Kryptonian criminals General Zod, Quex-Ul, and Zaora from the Phantom Zone. They begin a destructive rampage. The Pocket Universe's Lana Lang is among those killed. NOTES: This is the first appearance of the Pocket Universe Phantom Zone criminals. (Adventures of Superman #444, 9.88)
Superman's Era
Clark Kent makes his first public super-powered outing in Metropolis, saving the crippled space plane Constitution. He meets Lois Lane, who dubs him "Superman." He briefly returns to Smallville, where his foster parents reveal his extraterrestrial origins and he is accidentally exposed for the first time to Kryptonite (although he is unaware of it). Fashioning a costume for himself, he returns to Metropolis to begin his superhero career as Superman. His presence brings about the rise of a new heroic age. Man of Steel #1 (June 1986)
Clark Kent is hired by Perry White as a reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet. (Superman v.1 #133, 11.59), Man of Steel #2 (July 1986)
Darkseid, the master of Apokolips, begins his search for the Anti-Life Equation in the minds of the people of Earth. Jimmy Olsen #134 (Dec. 1970)